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daylight savings

With the fall upon us, daylight slips away from us even earlier. As much as I enjoy the fall season, I despise the time change. The extra hour of morning light does not help make me feel less annoyed when I drive home from work in the dark. A recent survey showed that on average it takes a person 3.5 days to adjust to the time change.

No matter how prepared I feel for the time change, it still disrupts my kids' sleeping schedule. As a mom of three, a full night of uninterrupted sleep ...

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Every once in a while, something erupts on social media, and the so-called "mommy wars" become a thing again. Whether it's a celebrity mom dishing out unwanted advice or a fight over the best way to do this or that, people jump in with comments and opinions, until it quiets down again, and then everyone seems to simply move on to the next thing.

But that cliche seems to linger out there, ready to pounce when the next big issue rolls around. Why is it that the media jumps at the chance ...

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father playing in the grass with baby son

Parenting is the world's hardest job, followed by marriage. When I became a mom, I had no idea just how much of a strain it would put on my marriage. The sleepless nights, the constant whining, the tantrums, and the lack of time for myself was a huge transition. It also changed my relationship with my husband.

No longer was it just the two of us. There were no more spontaneous trips to the mall, dinner, and a movie. A baby changed everything. Don't get me wrong, not all of it was bad. ...

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I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I love little kids dressed up in cute costumes standing at my door with smiles and gratitude in exchange for oohs and ahs and tasty treats. I love princesses, pirates, minions, tigers, and all other forms of tiny cuteness. I really do.

But I hate creepy. Like really hate it. And creepy is everywhere these days. Front lawns have fake bones sticking out of the freshly manicured grass, meant to give the illusion of bodies waking from the ...

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Play dates at other peoples' houses? No thanks. Taking them to the park alone? Big fat NO. A stroll around the mall? Why would I do that to myself?

I don't leave the house alone with both kids. Ever.

I grocery shop alone after my husband comes home from work (or, if he's had a rough day, we split them up, and I bring the toddler). I make doctor appointments only for times when he ...

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I am great at "picking up." After the kids are in bed, I pick up all the toys in the living room and make sure all the dishes are in the dishwasher. I will, perhaps, fold a load of laundry.

But, that is where my cleaning mode ends.

Before I had two kids, I would do my deep cleaning at night. I'd tuck the little munchkin in bed, pop in my headphones, and dance the night away, sweeping and mopping and dusting and organizing. That way I had a guilt-free, clean house to wake up to, ...

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For days, I knew that something was amiss. She whispered her worries, as she does every night, while we snuggled up in her bed and waited for sleep to set in. She told me the best parts of her days and she told me the worst. I listened, empathized, and hugged her worries away. I sent her off to sleep with happy thoughts and relaxing stories, but, still, I knew there was more to the story.

They were isolating her. At age 7, her friends were isolating and manipulating her. She didn't ...

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using adhd medication for toddlers

I once worked with a preschool boy who was positively full of energy. He had a lot to say, loved to move, and rarely sat perfectly still. He also had trouble making friends, but that didn't have much to do with his energy level. He ended up in my office to work on social skills, but it was clear from the start that his mom had big concerns about his non-stop energy.

There were three other kids in the family, and this little boy was the youngest. Week after week, the mom described the ...

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The nice thing about the early elementary years is that kids tend to make friends easily during this time. They see a jump rope or a soccer ball and they all run for it, and that ignites a friendship. Play is the language of young children, and friendships are often forged simply through the act of play.

Sometimes those friendships continue from year to year, but sometimes they don’t.

Some kids move on with ease and find other friends, while some sit back and mourn the loss of ...

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I once worked with a kid who never stopped moving. He was funny, bright, animated, and kind, but he truly never stopped moving. He couldn't. He had his best ideas when jumping up and down or kicking a ball or throwing something against my office wall. Movement, although distracting to his classmates, helped him focus. Movement kept him engaged.

It took some trial and error to find strategies to help him get his fidgeting out without disrupting his class every few minutes. A stress ball ...

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