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The holiday season is full of reasons to smile. The lights are bright and cheery. Candy is everywhere. Kids sing happy tunes and craft adorable projects at school. Yes, the world feels just a little bit brighter during the holiday season. But if you take a closer look, the world also seems a little bit more stressed.

Patience wears thin. Cars drive a little faster. Lines seem a little longer. To-do lists feel never ending, and commitments seem to pop up every weekend. The holiday ...

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A teary-eyed mom of an 8-year-old girl sat in my office, wringing her hands. It was a long year full of unforeseen obstacles. She tried to remain positive throughout the ups and downs. She tried to wear a brave face in front of her daughter. She tried to smile, laugh, and remain playful. But as the months wore on and the stress increased, she felt defeated. She felt like she couldn't get anything right. She felt very, very low. And she worried that her mood and low self-esteem might be the ...

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In 28 days, it will be 2015.

Are you kidding me?!

I was going to run a 5K this year. I was going to volunteer on the military base where we are stationed. I was going to do sooo many Pinterest crafts and have a yard sale to sell off some of our junk ...

Think I can cram all that into 28 days? Probably not.

Where did this year go? It feels like it went faster than ...

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From endless activities to music with warnings to fashion fit for teens (if that), some families are fast tracking childhood. Childhood moves pretty quickly, but when little girls are dressing like much older girls, children are lacking playtime, and parents are exposing children to music meant for adults, it's hard for kids to be kids. It's important for children to work through their own development at their own pace, with age appropriate choices along the way.

Fast tracking ...

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Moms-to-be are often overwhelmed with lists of things they need to buy for their newborns, and I can attest to the fact that half the stuff I did get for my firstborn was really a waste of money. I thought I'd learned my lesson with my second son, but I still ended up with more unnecessary things than I had intended.

Now that I have 3-month-old twins, I have only purchased things I know I need and that have proven to be essential to ...

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We read a lot in this house. We read together so much that large piles of books seem to appear just about everywhere -- even on the kitchen table. In a perfect world, we would put each book back on the shelf before choosing a new one, but we're not perfect around here. At times, the piles have a way of fading into the backdrop of our lives -- they're part of us -- until that one moment when one of us finally feels overwhelmed by the clutter. Then the piles have to go. Immediately.

"Do ...

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sleep deprivation made me

If you ask any new or seasoned parent with young children what they miss most about life before children, they will likely respond with a one-word answer: sleep.

My husband and I like to joke about life as zombie parents, but in all seriousness, lack of sleep can cause depression, health issues, memory impairments, and much more. At 17 months old, my son still has nights where he wakes up 2-3 times. I often find myself drifting in and out of conversations, putting the milk in the ...

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I love running, but probably not for the reasons you might think. Yes, I love feeling strong and healthy and I believe it’s important to show self-care to my children. Yes, a good run sets the stage for a good day. But the biggest draw for me is that when I’m running, it’s only thing I’m doing. I’m alone with my thoughts and I can’t do anything other than that one thing. It’s a beautiful single task.

Multitasking is not my thing. In fact, I’m such a disaster when it ...

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I have a dirty little secret: my kid gets all of her vegetable servings from v8 Fusion juice boxes. 

I know. I hate myself. 

When it comes to her fruit servings, she is golden. Seriously, she will eat everything from bananas to oranges to apples to kiwis to mangoes to strawberries; she's a lot like me. I'm a fruitaholic. 

Yet, I like my veggies, too. Some sautéed bell peppers? YUM. Lightly salted and browned cauliflower and broccoli medley? To die for. 

My ...

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I get a lot of requests for help from parents of 2 to 3-year-old children. Whether the request comes in email or phone call form, it always starts the same way: "My toddler was the best sleeper ever, so mellow, and so easy ... but now everything is a nightmare!" Sound familiar? You're not alone, weary parents.

As parents, we've been conditioned to believe that the "terrible twos" are the stage to fear. That's when formerly quiet babies learn the power of "no" and become challenging, ...

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