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non-toy gift ideas for grandparents

It happens every year -- usually a few days after Halloween -- I get the call. You know what I am talking about -- the call from one of the grandmothers, asking what her grandchildren might like to receive for Christmas this year. And aside from the fact that I am still recovering from the candy stupor, I have not yet even figured out for myself what my husband and I plan to give the kids (ahem ... or should I say ... what Santa will deliver), let alone come up with ideas that I can give to ...

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black friday

Way back when I was a career woman, I worked as a women's apparel retailer for a department store. One of my responsibilities was to plan for our sales events, including the after-Thanksgiving Sale, which is traditionally one of the biggest shopping days of the year. And I can tell you from experience that there is tremendous pressure on retailers to deliver fantastic sales promotions that will drive customers into the store and get those customers to open their wallets and spend their ...

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10 Great DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

How many of you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home this year? (Raises hand). I actually love this holiday -- it's all about cooking and baking and eating and relaxing in front of the TV, watching football with a fire roaring in the fireplace. There's no pressure to buy and wrap presents, and since we host the dinner at our house, there's nowhere else we need to be! It is the most relaxing and enjoyable holiday of the year (to me anyway)!

Aside from all of the deliciousness ...

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Subscription Based Grocery Services

In a perfect world, I would pretty much buy everything online. Seriously. To be able to sit in my jammies/yoga pants and do all of my grocery shopping online and then watch it magically appear at my front door would be utopia. It would be even better if I didn't have to actually think about what I need -- if somehow the website knew what products I loved and could figure out when I was about to run out so they could just deliver it to me right in the nick of time.

Of course I want all ...

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15 Fun and Easy Ideas  for Classroom Halloween Parties

Halloween classroom parties are an absolute highlight of the school year for kids, no matter if they are in preschool or elementary school. But, if you are in charge of planning the event and pulling together the food, crafts, and activities, it can seem like a daunting task! So here are 15 fun and easy ideas courtesy of some very creative bloggers to help you plan a fantastic Halloween classroom party!

#1 Little Vampire Donuts

Brandy, from Gluesticks, came up with this ...

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15 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes

Whether it's baby's first Halloween or he's a seasoned pro at the trick-or-treating thing, you want your child to look awesome this Halloween! And rather than settling for a store-bought costume, you should look into creating something unique yet adorable. Need some inspiration? Here are 15 awesome DIY Halloween costumes!

#1 No-Sew Elsa Dress

This beautiful Elsa dress was created out of a white t-shirt, fabric, and tape by Carrie from Carrie Elle, and it cost her less than $15 ...

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How to Clean Out and Organize Your Junk Drawer

Ah ... the good 'ole junk drawer. Admit it. You have at least one--we all do. But should we? A junk drawer by its very name implies that it is a place where we stuff everything that we don't know quite what to do with. But maybe it's time to figure out if we really need it or not. And if we do need it, let's give this stuff a permanent assigned home so that we can eventually find it again when we want to use it!

Every drawer should have a purpose and every item a destination

So ...

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8 tips for packing lunches

If you have kids who are picky eaters, have food allergies, or perhaps attend a school where no hot lunch is served, you know what it's like to devote a good chunk of your morning getting lunches ready for the kids. You also know how frustrating is it when they come home at the end of the day with their sandwich only half-eaten with fruit languishing in the bottom of the lunch bag.

Whether you are sending kids to preschool, day care, or even just packing your own lunch to take to the ...

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With so much that we all need to get done around the house each week, who wouldn't think that assigning some of these tasks to our kids in terms of a "chore" is a good idea? I mean -- we all would like to have a little extra help, right? But the reality of kids and chores (speaking for myself anyway), is that to get kids to do a task, and do it right, requires regular adult instruction and supervision. Which means that you aren't exactly freeing up your time to do something else ... at ...

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organize grocery list

Grocery shopping is a necessary chore that every family needs to do. But if you take the time to get yourself organized before you head out to the store, you'll save yourself time on this weekly errand and you'll save money too because you will only buy exactly what you need! In this post I am going to share with you my favorite tips on how to organize grocery shopping- as well as a free printable grocery list that you can download!

Tip #1: Use An Organized Shopping List

I print ...

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