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history of toys

Once upon a time there weren't video games. There werent talking dolls (or ones that pee in their pants – who thought that was a good idea?). There weren't even Barbies or bicycles.

We live in a time where entire stores are devoted to selling toys, but children still play with some of the same things they played with thousands of years ago. How did we get here from there? Do you know what Lego means? What was the first board game?

Follow along as we roll the dice and ...

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technology kids infographic

Do you feel lost if you lose your cell phone? Is your house full of iDevices? Do you talk to your friends more online than in person? With all the technology that surrounds us each day, it’s no wonder that younger and younger children are becoming proficient at using electronic gadgets. But is this a good thing? Take a look at some of the stats and decide for yourself.

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hannah with santa

Santa...with his white beard, twinkly eyes, and belly full of jelly. He isn't as appealing to all kids as most parents would hope. We have the photos to prove it!

Classic, right? You can almost hear her screams, can't you?

"Hey, Mom. Can I get off this guy's lap yet? Please?"

"This guy is suspect. I'm out of here!"

Do you have a good Santa story to tell? Share it with us in the comments!


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post baby bod

Click here to see more memes from EverydayFamily.com ...

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Mummy’s wrapped up! Picture

 Answer: Because she was too wrapped up in herself!

4 Steps to Maintaining Friendships with Those Who Don’t Have Children. ...

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Joke of the Day: What do you call a baby bee? Picture

Answer: A little humbug!

Looking for a name for your little humbug? Check out our Baby Name Finder!

(Photo Credit - andrewmalone, Flickr http://bit.ly/WpdNzV) ...

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baby monkey banana

Answer: I don't peel good!

Sick kid? How to know when to call the pediatrician.

(Photo Credit: quinnanya, Flickrhttp://bit.ly/31qRXl) ...

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“Working Mother” Picture

 Too true. 

10 tips for stay-at-home parents.

5 tips for balancing work and family. ...

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October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month Picture

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Learn more about Down Syndrome from the National Down Syndrome Society here. ...

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Worn out shoes, worn out parents Picture

Why this mom is fed up with buying shoes...

Plus, we've got your baby shoe buying guide. And toddler shoe buying guide!

(Photo Credit: hspauldi, Flickr http://bit.ly/RAAGNa) ...

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