We’re curious: What are your non-negotiable parenting rules?

We’re curious: What are your non-negotiable parenting rules?

What do you think?

We’re curious: What are your non-negotiable parenting rules?

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  1. Avatar of Karen Karen says:

    Unconditional love.

  2. Avatar of Jasmine Jasmine says:

    hmm so many …. my parents were pretty strict but I loved them that much more for it …. so I guess the #1 non-negotiable rule is let them know you love them no matter what happens … this helps with every other rule …. growing up when I messed up I told my parents I knew they’d be mad but then get over it ….

  3. Avatar of Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Speak with respect, treat others the way you want to be treated, and NO lying.

  4. Avatar of Amanda Amanda says:

    Absolutely no lying! Even if you are going to get into trouble tell the truth.

  5. Avatar of Bethany Bethany says:

    Respect your elders and use manners

  6. NO DISRESPECTING PARENTS and no talking back… always open for discussion but No arguing!! =)

  7. Avatar of nikkicropper nikkicropper says:

    mother in law can not babysit, ever.

  8. Avatar of Farida Farida says:

    Be patient about on what they do

  9. Avatar of lauren lauren says:

    I am the parent and I make the rules!!

  10. Avatar of maybay maybay says:

    Clean up after yourself, do not be mean to, or say hurtful things to siblings, and always try your best.

  11. Avatar of ditcd ditcd says:

    no candy after 5pm

  12. Avatar of KEIYONDA KEIYONDA says:


  13. no chores? no money for you then!
    eat your dinner or dont complain that you’re hungry
    YOU WILL tell me where you’re going if you’re under the age of 18
    && Most important: DO NOT DISRESPECT ME, I AM YOUR MOTHER!

  14. Avatar of Heatherly Heatherly says:

    No complaining about the food that is in front of them.

  15. to listen, be respectful and to have manners.

  16. Avatar of Tina Tina says:

    respect, manners, trust, and listening

  17. High self esteem ,respect for self and others,can’t listen if you talking

  18. Avatar of kirasmommy kirasmommy says:

    Listen and be respectful

  19. Avatar of LovingMomma LovingMomma says:

    Respect, Manners, Trust, honesty

  20. Avatar of Monica Monica says:


  21. Avatar of Amanda Amanda says:

    please and thank-you, good manners. show respect