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Today’s Everyday Sweepstakes Action: Comment on a Blog!

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  1. Avatar of mom2aidon mom2aidon says:

    I am 29 weeks along with our second, our first girl!

  2. Avatar of ladybug1992 ladybug1992 says:

    lol thats so cute

  3. Avatar of Cate Cate says:

    My son says "Mom-mom" and starts giggling. Gets me every time .

  4. Avatar of perfect perfect says:

    My name is Helen, and my story is about my daughter Teresa. On May 2,2012 she gave birth to a 6lb 7oz baby girl. I received a voice mail from her dad telling me that he took her to the ER due to severe cramping & as fast as they took her back & her dad going to the waiting room, Teresa was told you are in labor. It came as quite a shock because no one knew she was pregnant including Teresa. She showed no signs of being pregnant either. So when I got that call it was quite a surprise because she had came home a week and a half earlier and showed no belly bump, no weight gain and her mood swings seemed normal to us. So I am very happy she had a very healthy baby. She took to motherhood with a charge and I am very proud of her

  5. I am 25 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child. This will be our first boy. :)

  6. Avatar of kaylea4 kaylea4 says:


  7. Avatar of momma momma says:

    i remember that feeling. i miss being kicked. it is something you just don’t forget. i still to this day think i’m being kicked when i’m not because my son is almost 7 months old.

  8. Avatar of char88 char88 says:

    My daughter loves to dance to her sit and spin and always manages to turn it to the same song every time,,,got to love them

  9. Avatar of jennifer jennifer says:

    my little girl is getting so big way too fast. goodness where is time going?

  10. Avatar of Brittini Brittini says:

    My first little one and I can already tell he thinks he is a kick boxer in side me. So ready for him to join the world!

  11. Avatar of United United says:

    #3 and still a little scared

  12. #3 will be here in September!

  13. Avatar of n33n42 n33n42 says:

    33 weeks and can’t wait to meet baby #2!

  14. Avatar of Joy Joy says:

    first child and loving every minute!

  15. Avatar of Tiff Tiff says:

    Second child here 10weeks early. Tom he will be 3 months old already

  16. Avatar of AmberKay AmberKay says:

    first child on the way!

  17. Avatar of eastplat0977 eastplat0977 says:

    Second child on the way and we just decided on a name today. Yay!

  18. Avatar of ShippA ShippA says:

    fourth child on the way

  19. Avatar of ladyporter ladyporter says:

    Second child on the way.

  20. Avatar of Alisha Alisha says:

    This would be great if I won something for my daughter, I have never won anything.