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5 home repairs you can do yourself

I'll never forget my first month as a new homeowner ... in the span of just a few short weeks, I called a repairman out to fix my broken oven (turns out there was a reset button that I needed to push, following a power outage), my broken hot water heater (once again. turns out there was a reset button I needed to push after the power went out), and my broken air conditioner (this was truly broken -- ugh!). Newly married, new homeowner, and a busy career all collided to make me feel totally ...

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We all know that we should be setting aside money each month to save for our children's future college education--but how much money? And what type of college savings account is best for my family? And since money isn't exactly an unlimited resource, what should take priority in the family budget--retirement savings for the parents or college savings for the kids?

Let's dig into some of these questions about when should I start saving for my child's college education and get answers ...

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Shared Kids Bedrooms

Each one of my kids share a bedroom with a sibling, because with six kids, that's just what you do! Of course, there are pros to this arrangement--each of the "roommates" feels especially close to the other (talking late into the night in the dark will do that for a relationship!), and there are some cons--lack of privacy, sibling constantly touching "your stuff"-- but because we've put some effort into creating personalized spaces for each them in their shared bedrooms, sharing really ...

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Get Ready for Daycare

When I was a new mom, I had a delicious four months at home with my new baby, but I also had my old job waiting for me, which I attempted to keep humming along during my extra-generous maternity leave. I knew that at some point, I had to return to the office and dedicate myself more fully to my job, which meant that I needed to find the right childcare solution for our family. We found a wonderful daycare center not far from our home with skilled, warm, and loving ...

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5 Free or Frugal Ways to Make the Most of Your E-Reader

According to the Pew Research Center, in January 2014, 50% of Americans over the age of 16 have either a tablet or an eReader, which literally puts the world of books right at their fingertips. One of the best parts of having access to an eBook is the instant gratification factor: you hear about a good book, and, PRESTO! you can be downloading and reading that book less than a minute later! And while eBooks are quite often less expensive than their paper-printed counterparts, a person with a ...

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Does Your Bathroom Smell Like

As a Mom, is there any job that you hate more than cleaning the kids' bathroom? The dried blobs of toothpaste that are near-permanently glued to not only the sides and bottom of the sink, but also to the counter top, the fronts of the cabinets and sometimes even the floor? And please don't even get me started on the potty situation. I've got two words for you ... FOUR BOYS. Enough said. I truly believe that the public restrooms in Grand Central Station are cleaner than my kids' bathroom. And ...

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Free or Frugal Ideas for Summer Fun

With summer well underway, you might be looking for a few new ways to have fun as a family without breaking the bank. So today I am sharing 5 free or frugal ideas for summer fun!

Idea #1. Free Days at Science Centers and Museums

Science centers are fun as well as educational. They showcase all kinds of cool hands-on activities for the kids to try, which teach them about nature, physics, geology, states of matter, energy, and so much more. Many science centers even have great ...

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People consider adoption for many different reasons. Some come to consider adoption as a means of building a family due to struggles with conceiving a child "the old fashioned way." Some people decide that adoption is a good way to give a home to a child who is unable to be raised by his or her birth parents. And still, others adopt children that were born to their spouses/significant others during a prior relationship. For many people, the decision to adopt a child comes after weighing many ...

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I threw this question out on Facebook a while back: "What is your biggest shopping challenge when it comes to saving money?" And the overwhelming response was "It's hard to know if you are really getting the best deal available when you buy something." Luckily, there is an app for that! Well, actually there are lots of apps for that! But I've narrowed them down to five.

Here are the 5 of the best shopping apps that you should have on your phone now!

App #1. Favado

Favado is a ...

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5 Ideas for Summer Fun

No matter what your game plan is for the summer--a week-long vacation with family or town camp for the kids or even a summer camp at home--there are going to be those days when the kids are bored, and the very idea of taking them to the playground down the street yet again makes you cranky. That's when you need a summer-fun list--a list of creative places to visit that are just beyond your own backyard, or maybe an hour or two in the car, but when once you arrive, a whole new adventure ...

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