Jenelle Evans is Pregnant Again

jenelle evans16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 star Janelle Evans is pregnant with her second child. The 21-year-old reality star has had a hard couple of years after the birth of her first son, Jace. She admitted to smoking pot while pregnant, was unsure of the paternity of her son, and has had several run-ins with the law. After a stint in rehab, she lost custody of her son to her mother, Barbara.

After falling off the gossip radar, she popped back up saying she was engaged to Courtland Rogers. They had a shotgun wedding this past December, and recently broke the news that they are expecting. Courtland says, “Me and Jenelle are so happy that she’s pregnant. She told me, ‘I’m looking forward to a second chance.’ She thinks if she can prove that she’s a good mother, she can get Jace back.” According to reports, Courtland also has a daughter, Jordan, of whom he does not have custody.


Now I am not typically someone who will judge or begrudge anyone who is pregnant. Being a mother is one of the biggest blessings I have in my own life. With that said, I feel bad for everyone involved in this situation. While it is possible for people to change and Jenelle can end up being a wonderful parent, her past acts show that she will have an uphill battle. If she even retains custody, according to some reports her mother could petition for immediate custody, she will have to certainly walk the straight and narrow. Her first pregnancy did not change her behavior and she was reportedly still doing heroin this past November.  I just hope that she can get her act together and that this baby does not end up with the same fate as his or her brother.

What do you think about her announcement?

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What do you think?

Jenelle Evans is Pregnant Again

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  1. Profile photo of says:

    its weird how i was watching teen mom today and everytime i watch her i get so upset. for one she treats her son as a brother opose to a son. for someone who is trying to get her son back she is way more focused on having a man if she put the efort on raising her son as she does in her man she maybe be a better parent. everytime i see her on tv she fighting with her mom. i find that beyong disrespectful i know that some people do not get along with their parents but her mom isnt bad all she wants for her daughter is to be a good mom and succed in life and stop doing drugs and focusing on dead beet asholes.!! i really dont have much faith in her but hey people do change but i do wish her luck for the sake of the children.

  2. Profile photo of says:

    honestly i hate talking bad about a mother i really do but to be 100 percent real she has absolutely no busniess having another child she barely takes care of the son she has. i understand being young and everything i am not judging thatbecause i am 20 years old and i have friends who are young pareents and they are great moms. but what i am judging she treats her son as a little brother. she is way more focus of have a man than getting her life together. she should be more respectful towards her mother she does not have to take care of her son but she does out of love because she knows that her daughter is not capable its not cause janelle is young i know younger moms then her who take real good care of their child. i might not know everything she does for her son but i really hope that she gets it together for the sake of her kids because kids do not deserve to struggle.

  3. Profile photo of chelsy chelsy says:

    i am a teen mom and i absolutley hate the teen mom series..anyone who wants a real look into the real teen moms life should watch high school mom..but i wish her the best of luck

  4. Profile photo of nydia rivera nydia rivera says:

    I believe in 2nd chances… she could get her act together if.her support system was really strong and she wanted to. I hope.she does.

  5. Profile photo of crystal crystal says:

    i feel sorry for the kids but maybe she will do better this time.

  6. Profile photo of alemiro1422 alemiro1422 says:

    Wow! Kids r truly a blessings. I just wish her the best!

  7. Profile photo of mlfischer89 mlfischer89 says:

    Let’s ope she turns a new leaf.

  8. Profile photo of PrettyBoogs PrettyBoogs says:

    One can only hope for the best for her and her children.

  9. Profile photo of Chi Chi says:

    I did a lot of wrong when I was a teen…. I would never try to change my past because of that I’m a better mom with more knowledge of how to raise my 2 joys

  10. Profile photo of Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I hope this pregnancy is for the best of her because the way she put herself out there with have wasn’t a good look for her so I guess fingers cross keep a cheer on for her

  11. Profile photo of Cherie Cherie says:

    I hope shes a better mom this time.

  12. Profile photo of carolinadee carolinadee says:

    maybe she finally grew up.

  13. Profile photo of Helina Helina says:

    everyone in this world make mistakes, She can and will become a good mother by believing in God and give all she has to our father in heaven to help her in this time of need

  14. I can’t believe she is willing and excited to take this risk. I feel she owes it to Jace to prove herself b4 trying to prove it to 2 babies.

  15. If you can just walk away from your first child the way she did in several different episodes because of a fight with her mother, then why does she think she can just keep having kids? her mom will end up with this child to, most likely. i wish her the best, but just think she needs to grow up first, and stop acting so selfish.

  16. Profile photo of Megan Megan says:

    I don’t this girl needs to be anywhere near kids…… she is enjoying having the public eye on her and that’s it. She can’t take cate of her first child why dhe didn’t try better not to have one is beyond me. I hope for tne childs sake she has changed and does a better job. But if she feels she can’t, don’t want to, or just don’t care about this baby she shouldbless someone with a baby who unfortunatly is unable by them selfes

  17. Profile photo of Sarah Murphy Sarah Murphy says:

    I feel bad for the children involved. Her actions do not reflect what comes out of her mouth, she is manipulative and knows exactly what to say but never follows thru. can people change yes, but she has had so many chances that I don’t think she is willing to. It always comes back to her stresses instead of trying to put Jace first, or her getting better first. And I feel bad for her mom, yes she can be harsh but now she is raising her grandson and still having to fight with Janelle’s immature and irresponsible choices.

  18. Profile photo of Nicolelott Nicolelott says:

    I agree with smilesandchild. Back a few years ago I watched Janele along with the other girls on 16 and pregnant. Though she was not responsible as she could have been Janelle even then did not get family support far as getting along with her mother (they had problems before) not that that explains or excuses any of her choices altogether.
    I can only hope for the best I know she is struggling. And yes she does need to get her life together, however without getting too far off topic I also agree that celebrities seem to realize after the baby is born that the baby is a blessing not just another promotion sale when that maternal instict of how real it is that the child is a person they want to protect, yet some celebrities simply act as though getting pregnant or having the title as a parent is simply a promotion nothing more.

  19. Profile photo of Samantha Samantha says:

    I don’t bother with watching either show anymore because it’s basically telling 16 year old girls that pregnancy is glamorous and all that…but anyway..she’s a horrible mother. She got lucky and became somewhat famous for being on these shows. You’d think that she’d clean up her act being in the public eye and use her money for her son. Some people aren’t fit to be parents. Hopefully she’ll become a better mother now that she’ll have 2. I really feel awful for those children.

  20. When I was watching the show when she was first on it I hated everything that she did. She was such a horrible mom and doing things that were s selfish. She needs to learn that she has to care for someone else’s life now and not just hers. And now she is pregnant again? I just hope that she does not do the same thing that she did with Jace. It is going to be hard for her to over come what she has done in the past. But good luck to her if she can

  21. I don’t have much faith in her, but for Jace and the new baby I really hope she can turn things around this time…

  22. Profile photo of Latosha Latosha says:

    That’s so crazy! Well hopefully she can turn things around.. Prayers go out to her!

  23. Profile photo of Faleshia Faleshia says:

    im sorry but i dont agree with this. She should be clean and should try to have custody before just thinking about starting over with a new baby that puts this child before jace which is telling him that he is not important anymore. and this is wrong.

  24. Oh no. Every time a reality star gets pregnant (Kanye and Kim, Jessica Simpson, now Janelle) makes me wonder if they were just not careful enough or if they tried at inappropriate times in their "careers". Hope either this courtland guy or barbara will step up when Janelle slacks off again.