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  1. Profile photo of Misty Misty says:

    i still have 3 moths to go

  2. Profile photo of Makayla Makayla says:

    In my last days now! I feel so jealous of all the girls that look great in thier summer clothes and get to spend time on the beach but I know that in a few days that won’t matter anymore! We are so impatient to have our little boy here to hold,

  3. Profile photo of TrellasMom TrellasMom says:

    dont know yet but hopefully easy

  4. Profile photo of lisa_iowa lisa_iowa says:

    Long. Those last days take forEVer.

  5. Profile photo of Meggan Meggan says:

    I was lucky to have a pretty easy pregnancy the day i went into labor, i didn’t realize it, i was bringing my man and his buddy around to fix a dirt bike, then i tried the dirt bike, few hour later i had a baby.

  6. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    I’m in the last hall of being pregnant. I am excited to meet my son but uncomfortable and can’t sleep!

  7. Profile photo of Miosoits Miosoits says:

    I’m still in my last days and its amazing yet exhausting

  8. Profile photo of heps7 heps7 says:

    It was miserable. It was september, still soooo hot outside, I couldn’t sleep because my sciatica was bothering me and my arms kept going numb.

  9. Profile photo of miranda miranda says:

    some pain but i did great still had energy, didnt go into the hospital till i was 8 cm, but it took forever cuz it was flooded thruought the whole town

  10. Profile photo of Misty Misty says:

    it was wintertime(december) but i had been on bed rest since august, i was done way before i needed to be. i already have 2 older children so my third i figured would be a breeze but wasnt. i was miserable. i couldnt sleep and i had to go every week to get my hip relocated bc it kept coming out. plus i had swelling of the pelvic tissue. a lot of pain. he finally came out december 19, he was early, but after some oxygen and spending some days in the hospital with him we were greeat and i was so thrilled to be done lol

  11. Well see’n how i was due 3days ago.. my final days arent to happy.. i need this little diva out NOW!!!

  12. Profile photo of marichinno marichinno says:

    My baby isn’t due until December and we will see how I feel since it will be a lot cooler then than now. When I was pregnant with my 1st two babies it wasn’t to bad since I never swelled up them and I was just excited that I was going to meet my new addition soon.

  13. Hey Mommies!! I have a question. What is the best lotion to use for stretch marks and the itchy tummy? Thank you in advance

  14. I was glad to not be throwing up anymore. Lol… I still had trouble eating though after having our daughter. I am still pregnant with our 2nd child that is due in Aug.

  15. Profile photo of Ashlye Ashlye says:

    I dont know yet because my baby hasnt got here yet but I only have a couple of weeks left and with the way I feel now im sure the last few days will be miserable and my back will be hurting and my stomach will feel like its about to pop!! Lol. Thats the way I feel right now anyway!!

  16. Profile photo of cmbower0503 cmbower0503 says:

    Tiring and uncomfortable!!

  17. I don’t know yet, we are not there. Only 16 weeks now.

  18. I don’t know yet, we are not there. Only 16 weeks now.

  19. Profile photo of Baby Baby says:

    Haven’t made it there yet but wish it would go quicker. I have been miserable most of my pregnancy. Migraines, heart burn, swelling…I know its all gonna be worth it come Decemeber

  20. Profile photo of Keydi80 Keydi80 says:

    It was frustrating cause I wasn’t as comfortable as I usually am, I was getting upset easily and plus my baby he came 2wks before my due date. 4lbs 15oz. and he didn’t have to stay in the hospital any extra days when I came home he came with me. Now he is 2wks old and weighs 5lbs and 8oz.

  21. Profile photo of Ruth Ruth says:

    Long. I went 2 weeks past my due date.

  22. Profile photo of Cloveradc Cloveradc says:

    horriblee heart burn

  23. Profile photo of JPlumley26 JPlumley26 says:

    The final days were chaotic, I was in serious pain because of how big baby was and how much weight I had gained (70lbs). It was slightly bittersweet to know that my sweet baby boy was going to be out in the world, but that I wasn’t going to be the only person he had a real bond/connection with.