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Today’s Everyday Sweepstakes Action: Reply to Today’s Community Chalkboard Question!!

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  1. Avatar of christel christel says:

    be honest with your children always give them advice that you would of wanted and love them 110%

  2. Avatar of Mary Mary says:

    Take lots of pictures:)

  3. Avatar of Clo2 Clo2 says:

    Spend as much time as you can with your children, they grow so fast. One day, they are born, the next they go to school and soon enough they leave the familial nest….

  4. Avatar of debbie debbie says:

    Listen to your children when they speak

  5. Avatar of Bebe Bebe says:

    That the world is kid’s playground. They want to learn new things, discover new things, through all of the things they do they will figure out how everything works. Every child is different and they have their own ways in everything they do in their life. They need love and support. They are curious about everything and what a parent need to do is to be few steps ahead of their children and to be their first teachers and be there in every milestone of their life and enjoy every moment of it. They are God’s blessings. Set good examples and guide them. Be the best parent you can be.

  6. Avatar of Amber Risley Amber Risley says:

    you don’t have to be perfect for your child to think you are the perfect parent. as a new mother I often tell my 8 month old son "I’m new at this too, so let’s figure it out together" usually I get a huge smile in response!

  7. Avatar of Little4 Little4 says:

    Don’t be afraid to ask for help especially when feeling overwhelmed (I have 4 babies under 2 yrs lol) and enjoy the smiles you get everytime they see your face. Love every minute of it!

  8. Avatar of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

    Hi there! Thank you for letting us know, we’ve added this badge for you!

  9. Avatar of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

    Thank you for letting us know! We just added this for you. :)

  10. Avatar of JaneB JaneB says:

    Be patient. Never over-react. Always leave some time to enjoy yourself and your family will love you even more.

  11. Avatar of Josalyn Josalyn says:

    Do things the way you feel is the best way. Take advice from others, but if you do not believe in it, simply do not do it.

  12. Enjoy every second you can, spend as much time as you can with your child, take things as they come at you, try not to stress the small stuff and have fun. There only that age once! :)

  13. Avatar of Kalie Kalie says:

    be the best you can be…

  14. Avatar of Ashley Ashley says:

    everyone has adivce, just know that every child is different and no body really knows everything, the best thing is on many situations trial and error……

  15. Avatar of altricia altricia says:

    i did and no badge

  16. Avatar of mommy09 mommy09 says:

    life is to short to worry about a lil dirt.. enjoy ur baby while u can they grow up so0o fast..

  17. Avatar of dschlitter dschlitter says:

    Enjoy every minute, one day they’ll be all grown up.

  18. Avatar of JennyDurham JennyDurham says:

    Life is short, try to enjoy it every day with a big smile :)

  19. Avatar of Bella8791 Bella8791 says:

    Seeing my daughter smile and having her laugh is the best thing in the world!

  20. Avatar of elizabeth elizabeth says:

    watching the different stages my grand daughter is going trough and enjoy being with her as she goes through each stage….love it

  21. Avatar of AFrederick AFrederick says:

    Try not to stress over every little thing. Just go with the flow of things. And enjoy all the beautiful moments w/your children.

  22. Avatar of mintonbl mintonbl says:

    Do the best that you can, and what you believe is right. (Because regardless of the choices you make, you’ll look back and see areas that you could have improved on.)

  23. Avatar of MamaMandi MamaMandi says:

    Stay come and dont panic!

  24. Avatar of Mommy Mommy says:

    Appreciate every little thing whether it’s hours of smiling or hours of crying. One day you will look back and wish you still had those moments because "It won’t be like this for long." <3

  25. Avatar of slavigne slavigne says:

    Have Patience.. Have lots of it.