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Today’s Everyday Sweepstakes Action: Write in your My Everyday Blog!

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  1. Avatar of Jessica Jessica says:

    Little man is crawling around now, besides he is trying to grab things to stand on. At 25 weeks almost 26 he is trying to grow up waaayyy to quickly for me >_<.

  2. Avatar of christina christina says:

    new here nice site

  3. Avatar of marlene marlene says:

    i dont have anything for my baby…..hope we can win something :) # fingers crossed

  4. Avatar of Mom2two12 Mom2two12 says:

    Only 33 days before my daughter is due!!! :0)

  5. My little Hadley has gotten big enough now that I see her roll across my tummy. My husband saw it too, you should’ve seen the smile on his face. It was the sweetest thing ever!

  6. Avatar of Maura Lopez Maura Lopez says:

    My baby is moving alot im sure she would be happy if I win something just like me.

  7. Avatar of jlanae jlanae says:

    My little Posey has been kicking my bladder!

  8. Avatar of Chandra Chandra says:

    I have been craving chocolate,squash!