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I was well on my way to young adulthood before I felt anything even remotely close to self-confidence.

Old friends will read that line and think, "No way, not her, she was always full of confidence. She always knew what she wanted, and she didn't let anything stand in her way." They saw the outer layer – the version of me that I chose to share with the world. Only the ones who truly knew me well will nod their heads in agreement. They are the ones who saw the inner layers at times. ...

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Letting go is always the hardest part. No one tells you that when you’re gliding through life in a sleep-deprived state of partial amnesia with multiple babies in tow.

They tell you to enjoy every moment, and you do your best to take that advice. They tell you hold them close while you can, so you hug them every chance you get. They tell you that childhood is short, and you try to take that in (despite the muscles that will hardly move after a long night of tending to sick babies). ...

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At five years old, my son already stands out. That’s not to say that he’s better or worse, above or below, he just stands out. He always has.

He keeps his hair long and curly, because that’s how he likes it. For two years, he has taken the pails and shovels in the preschool sandbox and created his own drum kit. He loves math, piano, and documentaries about animals. But he also loves to play. And he wants to connect with other kids. The only problem … is that most five-year-old ...

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“Stay with me five more minutes, Mommy”, she whispers, as I brush her long, salty, chestnut locks from her cheek. “I just need to hold your hand.”

“I’m here, sweet pea. I’m always here.”

Please don’t hate me for what I’m about to say, although I won’t blame you one bit if you do (I might hate me a little bit, too.) This isn't bragging or perfect parenting or access to some secret book of parenting tricks that you can only find in super exclusive, private ...

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When you don't have to race out the door super early every morning with lunches made and backpacks packed, you can take time to observe your family's habits and figure out where you might need to make some changes.

It never fails when you're running short on time and patience--your child seems to find hundreds of distractions between her bedroom and the front door. While some kids are quick to get dressed and tie their shoes, others need extra time. And while this might seem like a ...

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must-have favorite baby gear

Confession: I am a baby- gear junkie. From swaddle blankets to car seats, I love strolling the aisles at baby stores and learning about the latest baby-gear products. Even in the four years between my first and last child, baby-gear products have changed so much.

When I was pregnant with my first child in 2009, I read a few books and asked many moms about what baby items I needed. Like most first-time moms, I knew nothing about all of the various stuff that was required for such a tiny ...

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anger management tips for parents

Sometimes it seems like kids are hardwired to push buttons. They test limits, push boundaries, and often rely on selective listening. The good news is that pushing back and testing limits is a function of increasing independence. The bad news is these behaviors can be very frustrating for parents.

We are all exposed to stress and frustration at times, and we all have our own coping styles.

When you combine various stressors with a particularly trying day of parenting, parents can ...

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While pessimistic thinking is often brushed off as a personality trait, it is actually a learned behavior. Sometimes it is even used to mask anxiety. When kids approach most situations with "I can't" or very low expectations, they are lost in a cycle of negativity. Kids can, in fact, get stuck in a pattern of negative thinking and struggle to break free.

Seeing that adults also struggle helps kids learn that we all need to work through obstacles at times, and asking for help is always ...

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my breastfeeding journey

Two weeks ago, my third son, Ryker, turned a year old. Just this week, I completely weaned from pumping at work. It's all a very bittersweet time for me as my boy transitions from an infant to a toddler. When he turned 11 months, I began feeling sad and a bit in denial that he was so close to turning a year old. I kept telling myself that just because he was turning one didn't mean that a switch would flip and he would suddenly no longer be a "baby." Yet, it seems that is what ...

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books for summer

It seems as if the moment the school year comes to an end, it's time to think about summer reading. The fear of the infamous "summer slide" (or loss of academic gains during the summer months) causes many parents to stock up on summer reading tools to ensure that kids stay on track for the upcoming school year.

While honing those reading skills is always a good idea, the urgency to beat the summer slide can make summer reading a stressful experience for both kids and parents. A better ...

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