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Fact: What parents think of their tweens and teens matters to them. This is common sense, right? But somewhere around the time that our kids trade in their little kid status for tween and teen-dom, we parents tend to lose sight of this. Our kids suddenly seem so different – emotional and sensitive and peer-focused; and parents love talking about these traits, probably because they’re new to us and we feel suddenly off-kilter in our parenting. But the truth is, tweens and teens are ...

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A few months ago an article featuring the word SEXY crossed my feed. It gave me enough pause to take a look, but the content made me keep scrolling: photos of women mid-orgasm. I’ll admit that my mind started wandering with important questions, mostly about the logistics – where was the photographer? What did the pre-photo session sound like? Just… how? And… why? I did, indeed, keep scrolling, but one of the first comments in the thread caught my eye: Why is sex the only thing ...

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These eight photos prove exactly who a girl’s best friend really is. See for yourself! ...

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7 things you should say every day

When my husband, Jason, and I were on our honeymoon, we kept running into a sweet older couple at the beach, in line, on tours. The woman took to giving me marriage tips each time we saw each other. Hold his hand. Be nice to his mom. Have lots of sex. On our last night, I wondered if we’d see each other again when she appeared behind me. She put her arm around my shoulders and said, “Keep talking to each other.” At the time we were so young and so carefree and so focused on each ...

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As I am writing this, it's a perfect Saturday afternoon. 

It really couldn't be more picturesque, really. The wind is softly blowing, the sun is shining gloriously without being too hot, and the promise of fall and adventure is in the air. 

Except for me, the only "adventure" I have going on in my day is a couple loads of laundry to look forward to. 

You see, I'm a stay-at-home mom whose husband works a lot of weekends. And while it feels like most of the world is off ...

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Ever wonder what compliments mean the most to the women in your life? I want to go straight to the source and asked 11 women just that. And their answers? Are perfection. ...

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One of the most important things I’ve learned in my decade or so of mothering is that the best advice comes from the mom next door. She’s the one who’s been there, who gets it, and who isn’t afraid to tell you how it is. I asked ten veteran moms to share their best, hard-earned advice. You’re going to love what they have to say and I bet you so weren’t expecting #8! ...

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The topic of female friendship--especially its ebb and flow--absolutely fascinates me. I'm not the only one. In 2013, editors Jessica Smock and Stephanie Spengler exploded onto the book scene with an anthology filled from cover to cover with poignant essays about friendship. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the golden were all delved into. Readers devoured each essay, but this duo kept finding themselves drawn into dialogue about a gutsier portion of the book--the one that covered friendship ...

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By now, most of our kids are officially back to school. We've sent them off with freshly brushed hair, rosy cheeks, and picture-perfect outfits--at least on the first day. But what we do keep sending them with every single day is nothing more than crossed fingers and a hope that ... what? What do you really want (more than anything) for your kids' school year?

When I was a classroom teacher before I was a mother, I assumed that what parents really wanted to know about was their kids' ...

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Each September, we all clamor for our three-day weekend that accompanies Labor Day. The holiday is meant to celebrate the American worker and provide some time off.

For parents, especially with young children at home, time off rarely exists. What does a "holiday" weekend in my house look like?

Friday, I worked a full day because I know I am going to need every speck of vacation time to cover my daughter’s holiday break from school in a few months. I spent the evening grocery ...

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