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Being a mom of girls has meant different things to me at every stage.

When I was pregnant, I imagined braiding hair and smoothing skirts, glittery clips and shiny ponytail holders, flip-flops and ballet flats, nail polish and lip gloss. All of these imaginings of my heart did, indeed, come true. 

A few turns of the calendar pages later, I hoped for whispered secrets and endless giggles, tied shoes and the passing of “I can do it myself.” (I’m still waiting for that ...

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With everything we have to do on a daily basis, family photo albums sometimes get shoved aside for a while. And by a while, I mean years at a time. With our smartphones and cameras constantly on hand, we also have more photos to sort through than ever before.

When my daughter was born, I had several goals for our family photos:

Capture and retain the milestones and “baby book” moments. Share some of our day-to-day life (good and bad) so my daughter, when older, would ...

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When I found out I was pregnant with my son people sent me all sorts of notes and pins and quotes. Little boys love their mama, they said. Boys are like noise with dirt on top, they warned. A moment of silence for your bathrooms, they joked. And “they” – my friends, more seasoned mamas, more experienced pinners – were all right. My son is all of these things. He’s sweet and kind and loving and noisy and unabashed and a brand of silly that brings me lift every single day. As his ...

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To-Do List

Have you ever found yourself doing something (or afraid to do something) more because you’re worried about what other people will think than because of what your intuition is telling you to do? 

How much time do you spend to make sure “everybody” isn’t judging you versus the time you spend doing the things that make you truly happy? This isn’t just about the big stuff—this is the stuff we do every day.

I talked to Theresa Sullivan, a professional coach and the ...

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Flowers. Chocolate. Brunch. These are the things that Mother's Day gifts are made of. But in my mind, there's no better gift than a book. The chance, and the excuse, to curl up and relax with words and thoughts and tears and laughs makes me swoon.

And when it comes to books that make great gifts for moms, I have specific ones in mind. It's not the books that tell how to parent or how to love, it's the ones that help us breathe easier, laugh at ourselves, and realize that we're not ...

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Oh mamas, we know you’re laying awake late at night mentally checklist-ing all the things you’re juggling. Your schedule, your partner’s, and your kids’. Work, meals, activities, cleaning. Who has time for cleaning? You do. Your sleek little phone that goes everywhere you go is more than a camera or easy Facebook access. It can actually help you get organized and tackle that to-do list in a life simplifying way. We're not broaching “getting it all done.” We’re talking about ...

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Every once in awhile I hear something that I want to fold up small and slip into the deepest nooks and crannies of my heart, to be taken out when I need it again. Maya Angelou’s words often work in this way for me. While I love so very much of what she has said and stood for, these words are the ones I’ve kept with me. “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” We spend so much of our ...

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Woman in living room watching television

There are plenty of reasons to limit screen time for kids, but what message are we sending when we tell our kids "no" while flipping through our smartphones? Here are a few reasons that cutting your own screen time will not only help you, but it will also benefit your kids.

1. You’ll be more present—and happier.

Have you ever tested this one? I’ve found a distinct difference in my mood when my phone is in my hand versus when I put it away. Yes, it feels uncomfortable not ...

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Now, I have to start with a disclaimer here. As I write this, I have some Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (who can turn down a cute Daisy knocking on doors in the cold?) and a glass of milk beside me. I am by no means the perfect example when it comes to health and fitness, but I am a work in progress, and I think that probably makes me like many of you.

And while I am currently indulging in a little splurge, the last four weeks have been pretty satisfying for me in terms of a new ...

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The power of the internet is that it has given so many people a voice that they didn’t even know they could use. And the power of using those voices, is the ripple effect of change and good they've made. There are a few blog posts out there that just stick to your ribs and make you better all around. Their messages are strong, powerful and necessary and thanks to the internet they’re out there to make an impact on their readers. You can hear the voices of the women who penned ...

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