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  1. Profile photo of Jessi Jessi says:

    Not all the time. Only when I am in a car.

  2. I was nauseous all day for the first trimester but I never got sick.

  3. Profile photo of Alexianna Alexianna says:

    None at all :) Having a baby boy and 34 weeks

  4. Profile photo of Amanda Amanda says:

    I was sick with my son for my 4th and 5th month, and with this baby I was sick immediately at 4 weeks and it’s finally starting to go away at 17 weeks.

  5. Profile photo of Jamie Jamie says:

    None what so ever with any of my 4 pregnancies. My hubby had it bad with the last one. He said no more after that. LOL

  6. Profile photo of Loved Loved says:


  7. 6 weeks with my first none so far

  8. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    Early in the morning and late at night was good during the day.

  9. I still have some nausia at times and this is my 4th baby

  10. Profile photo of Faleshia Faleshia says:

    with my first two boys i was very sick. but with this one i just had nausia for two months and then i was fine.

  11. Profile photo of Leslie Leslie says:

    With my daughter yes, with this one, not so much.

  12. Profile photo of jasgl jasgl says:

    just seeing my daughter’s face

  13. Profile photo of Christina Christina says:

    yes I completely understand how you feel. They would be here 24/7…ugh crazy…used tons of icepacks cause I didnt want to take too much Tylenol…

  14. Oh YES! I have been taking Zofran tablets and Promethazine gell….

  15. Profile photo of grace grace says:

    never had morning sickness, just headaches

  16. Profile photo of Christina Christina says:

    So far I have only had 2 days and I am at 17 weeks and 1 day…mine is HEARTBURN. Have had it for over a month and 1/2…

  17. Profile photo of mamadee2x mamadee2x says:

    Morning, noon, and night. I slept with a cake bowl by my bed and carried bags in purse if I got sick on the go. I cried all The time and was miserable!! I couldn’t move with out feeling ill. By 14 weeks I was feeling better and by 16.. I was eating cheese burgers!

  18. Profile photo of Bebe+Emmys Bebe+Emmys says:

    yes I did. through my whole pregnancy :(

  19. Profile photo of marylove marylove says:

    I was so sick! I couldn’t cook raw meat or even touch a dirty dish! This also happened with my second child! I took about 4 months before I could even look at meat… I would have to use scalding hot water to do the dishes cause the thought of touching someone elses spit would make me sick.

  20. Profile photo of Joanna Joanna says:

    I got sick from not eating or being hungry in the morning but that was the only time I got sick with this pregnancy. My other three pregnancies were morning sickness free I have been very fortunate in that department.

  21. I thankfully didn’t have it to bad at all. If i woke up before 9 in the morning and started brushing my teeth without eating then i would but that rarely ever happened.