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Remember back in the day when parents were able to beat the crap out of their kids if they misbehaved? You know, how children were often sent out to pick out the switch from the field that would be turned on their tender rumps? Or how Dad was able to pull his belt off so fast and turn a bare backside from a pasty white to a cherry red in just a few swats?

Yeah, it doesn't really work like that anymore.

I guess you could do what the mother of the guy formerly known as my best ...

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Researchers are saying you’re more likely to divorce your spouse if you have a daughter first, versus a son. I’m thinking this has to be bunk information.

Couples who frequently argue are more likely to have a firstborn daughter, rather than a son!

… But I have one child, a daughter. And two years after her birth, I got divorced.

Is there truth in this theory? Scientists initially recognized the single fact “that marriages that produce firstborn daughters are also ...

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pregnant at work

Is it time for all working, pregnant women to rejoice? Or shall we pick up our pitchforks and begin marching in protest against the latest label given? What will our signs say?


“This is an enduring problem in America’s workplaces – we’re not where we need to be with regard to fair, equal treatment of pregnant workers. We’re just not.” - Chai Feldblum

Here is what’s going on. In an effort to bring ...

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All you single peeps out there, listen up. I've come across a breakthrough in dating. I know—something that we all have been waiting for. But before I reveal the glory that is this new way to find your soul mate, let's review what some of the out-of-the-ordinary dating options are available to us single folk.

{ MORE: Dating as a Single Mother }

Have you ever heard of Tinder? Yeah, it sucks—it's based on 100% superficiality and common "likes" that you probably didn't even know ...

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sick child

Wyatt Schmaltz is a charming three-year-old boy. Like many other boys, he likes to pretend he’s a policeman and enjoys placing his brothers in “jail.”  

There's a new sheriff in town …

Except, instead of running rampant through hallways and backyards as children often do, Wyatt is in a hospital bed at Indiana University Health’s Riley Hospital for Children.

According to this article, “Wyatt was diagnosed in April with the aggressive cancer, which has spread ...

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mother stealing kisses

So, how about this for the craziest story of the week? 

Michelle Hui, a gal from the UK, had just barely hit the six-week mark of her pregnancy of her third child when she had a miscarriage. It was like any other day—she was just headed to work—when she said that she started gushing blood.

"I [called] my husband and told him I was losing the baby," Hui said. "He couldn't come and get me because he had the other two kids, so I had to walk home.”

As you could imagine, ...

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baby and mother co-sleeping

It’s 3 a.m. and you’re exhausted. But your ravenous little one, whom you only just fed a few hours earlier, is once again screeching for immediate relief from this life-threatening hunger you've imposed upon him.

“81 percent of SIDS deaths in infants under the age of 3 months could have been prevented by not co-sleeping.”

So you inch out of bed, stagger toward your baby, and consider the nocturnal possibilities:

Feed this child while in an upright position and then ...

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So, there was this one time when my mom was trying to potty train my younger brother, and crap hit the fan. Not literally, thank goodness, but things were not looking up. My mom and two of my brothers, including the one who was potty training, went to a sporting goods store (a typical stop for a family full of boys), and my youngest brother needed to go to the bathroom. The fact that he recognized that he actually had to use the bathroom instead of letting the trapdoor open and let ...

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woman in labor

A woman goes through pregnancy with a confident vision of where and how she will deliver her child. By confident vision, I mean the unwavering assumption that once she arrives at her pre-selected birthing location, her body will naturally do what it was intended to do: serenely push her new child into this world as she faintly sweats glistens.

“As the couple arrives at the hospital it becomes very clear that Kristin isn't going to make it inside for her delivery.”

And if a ...

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Pregnancy does "wonderful" things to a woman's body: stretch marks, flabby tummy, saggy boobs, a big scar from a c-section, never-ending love handles, and I can imagine that there are other things that women could add. I can empathize just a little bit because I, too, have saggy [man] boobs, but in reality, I have no idea how it feels to have "lost" my once-gleaming body, and I'm not even going to try to pretend that I know what it feels like. But for those of you that know exactly how this ...

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