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Does Your Bathroom Smell Like

As a Mom, is there any job that you hate more than cleaning the kids' bathroom? The dried blobs of toothpaste that are near-permanently glued to not only the sides and bottom of the sink, but also to the counter top, the fronts of the cabinets and sometimes even the floor? And please don't even get me started on the potty situation. I've got two words for you ... FOUR BOYS. Enough said. I truly believe that the public restrooms in Grand Central Station are cleaner than my kids' bathroom. And ...

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Free or Frugal Ideas for Summer Fun

With summer well underway, you might be looking for a few new ways to have fun as a family without breaking the bank. So today I am sharing 5 free or frugal ideas for summer fun!

Idea #1. Free Days at Science Centers and Museums

Science centers are fun as well as educational. They showcase all kinds of cool hands-on activities for the kids to try, which teach them about nature, physics, geology, states of matter, energy, and so much more. Many science centers even have great ...

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People consider adoption for many different reasons. Some come to consider adoption as a means of building a family due to struggles with conceiving a child "the old fashioned way." Some people decide that adoption is a good way to give a home to a child who is unable to be raised by his or her birth parents. And still, others adopt children that were born to their spouses/significant others during a prior relationship. For many people, the decision to adopt a child comes after weighing many ...

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I threw this question out on Facebook a while back: "What is your biggest shopping challenge when it comes to saving money?" And the overwhelming response was "It's hard to know if you are really getting the best deal available when you buy something." Luckily, there is an app for that! Well, actually there are lots of apps for that! But I've narrowed them down to five.

Here are the 5 of the best shopping apps that you should have on your phone now!

App #1. Favado

Favado is a ...

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5 Ideas for Summer Fun

No matter what your game plan is for the summer--a week-long vacation with family or town camp for the kids or even a summer camp at home--there are going to be those days when the kids are bored, and the very idea of taking them to the playground down the street yet again makes you cranky. That's when you need a summer-fun list--a list of creative places to visit that are just beyond your own backyard, or maybe an hour or two in the car, but when once you arrive, a whole new adventure ...

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How to Stay Organized During the Summer

When the kids are out of school for the summer, everyone's schedules change. Whether you need to get up on time to drop the kids off at day camp, or whether the crew will be hanging out with you while you run your own summer camp at home, chances are you'll be losing a few hours of free time every day. And of course by free time I mean time to do laundry, clean your house, run to the grocery store, etc. So while summer may not translate to a lot of time off, I can promise you that the more ...

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How to Save Money on Vacation Accommodations

It's summertime, which means that is is also vacation time! My family plans on traveling to Northern Michigan, Lake Placid, New Hampshire, Williamsburg, Atlanta, and Florida, so we'll be road tripping quite a bit! But in order to be able to visit so many places, we really have to work hard at stretching our vacation budget, which means carefully planning the cost of admissions and activities, food and souvenirs, gas money, and, of course, accommodations.

Over the years, we've figured ...

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How to Do Laundry

With babies and kids comes a whole lot of laundry! Some days it feels as if you are absolutely buried in it! And you wonder if you'll ever get caught up! Well you CAN conquer that laundry pile--it just takes some structure and a plan!

Here are some tips to help you decide how to do laundry:

Before you can do the laundry, you have to gather it all into one place, right? I recommend putting clothes bins in every room where kids (or spouses) get undressed. This usually means ...

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How to Organize Your Vacation Plans Using Evernote

With the kids' school year wrapping up soon, many of us are starting to plan summer vacations with our families! But how do you keep all of your notes, ideas, and reservation information organized so that you can find it when you need it? And is there a way to share this information digitally with others, like our spouses or even in-laws, who will be joining you for your summer adventure?

Well of course there is! And it's called Evernote!

Evernote is the perfect tool to use to ...

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5 Ways to Save $ on BD Parties

I have to confess: I love throwing birthday parties for my kids! I love creating magical days of fun for them and their friends that are easy to pull together—days that don't cost a lot of money, yet create special memories for them. And with six kids, I would say that I now consider myself a bit of an expert on how to throw a super fun birthday party at home. And one of the great things about throwing a birthday party at home is that you are free to invite more ...

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