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baby feet

Let's face it: there are many aspects of motherhood that are hard and exhausting. From sun up to sun down, these little beings with sticky hands, wild tempers, and wet kisses challenge us with their demands. On days when you just want to give in and take a nap, it is OK to let the laundry go, leave the dishes in the sink, and take a few minutes for yourself. I fully believe that making time for yourself is a vital part of being able to stay present with your child, even when you feel tired ...

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Motherhood is filled with huge emotions, some positive and some, well, let's just say some are not so positive. We all know that the years are short, but the days are long, so we soak in the moments and try to stay positive as much as humanly possible. But, man, toddlers know how to push buttons! They're like little detectives. They follow us around, trying things out until bingo! -- they find the one that makes us react. Then they do that thing over and over and over again, because if ...

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As a psychotherapist, I've had many parents sit on my couch with tears trickling down their cheeks as they uttered the same phrases, “We didn't know. We were told he would grow out of it.” Waiting and watching took time from them and their children. Although they voiced their concerns in whispers at annual appointments, they were never referred for further evaluation. Years later, they felt angry, sad, and guilty. They wanted to go back in time because early intervention isn't just a ...

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Kids face a lot of disappointment, even during the toddler years! In fact, many parents are surprised to find that their mellow little babies suddenly turn into not-so-mellow perfectionists that are full of big feelings, who seem to fall apart for no good reason. Many kids have difficulty coping with failure (a fallen block tower is a failure in the eyes of a 3-year-old, you know), and many little ones tend toward some version of perfectionism between the ages of 3 and 7.

It can be a ...

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How to Inspire Healthy Eating

Friday, March 27th, 2015 by from Baby Steps

From the moment our babies begin to eat, we hear tons of advice about what and how to feed them to make sure that they eat a balanced diet and don't turn into picky eaters. Of course, by the time you have a toddler on your hands, you realize that some 3-year-olds only eat Goldfish crackers, and others prefer only red things. Seriously, you can feed that baby whatever you want (I remember the "turkey dinner" being a favorite around here for a while), but many toddlers will dig their heels in ...

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Given that I work with kids and parents, I read a lot of parenting books. Parents look to me for recommendations, and I find that certain books suit certain parents. It makes sense, when you stop to think about it. All families are different, and all families have different needs. There couldn't possibly be one book that covers every single issue ... that would be huge and overwhelming! There are, however, some amazing books on the market.

Parents have questions - that's part of the ...

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By my daughter's first birthday, she knew fourteen signs. We began baby sign language with her early on in an effort to help her learn to communicate.

I won't lie. Not everyone supported this effort. Over and over again, people told us that she would never learn to talk if she could use baby sign to get her needs met. These were old-school thinkers at best. We continued to use baby sign with verbal communication, and she learned to communicate her needs.

By the end of that first ...

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child in swing

One of the greatest challenges of parenting is standing back and watching as your child makes a mistake. It doesn’t even matter how big the mistake is. It might be jumping from the couch to the hardwood floor while wearing the most slippery socks ever sewn or blowing off an important study session for a final exam worth 60% of the final grade. Either way, it’s hard to watch.

From the moment we bring children into this world, we feel the urge to protect them. They start out ...

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Is My Child Preschool Ready?

Friday, March 6th, 2015 by from Baby Steps

Many parents struggle with the first big decision in a child's education: When to begin preschool. With the pushing down of education, parents often feel pressured to enroll in a preschool program the moment a child reaches 2 1/2 years of age. The truth is that there is no magic number for preschool readiness, and your child's personality plays a huge role in the decision.

My two kids were complete opposites when it came to preschool readiness, and they needed two very different ...

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I admit it -- I'm guilty. We're all guilty. We've read the articles about getting off our phones and immersing ourselves into our children's lives.

Too many times I have been social networking when I hear, "Look, Mommy, look!" And, to my shame, I try to finish typing my sentence before I actually look up.

She probably has arms of steel from hanging onto the monkey bars long enough for me to glance up at her. 

Technology makes things easier. It makes everything easier! My ...

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