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I love running, but probably not for the reasons you might think. Yes, I love feeling strong and healthy and I believe it’s important to show self-care to my children. Yes, a good run sets the stage for a good day. But the biggest draw for me is that when I’m running, it’s only thing I’m doing. I’m alone with my thoughts and I can’t do anything other than that one thing. It’s a beautiful single task.

Multitasking is not my thing. In fact, I’m such a disaster when it ...

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I have a dirty little secret: my kid gets all of her vegetable servings from v8 Fusion juice boxes. 

I know. I hate myself. 

When it comes to her fruit servings, she is golden. Seriously, she will eat everything from bananas to oranges to apples to kiwis to mangoes to strawberries; she's a lot like me. I'm a fruitaholic. 

Yet, I like my veggies, too. Some sautéed bell peppers? YUM. Lightly salted and browned cauliflower and broccoli medley? To die for. 

My ...

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I get a lot of requests for help from parents of 2 to 3-year-old children. Whether the request comes in email or phone call form, it always starts the same way: "My toddler was the best sleeper ever, so mellow, and so easy ... but now everything is a nightmare!" Sound familiar? You're not alone, weary parents.

As parents, we've been conditioned to believe that the "terrible twos" are the stage to fear. That's when formerly quiet babies learn the power of "no" and become challenging, ...

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I could very easily have been one of the many women who have a child on their hip and an angel in their hearts.

Jackson was born with issues with nearly every body system, from small facial nerves to low muscle tone, to a hand deformity, to a heart defect, to kidney disease; nothing worked perfectly.

Miraculously, wonderfully, thankfully, he is here. He is alive. He breathes. He smiles. He laughs. He cries.

And, I am grateful for the opportunity to be grateful.

I ...

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tips for thanksgiving

With just two weeks until Thanksgiving, it's time to start preparing the menu if you are hosting -- or your travel plans if you will be sitting at someone else's table. Having a baby can certainly change how and where you celebrate the holidays. Here are a few helpful tips on topics from food to in-laws to schedule to decor, to prepare you for celebrating Thanksgiving with a baby.

If your baby is old enough to join you at the table and enjoy tastes of the Thanksgiving meal, you may ...

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November is officially upon us, and you know what the means -- the season of gratitude begins now! It is the time of year when we attempt to slow down and express our gratitude as much as possible.

Classrooms focus on American history, and kindergartens and preschools craft turkeys and thankful leaves to decorate their classrooms before sitting down together for a big classroom feast. Yes, November brings acts of kindness and thoughts of gratitude as we roll into the holiday ...

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When my son was a toddler, he decided that all of his tags had to go. Tags were itchy and bothersome, and he had no time for itchy and bothersome. But even when I cut the tags out of shirts, he would come to me, pointing to the tiny little bit of tag left behind, tears of frustration spilling from his giant blue eyes. No tags, mama. No tags.

So, like any other mom of a tag-averse child, I went searching for brands with no tags. As it turns out, there were quite a few. Even brands like ...

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We have a funky sleep routine at our house right now... as I write this from my daughter's bedroom floor (thank goodness for the Notes app on my phone).


Our oldest, thanks to the crazy summer we had, has developed a fear of falling asleep on her own. Since she was 6 months old, I have always been able to rock her (and when she got older, watch a short show, like the Wonder Pets), then go lay her in her bed - fully awake - and she could fall asleep on her own. Now, she ...

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daylight savings

With the fall upon us, daylight slips away from us even earlier. As much as I enjoy the fall season, I despise the time change. The extra hour of morning light does not help make me feel less annoyed when I drive home from work in the dark. A recent survey showed that on average it takes a person 3.5 days to adjust to the time change.

No matter how prepared I feel for the time change, it still disrupts my kids' sleeping schedule. As a mom of three, a full night of uninterrupted sleep ...

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Every once in a while, something erupts on social media, and the so-called "mommy wars" become a thing again. Whether it's a celebrity mom dishing out unwanted advice or a fight over the best way to do this or that, people jump in with comments and opinions, until it quiets down again, and then everyone seems to simply move on to the next thing.

But that cliche seems to linger out there, ready to pounce when the next big issue rolls around. Why is it that the media jumps at the chance ...

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