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  1. She is holdin her head up & cooing after we talk 2 her like she knw what we talkin about

  2. Profile photo of virginia virginia says:

    my son is 2 months and is laughing more now and gooing and everytime he takes a fart he makes a scared face its so amazing and funny to see his face reactions.

  3. Profile photo of CHamilton CHamilton says:

    my daughter has been snorting when she laughs…. its so hard to not laugh with her when she does it.. it’s too cute and funny!

  4. Profile photo of Deserae Deserae says:

    He has been making the funnies faces ever since we brought him home from the hospital. It makes my husband and I laugh to see all of them.

  5. Profile photo of alex alex says:

    my sons 2months old and he now likes to smile n giggle at me and trys to mimmic the sounds i make when i talk to him n he gets so excited when he makes different sounds.

  6. Profile photo of Kay Kay says:

    I cant say yet… I just have a dancing baby inside my belly.. Who also likes to do sumer saults on his spare time

  7. Profile photo of Ariel_nicole Ariel_nicole says:

    while I was playing with my son I had held him in the air as i looked away from him for a split second he had spit up on me. So I had formula all over my face. I went to my parents and they just laughed at me. It was gross but it was so cute.

  8. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    Im 36 weeks pregnant and i can’t wait to see and hear all the funny things she says or does!

  9. Profile photo of Faleshia Faleshia says:

    im 34wks pregnant with my third boy and am on bedrest so when i went to get up in the morning to feed the younger boys breakfast my 6yr old came over to me and said, "Mom the doctor said stay put!" I got this!! he made me laugh so hard.

  10. Profile photo of HMomOf4 HMomOf4 says:

    My 8 yr old stepson fell down the last step of his bunk bed ladder onto his butt and when i asked him if he was ok, he replied "yeah babe"!! I couldn’t believe it, and I don’t think he could either because he immediately blushed and him and his friend immediately started laughing hysterically. honestly I couldn’t help it either!

  11. Profile photo of Brandi Brandi says:

    I am 19 weeks pregnant. My Boyfriend and I recently took his younget siblings to the park. When we got there I started to jog towards the swings and his little sister (she is nine) ran infront of me and put her hands out as if to "catch" my belly and was yelling at me not to run that the baby was going to fall out!!!!! I stopped running and tried to explain that it was okay, but she wouldnt calm down and was on the verge of tears scared that she wouldnt get to ever meet the baby!

  12. Profile photo of Christina Christina says:

    okay I don’t know how this sounds but my youngest is 3. So this morning we were putting on under wear for daycare. Then he starts shaking his you know what and says look mommy I am making it dance. WHAT!!! It shocked me since he has never done this before. I couldnt help but laugh later on about it but it shocked me since this was the first time he did that. My husband on the other hand says all boys/men do it so let it be…lol so silly.

  13. Profile photo of Momma_Breezy Momma_Breezy says:

    My youngest loves music, any type of music comes on and shes dancing away and trying to sing with it lol. She also LOVES dogs and everytime she sees one shes going on and on for hours about the "dodgie" lol shes so silly.

  14. Profile photo of Chelsea Chelsea says:

    i had my puppy laying on my lap and he kicked her (pregnant)

  15. Profile photo of denise denise says:

    My little monster likes to rock and dance when you sing Patty Cake. Its so cute!!"

  16. Profile photo of jennifier33 jennifier33 says:

    Chris pulled the blinds off of one of the windows last night

  17. Profile photo of Sara Sara says:

    congratulations!! im in the same situation myself

  18. Profile photo of Ashley Ashley says:

    My 23 month old son, Devin, likes to say "BEEP" every time he hears a car horn or car lock, what makes it even funnier is his southern accent :)

  19. Profile photo of glendis glendis says:

    My two month old giggles on her sleep, I though she was shocking because she is very loud, but no..just laughing:) it’s the most adorable thing ever!!!!

  20. Profile photo of grace grace says:

    From the last ultrasound, we saw my baby boy kick and punch me from inside. Lol

  21. Profile photo of SimplyAZ SimplyAZ says:

    Waving during the ultrasounds (baby a) and covering his face (baby b)

  22. Profile photo of Allison Allison says:

    My little man just giggled at me for the first time!!! Made a bad day a great one!!!

  23. Profile photo of Mariyah Mariyah says:

    well im having a lil girl in she always up at nigth when i wanna go to sleep moving around krazy lol

  24. Profile photo of chasdb chasdb says:

    I can’t wait until my little boy starts taking his first steps. He’s only 3 weeks ,but I am so ready for him to be walking