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Bullying is such a difficult topic to deal with, so you can probably imagine that different schools try different things in order to combat it. Just recently, fifth graders from Zeman Elementary in Lincoln, Nebraska, got a handout that listed the school's tips for combating bullying, and they are, might I say, the most ridiculous set of tips that I have ever seen for dealing with bullying. Not only do these rules create a sense of Stockholm Syndrome, but they turn the victim into the ...

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You've got rules at your house, right? I mean, if you've got teenagers, I know you've got some sort of rules that pertain to curfew or dating or language or cell-phone use or whether or not it is absolutely a requisite for the toilet seat to be returned to where it needs to be—up. I can still remember not being able to play Halo as a high schooler because it was rated "M." This rule wasn't super unique to me, as I knew other people that lived with this rule (namely my younger siblings), ...

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Have you heard anything about these 3D printers? They're absolutely crazy! They literally can print any 3D thing that you could ever think of. Some people are using these to make dishes, cutlery, guns (which some of you may or may not approve of), Legos, guitars, camera lenses, and scientists are even looking into creating a 3D-printed heart.

Christian, a high-school student from Texas, decided to take advantage of  this developing technology and use it for something other than a ...

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Aiden's Law

What if one test could save your child’s life?

The Recommended Uniform Newborn Screening Panel suggests numerous tests that can detect issues within the first days of life. Even though these screenings are recommended, mandatory tests are determined by state. Your newborn is screened only for the disorders that are mandated by where you live, and sadly, some possibly treatable disorders aren’t even on the board. This was the case for Aidan ...

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Let me help you..

I was reading a blog the other day about a woman that lives in New York City. She talks about how New York City is treacherous. Not so much the people or the city, but the culture and the rush wears people down. Things are overpriced, housing is beyond expensive, and getting from here to there is a nightmare.

One day, Jen Simon needed to get some things done downtown before she had to pick her child up from preschool, so she strapped her youngest into the stroller and headed to ...

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 I don’t have many memories of being sick as a child. Only a few that really stand out. But one memory I have are the multiple times I had lice. My head starts to itch even thinking about it.

There are several stereotypes about lice. The kid is dirty. The parents don’t take care of them. The list goes on. No I wasn’t a dirty child. Yes I took a bath. The plain truth is - any kid can get lice and I did a few times.

I remember what I went through each time. It was pure ...

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As of late, time-lapse videos have been flooding the interwebs. You know, the ones where hundreds of photos are put together with music to show a woman's belly grow with a baby inside of her or the ones where babies pass through years in seconds. Here's three of the best of those videos you should check out this week.

21 Years of Photos

The first one on the list is a six-minute video of photos that were taken every single day for 21 years. Twenty-one years! If you do the ...

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Have you ever seen a little guy or a little gal that was wearing a plastic helmet? Those helmets are used to treat positional plagiocephaly, also sometimes known as flattened head syndrome. This happens when a baby's soft skull becomes a little misshapen because of pressure to the skull while still in the womb or from pressure because of how his or her head remains in contact with flat surfaces, like car seats or mattresses.

{ MORE: Molding Prevention }

According to ...

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Usually as I’m choosing a topic to write about I scroll through several articles and then narrow down my search to choose from. This week there was no narrowing. One article completely won, hands down.

According to the study referenced in the article there appear to be disadvantages to fathering children at an older age. What is this study’s angle? Is it birth defects? No. Is it higher premature birth rates? No. Then exactly what could their angle be? Well, this study ...

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I'm just as apprehensive about blind dates as the next guy, but the Japanese government has come out firing on all cylinders in order to make blind dating a thing. Shinzo Abe, Japan's Prime Minister, just signed a budget proposal that would give $30 million to what they call "birthrate-boosting programs." And on the receiving end of some of that cash? Government-organized blind dates.

For the past 40 years, the marriage rate in Japan has plummeted. In 1974, there were 9.1 marriages ...

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