What is baby’s favorite bedtime story?

What is baby’s favorite bedtime story?

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What is baby’s favorite bedtime story?

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  1. Avatar of chasdb chasdb says:

    He is only 3 weeks old , but I try to read him all varieties of books. So he doesn’t really have a favorite one yet but he smiles a lot when I read Noah’s ark to him.

  2. Avatar of SimplyAZ SimplyAZ says:

    We dont have one yet?

  3. We LOVE "Are You My Mother?" and "Green Eggs and Ham" . My son is named Sam, so I’m quite sure he thinks the book is about himself!

  4. Avatar of Angela Angela says:

    All of them so far.

  5. Avatar of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    Mine used to be "Quick as a Cricket"

  6. Avatar of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    I wont know till after he is born!

  7. Avatar of Jessica Jessica says:

    So far his favorite is Biscuit-the yellow dog. He likes to try and grab the book every time.

  8. Avatar of alisha alisha says:

    The Jungle Book. After my four year old seen the movie she became hooked on the book

  9. "Go Dogs Go"…she is two and insists I read it every night! lol

  10. Avatar of mamadee2x mamadee2x says:

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  11. Avatar of paiges paiges says:

    llama llama mad at momma both kids know the words

  12. Avatar of Grace Grace says:

    i love you this much

  13. Avatar of emi285 emi285 says:

    Good Night Moon, and Animal Crackers Bedtime (a compilation of sleepy nursery rhymes)

  14. Avatar of Amanda Amanda says:

    Good night moon, and Twinkle twinkle little star!!!!

  15. Avatar of Mom2two12 Mom2two12 says:

    I have a huge book that has lots of bed time stories. I read one story every night. The book has the classic older stories.

  16. Avatar of HMomOf4 HMomOf4 says:

    I read to my now 6 year old, but she always seemed to love the ones we would make up the most

  17. Avatar of Clo2 Clo2 says:

    "Where is Puppy" for my Baby Boy!!!! (He is now 10 months old)

  18. Avatar of atothedbly atothedbly says:

    My son loves all the pop up picture books!

  19. Avatar of SPEDREX07 SPEDREX07 says:

    my three year old likes recognizable stories like lightning mcqueen or buzz

  20. Avatar of Deserae Deserae says:

    I will read a Psalm to him everyday.

  21. Avatar of LaShonda LaShonda says:

    "spongebob"….both of my children has to watch spongebob before they go to sleep!!!

  22. well since neither of my 2 will sit still its mostly watever is on sprout