We’re curious: What are your non-negotiable parenting rules?

We’re curious: What are your non-negotiable parenting rules?

What do you think?

We’re curious: What are your non-negotiable parenting rules?

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  1. Profile photo of kirasmommy kirasmommy says:

    Listen and be respectful

  2. Profile photo of LovingMomma LovingMomma says:

    Respect, Manners, Trust, honesty

  3. Profile photo of Monica Monica says:


  4. Profile photo of Amanda Amanda says:

    please and thank-you, good manners. show respect

  5. Profile photo of Manda Manda says:

    Show respect, say please and thank you. Smile and laugh often.

  6. Profile photo of rukunitl rukunitl says:

    Listening, work hard, respect your elders, keep God first, and always have your own mind and stay out of trouble!

  7. Profile photo of AnnieAmes AnnieAmes says:

    Manners Manners Manners.

  8. Profile photo of sabrina sabrina says:

    Good manners of all kinds, respecting elders, parents, grandparents, listen and then doing the first time she is asked, I do not like temper tantrums. I am going to do what my mom did with me, when she starts to throw a tantrum she gets put in her room with the door closed until she stops, then she can come out o her room. Mom did this with me it took only 2 times. I did not like having to go to me room and be unhappy. No lying, stealing, cheatting. She will be taught values and morals and will be taught high standards are a must.

  9. Profile photo of ProudMomma ProudMomma says:

    There are certain words that I will not allow to be sad like hate, stupid, etc.

  10. Profile photo of Jaclyn Jaclyn says:

    no telling me no when told to do something, help clean toys up (not all the time), no throwing fits when she is not getting her way, no being mean to animals or other children unless they are being mean first

  11. Profile photo of Sheela Sheela says:

    Respecting parents, time and being honest 🙂

  12. Profile photo of Rosa801 Rosa801 says:

    Respecting elders, good manners, bedtime, and dinner time is to eat and not play.

  13. Profile photo of Blessed Blessed says:

    Respecting your elders, bedtime, and attending church

  14. Profile photo of KTWENTE11 KTWENTE11 says:

    Table manners and bedtime

  15. No hitting. Sharing is caring.

  16. Profile photo of April April says:

    Absolutely NO talking back when told no or told to do something, & if my child throws a temper tantrum because he didn’t get something you wants, I spank him. He did it once a year ago & after being punished he’s never done it again

  17. Profile photo of Nikki710 Nikki710 says:

    Good for you Valerie! I agree!

  18. No soda for any one under the age of 10. I am sorry but I was allowed soda as a child and it makes you have sugar rushes, teeth problem and helps you gain weight fast if you are not an active child.

  19. Profile photo of KaelinRae KaelinRae says:

    Mine will definitely be: bedtimes and all homework must be done before tv/computer time (when he gets older).