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Who is responsible for the financial strategy in your home – and do you have one? Despite the increase in dual income households, many women still are not involved in their finances. When the unexpected happens, whether illness, divorce, or loss of a job, trying to track down necessary information can be overwhelming.

Starting a family is the perfect reason to reassess your goals and monetary health. Here are some tips to make sure you don't get caught off-guard.

Sit down and ...

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Do you remember Ally McBeal's theme song? Ally McBeal was a TV icon for me. I loved the wit and the quirkiness of the show, and I loved the way music was used to convey--and sometimes instantly shift--emotion.

In the episode where the theme song is born, Ally's therapist tells her to find a song to make her feel better about, well, everything in her life.

The next day, Ally is walking to court on a busy Boston street when she starts hearing her theme song in her head. At the ...

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Do you remember what girls’ night out used to look like before kids?

These days, the formula for a great evening out has changed.

The plan. First, a "night out" generally means dinner instead of a multi-stop evening with drinks, dancing, or bar hopping. If we are feeling really crazy, we head to a café after our meal for coffee and dessert. The coffee, of course, is decaf, because I can no longer drink caffeine after 2 p.m. without being up half of the night. Regardless of ...

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coffee cup, what you want people to say

What do you want to be remembered for? Is it the way you lived your moments, loved your people, did your thing like no one else could possibly do it? I love this kind of question and find it helps me reflect on how I want to be right here and right now. Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach Toni Coleman, LCSW says, “When we think about how we would like to be remembered by people - attributes like positive, accomplished, good to others, and made a difference in someone’s life come to ...

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These days, many families do not fit the traditional cookie-cutter image. As children start to identify with the stories they read, it can be isolating when they do not have any books that mirror their own day-to-day lives.

Fear not! From adoptions to military families, here are five children's books that tackle non-traditional families with heart and great storytelling.

Mama and Daddy Bear's Divorce by Cornelia Maude Spelmen

This book is about four bears: Dinah, her ...

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Summer is filled to the brim with family fun. The pool, the park, the picnics. But it's also a time when moms tend to refocus their Me Time to Family Time.

Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach Toni Coleman LCSW says, "Moms too often put themselves at the end of their priority list, that is, if they include themselves at all. Because women are nurturers, doing for others is a reward in itself. However, if a woman delays or ignores her own needs for too long, she risks getting burned ...

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While no one goes into their marriage planning to get divorced, sometimes we end up there despite our hopes and best efforts. With kids in the mix, it is particularly difficult – you don’t have the opportunity to fully close the door and heal.

During the process of splitting up, you have so many critical decisions that have to be made right when you are the most emotional and vulnerable. Having survived (mostly) in one piece, here are five lessons I’ve taken away from my ...

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It's my twelfth wedding anniversary this week. So basically, we're in the tween years now. Our personality is defined, but we still have some growing up to do. I'll take that, it sounds about right.

Because of all the things I've learned about marriage--be kind, remember you're on the same team, have hobbies and interests together and apart--the most important lessons (to me) have been that both of us and our relationship are always changing and growing, to go with those changes ...

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What makes a great summer read? One that lets you relax, tune out, and at the very least pretend that your toes are in the sand and your drink is nearby. Long gone are the cliche rules of beach reads being soft-cover and not too long. A good summer read is plain and simple a fabulous book.

Here are six to pack in your beach bag this summer!

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

Liane Moriarty is the Australian author of five internationally best-selling novels, most recently ...

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I recently attended a birthday party for one of my son’s classmates. Since our kids are only turning four this year, the parents generally stick around the party.

Because we are all working parents with our kids in daycare, I have not gotten to know many of these parents. We hurriedly rush through drop off and pick up, focused on getting in and out versus chatting with each other. I can tell you which face corresponds with which kid that is on a similar schedule to me, but that’s ...

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