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  1. Neither of my girls did and I hope that I am that fourtunate this time around with this baby.


  3. I wouldn’t call it colic. She had a "crying time". Same time every night for about 2-3 hours. She just needed to vent I guess. Luckily, she outgrew it fairly quickly.

  4. Profile photo of Christine Christine says:

    I don’t know yet! I haven’t had her! How do you prevent colic?

  5. Profile photo of Jarod Jarod says:

    My baby had slight colic, but the doctor told me some things to do to get it better. I didnt even know what colic was until the doctor told me. I was surprised that I didnt look it up and read about it before the doctor told me.

  6. Profile photo of Chrissy Chrissy says:

    No, my first child did not have colic and I’m hoping that my second child will not have it also.

  7. My daughter only gets colic when she drinks whole milk but other than that no

  8. No she isn’t, and I believe it is because I give her my breast milk, not just formula … But when I don’t give her my breast milk and just formula she becomes cranky and doesnt poop just pee pee.. So I make sure to give her some of my breast milk, which helps so much … the breast milk is the answer I think …

  9. Thank god not yet & hoping she wont.

  10. Profile photo of miranda miranda says:

    nope thank god she never got it

  11. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    I haven’t had my baby yet but I sure hope not my little brother had it poor thing

  12. Profile photo of 1stTimeround 1stTimeround says:

    I havent had my baby yet but i hope that using good vented bottles or the Playtex ones that collaps the air will help prevent that

  13. Profile photo of Amanda Amanda says:

    No, my son was a little jaundice because he was late but that was it.

  14. Profile photo of Makayla Makayla says:

    Tristan doesn’t have colic but he has gas REALLY bad. We have to use gas drops and I feel so bad giving his new little body meds but you can tell he is in soo much pain with trying to get the gas out. We try to burp him all the time but since he’s breastfed he doesn’t really burp at all. Without the drops he will wake up from a dead sleep to start screaming and then pass gas and it takes a while to get him back to sleep again. Poor buddy, but at least he does not have colic! I give my support to those mom’s whose babies do.

  15. my baby isnt here yet

  16. Profile photo of Atlantica72 Atlantica72 says:

    Blessedly none of my 4 have had it.

  17. Profile photo of allecia allecia says:

    no neither of my kids did but they both had to be on soy formula and my son has to drink soy milk but my daughter can keep vitamin D milk down without upsetting her tummy

  18. Profile photo of Leesha Leesha says:

    both of my kids had "colic". the reason for colic is usually gas or a food allergy or some other ailment. it’s not something that should just be written off. if your baby is crying to the point that it’s considered "colic" you need to see your pediatrician and tell them about it. in my case, both of my kids have severe food allergies and reflux and my oldest was nearly hospitalized for failure to thrive.