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royally inspired names

Get royally excited -- there's another little prince or princess on the way!

Early last week, Prince William and Princess Catherine announced they are expecting their second baby. The new royal baby, who will join 18-month old Prince George, will be fourth in line for the throne (knocking poor Prince Harry to fifth!)

Princess Kate is believed to be about three months along. The announcement came as a necessity of sorts; Princess Kate is experiencing the same acute morning ...

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celebrity pregnancy 40

More and more women are choosing to establish their careers and homes before bringing babies into the world. This means there are more moms who have their first babies at what experts call "advanced maternal age", or 35 plus. Celebrities are no expectation, with many of today's biggest stars electing to have their first (or second, or third) baby after 40.

Here are some of the happy celebrity mamas who are staying young by having babies at 40 and beyond.

After dozens of roles ...

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Here comes the bride ... and her kids!

The world was shocked last Wednesday with the news that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the ultimate "till death do us part" couple, officially tied the knot after almost a decade and six children together. Those six kids had a big part in their mom and dad's big day, and they aren't the only kiddos who enjoyed the wedding spotlight with their parents.

Check out some of the cutest celebrity-kid bridesmaids and groomsmen in Hollywood.

It ...

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celebrity baby names

My son's name is Luke. When he starts school, I'm guessing there will be about 15 other little boys also named Luke; just like I can name at least five Amandas who are my close personal friends.

What I'm saying here, is that I'm a bit on the boring side when it comes to naming my kids. Maybe you enjoy a classic, timeless name for your child; maybe you'd rather your child's teacher stumble over her name in the roll call. If you are the latter, and expecting a new little one soon, take a ...

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When I was 16 weeks pregnant with baby #1, I went on a cruise to the Caribbean. While I would like to say I boldly showed off my growing baby bump in a bikini, the truth is, I'm a tankini kind of girl when I'm pregnant (plus a nice coverup for good measure).

I'm not a celebrity, and a Caribbean Disney Cruise is not, say, Mexico. If there's one thing we know about celebs, it's that they love showing skin at the beach, pregnant or not.

Any Mamas-to-be headed on a last-minute beach ...

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celebrity breastfeeding

I have breastfed my babies many places: Disney World, the splash park, Chili's, and the beach, to name a few, but one thing is certain about all of them--I never looked nearly as glamorous as some of the celebrities who breastfeed their kiddos. The latest trend is for celebrities to share their most glammed-up breastfeeding photos, to show the world that breastfeeding isn't just normal-- it can be downright fabulous.

Check out some of these adorable pictures of some of Hollywood's most ...

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It's over when it's over ... except in Hollywood. In the celebrity world, split-ups are often nasty affairs, but for a few celebrity couples, marriage has ended on a much friendlier note.

Check out these four Hollywood couples who didn't make it to forever but remain forever friends (until their kids are grown, at least).

Singer and child star Hilary Duff, 26, and her husband, former NHL player Mike Comrie, 33, married three years ago but decided to separate in January 2014. The ...

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4 maternity looks for summer

If you have trouble styling your clothing when you're not pregnant, you'll have even more trouble when you're pregnant. And if that's an issue, forget about wearing anything but jersey shorts and a tank top when you're out of the confines of air conditioning.

We're here to help when you need to rock your maternity style--and still stay cool--with these four great maternity looks that are perfect for the hot summer months. You can stay cool and look chic--even in the summer!

Pink and ...

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5 celebrity family vacation spots

Summer is here, and many of our EverydayFamily members are taking their annual trips to the beach, theme park, or campground. And wouldn't you know it? Celebrities are doing the same thing. The only difference is that their vacations are a bit more exotic than your average family. Here are some of our favorite celebrity families and their exotic vacation spots.

Maybe you'll run into them there?

Los Cabos, Mexico

This gorgeous seaside city on the tip of the Baja peninsula is ...

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Ryan Gosling

Hear that sound? It's the crushing sympathy of a million hearts breaking.

Ryan Gosling, actor and star of the Hey Girl meme, has reportedly fathered a child with his long-time girlfriend, Eva Mendez. Although the couple have yet to confirm the news, an insider told US Magazine that Eva is 7 months pregnant (as in, third trimester, you guys!) Eva hasn't been seen at a public event in several months -- in fact, her last red-carpet appearance was in March.

Ryan, 32 and Eva, 40, will ...

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