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Any mom of boys will tell you that they are completely different than girls. They are loud, rough, and always on the go. Yet, they can be the biggest snuggle bugs and give the sweetest kisses, too. It also seems that nursing moms of boys produce breast milk that is richer in fat and protein, while girls tend to get more milk. In September 2012, a study at Michigan State University discovered that among 72 mothers in rural Kenya, moms with sons generally produced richer milk (2.8 percent ...

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plastic containers

Nowadays, we all know that using plastic is not healthy. But why are the chemicals found in plastic dangerous to our health (and especially the health of our growing children); and why is it important to avoid the use of plastic?

1. Plastic waste is an environmental catastrophe.

All of the plastic we use every day doesn't biodegrade and has to go somewhere. And where does it end up? In landfills and in the oceans.

The North Pacific Gyre, also called the North ...

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family playing outside

Life without television. Can you do it? Our family is. Well, almost. For the last month, we have been a family without cable. We do have a DVD player and free rentals from our local library.


I've written a few blogs about the impact of television on infant and toddler development:

With summertime here, it seemed the perfect time to say good-bye to cable ...

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