Get in Shape, Girl! Can Exercise (and other tips) Boost Your Baby’s Brain?

Thursday, December 12th, 2013 by from Blog from the Belly

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  • can exercise boost baby's brain?
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    There are plenty of good reasons to stay active during pregnancy, from keeping weight gain to a minimum to having an easier labor and delivery. Canadian researchers recently found another great reason – it could make your newborn smarter.

    Researchers at the University of Montreal found that a mere 20 minutes of exercise three times per week can increase a newborn’s brain activity. The study split 60 women into two groups: one with an exercise regimen and one without. After their babies were born, researchers recorded the brain activity levels in the first two weeks of life, and found the babies in the group with an exercise regimen had brains that were more fully developed.

    “We measured directly the brain activity,” Elise Labonte-LeMoyne, a researcher in the study, said. “It’s really specifically the brain that we’re looking at.”

    One of the biggest differences between my first and second pregnancies is my level of exercise. I’m secretly thankful for the 15 minute walk from my car to my office, although there are some afternoons when the bump trumps the endorphins I get from physical activity. I’m getting a solid 30 minutes of exercise Monday through Friday, which has helped my weight gain, stamina, blood pressure, and mood. But will it help my baby have a better chance at an Ivy League school? The jury is still out on that one (and will be for a long time.)

     There are other little things we can do besides exercising to give our babies the best start in life before they are born. Check out these other fun ways of boosting your baby’s brain while you’re pregnant.

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What do you think? Get in Shape, Girl! Can Exercise (and other tips) Boost Your Baby’s Brain?

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  1. Avatar of sweety sweety says:

    This is quite informative and helpful in all manner

  2. Avatar of Maria Maria says:

    I didn’t know but I guess my babies brain is good because I did exercise during my pregnancy

  3. Avatar of Melody Melody says:

    This is another great motivation to keep those healthy habits going! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Avatar of Ian Ian says:

    Pretty interesting topic. I will have to tell my wife about exercising for the baby’s brain development.

  5. Avatar of Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This is good information to know.

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