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Tips for DeCluttering Your Email Inbox

Clutter is not just the paperwork that comes into your home, but also the emails that come into your inbox. This post will show you how to create folders, unsubscribe from lists, and use a "deal with it once and move on" approach to email. The goal here is an empty inbox at the end of every day! You can do this! Here are our tips for decluttering your email box.

Think of April as "National Unsubscribe Month." (Yes, I am totally making that up!) Every single time you check your email, ...

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Kitchen Declutter- Main

Most of us have too much stuff as evidenced by drawers that won't close, pantries filled with ingredients that we'll never use, and platters and cups that we've received as gifts or picked up at events that we never use. All of this stuff makes it hard for us to find exactly what we need when we are looking for it, and clutter in the kitchen just makes us feel that much more unorganized. So here's a seven-day plan to declutter your kitchen and find the right "home" for all of those items you ...

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5 Best Family Calendars

With all that moms juggle—doctor’s appointments, kids' activities, birthday parties, and play dates, not to mention an endless "to-do" list—it can be completely overwhelming to keep track of and manage to get everywhere you need to be, especially if you do not have a good way to organize all of it and have it available to you in one place where you can access it whenever you need it.

This is why I believe that all moms need some sort of a family calendar that works for them. ...

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family outside

With temperatures rising (even if just a little), it gives great hope that the weather is finally allowing for some reprieve from a very long winter. But, as the saying goes, April showers are needed to bring May flowers. So, while there may be a chance to enjoy the warmer weather, there are also rainy days in store. Check out these posts to learn what our EverydayFamily authors do with their kids on rainy and sunny days, and find ideas to entertain your own little ones.

Spring doesn't ...

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baby food text

If your baby is starting solids soon, and you’re wondering where to start, stay right here. We’ve rounded up a great deal of information that will help guide you through the solid-food transition.

Sometimes it is difficult to know when to start introducing solids to your baby. Kim Shapira, MS, RD's rule of thumb is to begin babies on solid food when they have doubled their birth weight. Others find that BLW, or Baby-Led Weaning works really well for their little ones. Check ...

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Morning Routines

One of the toughest things a parent does all day is getting everyone up, ready for the day, and out the door each morning. And for many of us, this is a stressful time—one that can lead to a lot of begging, pleading, and sometimes yelling! If you feel like you would love (just once!) to get them off to daycare, preschool, or school without feeling completely frazzled, follow these easy steps to make a morning routine so you can leave the house each day feeling calm and ...

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diy roundup

Here at EverydayFamily, we have so many fun DIY projects, that it's hard to choose a favorite. We thought it would be fun to highlight a few that can easily be done with the little ones. Here is a round up of the ones that we're really feeling this week. ...

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Thrifty Ways to Turn a Baby Room Into a Toddler Room

It seems like only yesterday that you were painting the nursery and preparing for your little one's arrival. And somehow, the months have flashed by, and your baby has grown-up to the point where she is already trying to climb out of the crib! Your toddler is speaking to you in short sentences (who knew he would be so funny?), and your little baby is now his own little person! So it's time to upgrade that beautiful little baby room into a more grown-up toddler bedroom! Here are a few thrifty ...

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My cupboard is full of instant potatoes because both my mother-in-law and my neighbor had a few extra packages on hand, and they decided to give their extras to my family. So now we have about over 20 packages and boxes sitting in our cupboard.

Now, we love potatoes, and we eat a lot of them, but there’s no way we are going to be able to eat all of those instant potatoes before they begin to kind of go blah. I’m taking this opportunity to add these ...

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5 Great Spring Break Ideas for Families

It is (finally!) spring break season! But that doesn't necessarily mean you need to pack up the kids and head to the beach. There are all kinds of ways to spend spring break with your family, have fun together, and create some of those memories that your kids can share with their own children someday! So here are 5 great spring break ideas for families!

Kids sing songs in preschool about Old MacDonald, but most kids (and adults) really don't know what farm life is like ... so why not ...

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