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You’re having a baby. You are absolutely certain/pretty sure/kind of thinking you want to breastfeed. That’s great! One of the great benefits of breastfeeding is that you can do it without making a single purchase. Plenty of women across the world and far back through history have successfully nursed their babies without any extra gadgets or goodies.

With that being said – breastfeeding saves tons of money that would be spent on formula, right? So ...

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Why are you only wearing one sock? Has anyone seen my cell phone? Have you brushed your teeth yet? Why didn’t anyone tell me we were out of milk?

Any of this sound familiar? It sometimes seems that despite my best efforts to “get ready” for the week ahead, Monday tends to bring a certain level of chaos that only intensifies by Friday, when I’m ready to get a “break” (right – with three kids home all weekend, birthday parties, housework, grocery shopping, and the ...

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I loved being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I hated parts – morning sickness, I’m looking at you! – but overall it was a great experience for me, and one that had me feeling better and more comfortable in my own skin than I had been since I was the baby myself.

Of course, eventually, pregnancy was over. And once your body has gone there some things may never quite go back. 

Today we’re talking the things about your body that pregnancy might change – ...

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As parents, of course we think our children are incredible. Whether celebrating that first newborn smile or tearing up with the intense pride that takes over when those first steps happen, from the very beginning there is no shortage of moments to marvel at when you’re watching your child grow.

But there is so much more to it than that. Because every child gifts the world by just being who they are, sharing their own incredible talents in their own unique way.

Maybe your ...

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I have the most beautiful friends in the world.

Most of them aren’t models or movie stars, although some of them certainly could be. They are all ages, all shapes, all backgrounds. In fact, they don’t necessarily have much in common, except for the fact that I think they’re amazingly special and feel so grateful to have them as a part of the story that is my life.

My friends are people who make you smile just by walking into the room, because you know that the fact they ...

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February is a special month for my family. Although the shortest of all the months, in our home it is packed with celebrations. My parents were married on Valentine’s Day. My husband was born February 17th, which happens also to be the day we met and the day that he proposed to me. Two of our three children celebrate a February birthday – although it only happens every four years for my leap-babies  – and the other child just missed the mark by a few days, since she decided that my ...

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Image via Sara McTigue

As a parent, it sometimes feels like every day is much like the one before. The same routine of feeding and changing, and trying to get little ones to sleep so that you can get ready to feed and change, and you do it all over and over, again and again. And while the moments in between can be pure magic (have you heard a baby giggle lately? Or had a toddler try to tell you a joke?), it often seems that you go through periods of time where your routine and speech are on repeat.

Put ...

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kids crafting

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself to be crafty. Creative? Yes. Willing to experiment? Of course. But I’m not the type to create marvelous works of art with the kids based solely on an idea, a package of popsicle sticks, and some food coloring. However, my kids LOVE crafts, coloring, and creativity. Love like, every single day asking to bust out the modeling clay or the paints or the giant box of beads that drives me batty.

We’ve found some really great creative ...

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pregnant woman crying

This is meant as a public service announcement of sorts, to help you avoid sending yourself or your loved one into recurrent bouts of uncontrollable sobbing. If you are reading this with the express intention of making a pregnant woman or new mama cry, well – you aren’t very nice, are you? Maybe you should spend a little more time in your happy place.

The emotions that kick in the moment you conceive, the same emotions that last well into the first year (or beyond), can be ...

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worried child in the dark

None of my children like the dark all that much.

I can’t say that I blame them – it took me most of my life to get comfortable with the dark, and even with the adult knowledge that nothing is different in the dark (except for it being harder to see things). I still get those feelings if I think too much. You know, the ones that make me take a flying leap into my bed once the lights are out. It’s not just me, right? 

My oldest sleeps with a nightlight (that we call a ...

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