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  1. Profile photo of Faleshia Faleshia says:

    oh yes!! my 6 year old thinks hes a teenager and tends to talk like one. i wish they would stay little forever sometimes!

  2. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    Yes!! My daughter is 14 months old and I feel like I’m gonna be looking at cars and shopping for Prom dresses next week!!! 🙁

  3. Yes, every day my baby learns something new.. just shows how fast it goes by.

  4. Profile photo of MrsLizHG MrsLizHG says:

    Oh my………..I turly know what you mean. I walk like a duck. Shame on me I have gained 73 1/2 pounds. My Dr. told me to stop eating so much. But I can’t help it ……..LOL Don’t worry we will lose it.

  5. Profile photo of MrsLizHG MrsLizHG says:

    I am so excited I am 38 weeks and 6 days. At least I hope I am. I just hope my beautiful son does not decide to wait longer………..

  6. Profile photo of lilichka lilichka says:

    i dont know about you girls but this is my first pregnancy and i’m huge!!! im only on my 6th month:( everything hurts and i have horrible contractions every day. i hope the labor will not be too painful :/

  7. Profile photo of marylove marylove says:

    OMG! All the time! I look at my 5 year old sometimes and can’t believe some of the things he says… He sounds like a very short adult! My 3 year old also understands things he shouldn’t… I guess it’s because my husband and I talk about money and bills in front of the kids so they have a better understanding of how things work…

  8. My child isn’t even here yet and I feel like it’s all going by too fast =[

  9. Yes. It seems like a short while ago, I just brought her home from the hospital.

  10. Profile photo of Lyndsi Greim Lyndsi Greim says:

    Worried??! Hello!! You lay them down for a nap when they are twelve weeks old, when they wake up you realize you are already planning their second birthday party! Time flies with kids. I look at my son who is two in three months and I still see this six pound, ten ounce little angel. 🙁 How time just flies.

  11. Profile photo of Jeanetta Jeanetta says:

    Yeah…I see how fast my friends kids are growing up.

  12. Profile photo of Kaylee Kaylee says:

    My baby girl is only two weeks old and I can’t help but wonder were my two weeks went with her! Why is it that you spend almost an entire year pregnant and it feels like it is taking forever than once they are here suddenly time starts to zoom right past you?! It’s far to fast I wish it would slow down.

  13. I only have 1 and he will be 3 in Dec. He amazes me everyday with how much he knows already. Sometimes I think he to smart for his own good!

  14. Profile photo of MeMe MeMe says:


  15. Profile photo of Maria Maria says:

    Not at all, i actually just enjoyed every second i spent with my son. I am a fulltime mom and i love it so much that i am the one taking care of my own son all the time. He is a hapy baby just like mommy!

  16. Profile photo of Tempestt Tempestt says:

    Haven’r given birth yet and im already worried 🙁

  17. Profile photo of Kristy Kristy says:

    I know my baby is 20 mths. old he is already ready for the potty my baby isn’t no baby anymore 🙁

  18. Profile photo of Angela Angela says:

    I do. I wish I could pause time. They do grow up way too fast!

  19. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    ALL the time! My little one is already almost 6 months old and I seriously feel like I just had him a month ago. I can’t believe how fast it flies by and it really makes you want to stop and take advantage of all the time you get to spend with your little ones!

  20. Profile photo of Chelsea Chelsea says:

    i havent had him yet, and im already worried., my pregnancy seemed to just fly by…

  21. Profile photo of xhappyx08 xhappyx08 says:

    Yes! I just delivered my daughter on August 10th of this year and I cannot believe that in just 10 more days she will be 1 month old! Time is going by way to fast. Not to mention she went from 6lbs 4oz to 7lbs 6oz in 2 short weeks, along with growing 2 inches!