How Long Does it Take to Get Pregnant After Birth Control?

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    Confession: I have never been on birth control. 

    And I know that fact may come as shocking to you, especially when you also hear that I have had three children in four years. But hey – that’s the way we wanted our family and we couldn’t be happier. But with my lack of knowledge on what it takes to, you know, try to conceive, I was curious about how the widespread use of birth control affected women after they decided they were ready to expand their families. 

    So, I wanted to know, for all the mommas-to-be wondering: how long does it take to get pregnant after birth control? 

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How Long Does it Take to Get Pregnant After Birth Control?

Chaunie Brusie is a writer, speaker, and labor and delivery nurse. She began serving as an advocate for young mothers after discovering her own two tiny blue lines during her senior year of college. She blogs about her journey as a young mom of four at and her first book, Tiny Blue Lines, is now available. Find Chaunie on < ... More

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  1. Avatar of brenda brenda says:

    I had been on the depo shot for 4 years I finally stopped taking it and tried to get pregnant with no luck still till this day no luck it’s been 2 years since I stopped it.. I have NEVER been regular I could go months without getting my period until last year I went a whole year without it nd decided to go to the doctor nd she said it could of been the shot.. well she gave me bc pills nd told me to take them for 3 months nd stop and try to get pregnant well I took it for 2 months nd then I got a job nd I didn’t even have time to take it anymore so I just stopped nd I haven’t taken anything after that it’s bee. Maybe 9 months since that nd I can’t get pregnant and still haven’t gotten my period.. Can somebody tell me what I should do fertility clinics are very costly. Thank you

  2. Avatar of Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I was on birth control for about 3 or 4 years, I switched types a few times, but after I ended my birth control we continued to use condoms for a few months. all in all I think it was about five or six months after quitting the birth control that I got pregnant. I am now two weeks away from my first.

  3. Avatar of Hilary Hilary says:

    I was on birth control for 16 years. Stopped the pill Jan 20,2014 and conceived Feb 22, 2014. Didn’t take long at all :)

  4. Avatar of Mamasita Mamasita says:

    I takee pill. Inyeccions andnd. Nd get prego

  5. Avatar of Laurie Laurie says:

    I think you also have to take into consideration how long you had been on the pill. I had been on it for 13 years. It took a year to get pregnant-we weren’t timing or trying very hard to conceive when it happened. My doc had told me that was about how long it would take and he was right on!

  6. Avatar of kendra kendra says:

    i took birth ccontrol pills for 3 years and then decided to have a baby, but 3 months later im pregnant

  7. Avatar of Jillian Jillian says:

    I got pregnant a month after going off oral birth control, and while I was under the impression it takes a few months for your body to regulate itself making it MORE difficult to get pregnant, my nurse practitioner told me the opposite is true. She said that in the first few weeks after stopping birth control, your body responds with a spike of Estrogen which can make it easier to get pregnant. She said sometimes she prescribes birth control for a few months for people who are having fertility issues because of the spike you get once you get off it.

  8. Avatar of sehar sehar says:

    I took birth control pills for almost a year and then decided to hv a child but its been seven months since I stopped taking pills and I have not concieved I hv a problem or is normal im really worried….. it will my first child

  9. Avatar of Gena Gena says:

    After my husband and I had four children (we had no trouble conceiving the first 4 times) I went on the Mirena IUD. We decided after the 5 year time frame was up on the Mirena to try to have another child. I had the Mirena removed in September of 2012, reading lots of blogs and posts I was under the assumption that I would conceive within a matter of weeks to months…I was sadly mistaken. I took 13 months, but I finally became pregnant with our 5th child. I am now at 26 weeks and sooo happy! But, rest assured that I WILL NOT be using the Mirena again for birth control until I know for a fact that I am done having children. While Mirena did have it’s pro’s- like no periods, cramps, or any other side-effects besides hair loss, I will opt for something else in the interim.

  10. Avatar of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    It was pretty interesting to read these testimonies. We’re on natural family planning for medical reasons. Doctors said I could not take pills and i don’t want IUD as an option. We’ll see how successful we are in the long run :)

  11. Avatar of Alanna Alanna says:

    I took the pill for almost nine years straight. I stopped taking it for about a week and got pregnant with the first ovulation. Nature truly is amazing.

  12. Avatar of Lakeisha Lakeisha says:

    I was on the IUD for 3 straight years after delivering my son. I had the iud removed nov 7 and was pregnant by thanksgiving.

