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Little kids are adorable. They’re sweet, full of love, and very silly. They love to hug, they give the best kisses, and when they learn to write, they write the best love notes.

The research is in, and it is clear that yelling is not a good thing. Neither is hitting of any kind. Or handing out random consequences in a moment of frustration.

So why isn't parenthood a breeze? Because those adorable little bundles of love can also be exhausting ...

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If you dare to mention your quest to find the ultimate work/family balance to your working mom friends, they will probably giggle in return.  Balance?  What’s that?

Being a working mom can lead to feelings of guilt and stress.  Divided attention between work and family can make it difficult to simply be in one place

.One of the most frequently asked questions in parenting, involves some version of the following: “How can I balance everything?”  Trying to juggle being a mom ...

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Nothing shakes up a family like the arrival of a new baby! Sleep becomes elusive, tired parents lose their patience, and jealous older siblings like to make their feelings known. Bringing home a new baby can cause some upheaval, that’s for sure. 

While babies are cute, cuddly, and sweet, they are also loud, unpredictable, and time consuming. It’s a lot of change all at once.

Older siblings are likely to display regressed behavior during this transition, which can be ...

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A fear of animals is a very common childhood fear.  Sometimes a bad experience triggers a fear.  Witnessing a dog bite or being scratched by a cat can cause a child to fear animals that were once loved.  Other times, the fear develops gradually as kids grow.

Many children outgrow their childhood fears as they gain mastery and understanding, but some need help along the way.

It’s important to distinguish a fear from a phobia.  A fear of animals might send your child ...

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Many young children go through a phase where they want to get everything just right.  They don’t like to be corrected.  They don’t like to make mistakes.  And none of their pencils have erasers on them after a few months of use.  These kids want to be perfect (if only in their own minds) and they become upset when “perfect” doesn’t come naturally.  Not to worry.  This behavior doesn’t necessarily point toward a lifetime of frustration over chasing down ...

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Autism statistics from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that 1 in 68 American children have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Studies show that autism is more prevalent in boys than girls, with 1 out of 42 boys and 1 out of 189 girls diagnosed. 

While every child develops differently, symptoms of autism do tend to manifest themselves between the ages of 2-3, and sometimes even earlier. Early intervention is important when it comes to helping children with autism ...

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It’s no big secret that playtime has decreased in recent years.  Beginning as early as infancy, children are enrolled in structured classes.  Some of these classes can be very beneficial.  Children work on gross motor skills in gym classes and parents learn about child development in many parent and me classes. 

As children spend increased time in structured classes, the time available for unscripted parent-child playtime decreases.  That is a trend that’s worth reversing ...

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If we really want to raise independent kids, and I’m fairly certain that we do, we need to teach them life skills along with math, reading, and technology.

We teach kids a lot of things when it comes to academics. We also teach them how to tie their shoes, navigate an iPad, and kick a soccer ball—all very useful skills. But how many life skills do we actually teach our children when the day-to-day grind of school/team sports/homework sets in? Have we remembered to teach them ...

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Many young children like to collect coins and save dollars.  That does not, however, mean that they understand the concept of saving versus spending.  Often they don’t even know how much money they actually have.

Kids love to save coins in a piggy bank beginning at a very young age.  Loose change on a countertop doesn’t exist in this house.  Although they are always certain to ask first, my kids love to divide up the coins and store them for a later date.  Money tucked ...

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My second will turn 3 in a month. As bittersweet as it is to see him grow up, I will be happy to say goodbye to 2. He very much embodies the “terrible twos.” He is stubborn, short tempered, and, at times, devious. When he knows he is doing wrong, he has a twinkle in his eye and looks at you with a mischievous grin, as if to say, “Go ahead, stop me from doing this. You don’t dare!”

Like many other 2-year-olds, when he cannot get his demands met right now, he throws a ...

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