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Each September, we all clamor for our three-day weekend that accompanies Labor Day. The holiday is meant to celebrate the American worker and provide some time off.

For parents, especially with young children at home, time off rarely exists. What does a "holiday" weekend in my house look like?

Friday, I worked a full day because I know I am going to need every speck of vacation time to cover my daughter’s holiday break from school in a few months. I spent the evening grocery ...

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I can hardly believe it's already time for back-to-school thoughts! You know the ones. They start with: Are all of your backpacks, school forms, and lunch boxes ready? And end with: This is the year I'm going to have it all organized ... maybe!

I personally start every Monday morning with the first thought, and Friday with the second. Juggling everything is hard. But it's also important.

Nikki Wallace Wilson is a life coach for moms and she loves empowering women to find their ...

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mother holding baby while working

There are a variety of arguments that have flown around the Internet for years about working moms and stay-at-home moms. This article isn't written to address the pros and cons of working or not working. There's enough online for that.

However, for those moms who are in the workforce, there are a number of benefits that can be passed on to your kids. Here are four important ones to consider.

Role Modeling.

Parents are natural role models, and the type of work and a parent's ...

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Listening to children's music doesn't have to be painful. In fact, I have to admit that some of my kids' CDs stay on whether or not they are in the car. Think it's too good to be true? Check out these family favorites. I'll bet you will end up singing along, too!

Justin Roberts: Meltdown

You can't go wrong with any of Justin Roberts' albums. We have a number of them, well worn. All of his music features an upbeat sound and great storytelling that kids can relate to. Our family ...

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These 10 Pictures Show Exactly Why Summer Is So All Caps AWESOME-main

Sandy hands, ice cream dribbles, water splashes. These are the things that summer is made of. As the school year comes dangerously close to starting, let’s take a look at what makes summer so all caps AWESOME. ...

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Getting out the door in the morning is a delicate juggling act, one that can be a struggle for even the most seasoned daycare veterans. Trying to find ways to streamline your departure? Here are some tips to help make drop-offs happier for both you and the kids.

Have a toy or special item they can only use at daycare and make that part of the drop-off routine. This can be something they pick out with you at a store, from home, or that is already at daycare.

Example: My daughter ...

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Sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy the little girls in your life. As a mom of two girls – and one boy – I love finding creative gifts that will empower my girls. Instead of getting them a doll dressed up like a doctor, I’m more likely to reach for the doctor kit. Professional feminist, mom, and writer, Veronica Arreola, explains why this is the way to go. She says, “It’s one thing to give her a doll that embodies an amazing career, it's another thing to help her understand ...

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Summer days are meant to be spent with the ones we love, and so are summer nights. Cocktails on the porch, hikes at dusk, sushi on patios--these are the things my husband's and my summer date nights are made of. Our stolen moments are just as important to us as our well-planed ones are, simply because we're together for them.

April Masini of the critically acclaimed Ask April advice column explains why these dates are so important. She says, simply, "Show your partner how much you care ...

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perfect books about back-to-school

Getting ready to send your little one off to school? Whether for a couple hours each week or full time classes, it can be a big change for your child - and you!

I asked parents to see what books got their kids excited about heading to school. Here are their favorites. All are great stories to read and provide a perfect chance to stock up on some extra snuggles!

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

Mrs. Raccoon took Chester's left hand and spread open his tiny fingers into a fan. ...

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The mess, the chaos, the tantrums, the cuddles. All of these tell the story--and sometimes a single day of motherhood. Fifteen women share moments of time that define motherhood. Can motherhood be captured in one picture? I think so, but see for yourself and find out which two photos inspired this entire series.

Elaine writes about being a mother of three and the miscellany that comes with it and shares her photography of perfectly captured moments on her personal blog, The Miss ...

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