  13. Avatar of Miranda Miranda says:

    I was off birth control (I was on the pill for one year) for about 6 months when I conceived my first son. I am pregnant for my second son now and I was off birth control (Mirena (IUD) which I had from March 2009-Nov./Dec. 2010) and actively trying to conceive for 3 years. I will not be going back on birth control due to the negative side effects the various birth controls I have experienced as well as having such a difficult time conceiving after the Mirena.

    • Avatar of Cait Cait says:

      I have been off Mirena for 8 months now and off of the pill for 6. We have been actively trying for 4 months. Did you have any problems with Mirena ever I am wondering because I did and I think that might be affecting my ability to get pregnant.

      • Avatar of Gena Gena says:

        I had the Mirena for 5 years, had it removed in Sept 2012, and did not get pregnant until Nov 2013- Good luck to you and I wish you the best. I will not use Mirena again.

  14. Avatar of Jenny Jenny says:

    I got pregnant about three months after stopping birth control, but that was because the particular month we got pregnant was when I wanted to get pregnant! AKA it was when we started “trying”. I have friends that got pregnant while on birth control, and I have friends that still struggle with infertility long after stopping. The three months being off birth control were great as we practiced “natural family planning”, and that is what I will return to after my first baby is here :)

  15. Avatar of Kristiana Kristiana says:

    I was on birth control for four years. I went off of it when my prescription ran out in August, and we were pregnant by the beginning of November.

  16. Avatar of Genesis Genesis says:

    I had my baby on july after i had her i got the depo shot i was supposed to go back and get it but i forgot to go get it. So i only got it once. During the first two months i got my period but now it will be 3 months i dont get my period. Ive been feeling nausious latly. Could it be normal not to have my period for 3 months after my first shot or could i be pregnant agai

  17. Avatar of Teresa Teresa says:

    I was on Depo-Provera until December 2008, finally got pregnant April 2013

    • Avatar of Miranda Miranda says:

      It took about the same amount of time for me to conceive my second time around after having the Mirena. I think it’s harder to conceive after depo or mirena but some people don’t experience any delay. I personally think that if one wants to conceive again the pill, diaphragm, or possibly the patch are the best way to go if you want birth control. I personally will not be using birth control after my second pregnancy, we have planned to have one more child in hopes for a girl and if we do not get a girl then we are done because 3 boys will be quite the handful:)

  18. Avatar of K K says:

    I actually got pregnant accidentally the one week my insurance ran out and we needed to switch insurance companys so i couldnt pick up my BC. Went to my OB/GYN and found out i was 5 weeks(at the time)
    honestly my body had no problem and we werent trying at all. guess some people are affected by it more then others….

  19. Avatar of Lisa Lisa says:

    I was on Apri for 7 years and decided to go off birth control anticipating it taking 6 months or more to conceive and I was pregnant within the first month sans-pill!

  20. Avatar of Sarah Sarah says:

    I quit the pill in mid-March. We weren’t trying or not trying and I got pregnant in July.

  21. Avatar of Nicole Nicole says:

    It definitely depends on your own body, and the type of birth control. With my first, I was on the depo shot and was scheduled to get my next shot in June and sure enough I found out in August that I had conceived in June. With my second, I had an IUD removed and conceived less than a week after that. Both times I was told it could take anywhere from 6months to a year to be able to conceive and it was only a matter of days. Good luck to everyone trying, being a mother is the most amazing blessing ever!

  22. Avatar of Nicole Nicole says:

    I had my last birth control period March 2012 after being on it for over 10 years, found out I was pregant the first Thursday of May (1 month off birth control!) unfortunately I had a miscarriage on Sunday of that same week (I was about 3 weeks pregant if that!). Was told it would most likely take months to get pregant again and we just relaxed about… well July 2nd… I was pregant again almost 5 weeks! Good luck to all that are trying :) We are blessed with an amazing 8.5 month old WALKING little boy.

  23. Avatar of angela angela says:

    I was on the pill for 12 yrs, got off of it in april 2012 and was pregnant in September just 5 months later. Had my baby girl May 2013

  24. I took Yaz, stopped in March 2011, got pregnant April 2011. Oops. *laugh* It was one of those ‘It would be sort of fun to have a baby’ moments.

  25. Avatar of Jessica Jessica says:

    I stopped birth control, and got pregnant almost a year later. I had always had regular periods before going on birth control, but after stopping i never did have a regular cycle. I would skip a month or two in between periods.