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family has dinner together

You see that picture right above? When was the last time you had one of those?

Last night?

Last week?

Last month?


Since the beginning of modern American society, it seems like there was a very common sentiment that having a nice sit-down dinner was extremely beneficial in raising emotionally and socially healthy children. There's even a whole foundation that advocates for family dinners. 

But guess what? It's super hard to round up the entire ...

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Why is it that kids like the summer break? I would venture to say that it is because homework is non-existent during those blissful months.

Why is it that parents like the summer break? I would venture to say that, as the actual doers of the homework, parents get a three-month-or-so break from dragging their kids to the kitchen table to get their science project that's due the next day started. (And you thought you were done with homework once you graduated. HA!)

So, yes, the ...

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Deep within our feminine souls, there is a powerful capacity for trickery. We are masters of deception! We can fake headaches, orgasms, hair color, personality, and pregnancies. And more often than not, this deceptiveness goes unrealized by those it's directly affecting ... with one exception: Pregnancy!

Unless you're scheming to kidnap a newborn baby on your phony due date - Highly disallowed! - you'll eventually be caught out.

A woman might fabricate a pregnancy to get ...

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sleeping newborn

Newborn babies do amazing things, every day; and parents have enjoyed their bragging rights and have shared their little ones’ triumphs for many years. However, it seems that new mom Onyi Chiedozie’s recent declaration has not only taken the lead for being extraordinary, it has halted others, forcing them into wondering if their babies are as amazing as they think.

Ammra weighed a healthy 6 pounds and 3 ounces when she was born.

What are Onyi’s bragging rights? Oh, it’s ...

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Photo of nine month baby crying, isolated

Many parents stretch beyond the norm to provide their children with unique, personal monikers. Some parents do this by using atypical spelling, while others devise names that are imaginative and, up to that time, undiscovered.

Fun Fact: Sophia and Noah were the top baby names for 2013!

Every now and then, I’ll hear a newfangled baby name and wonder, why didn’t I think of that one? It’s brilliant! But more often than not, I think the parents are undeniably ...

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Let me start this post out with one simple question: Why did you get your child a cell phone? Was it because you wanted your child to have a symbol of status that would help them squeeze into the clique of coolness? Was it because you enjoyed shelling money to pay for minutes that would never be used because your kid would only text and mess around on Facebook? Or was it because you wanted to be able to stay in contact with your child just in case he or she got stuck or he or she needed ...

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sad girl

If you drop the F-bomb in front of your children, you may get arrested!

While Danielle Wolf was shopping for groceries at Kroger, some persistent bread squeezing got the best of her nerves, and she said a choice word.

And though these first-class words were only bellowed in an attempt to stop the food squashing, she was arrested for disorderly conduct!

According to the North Augusta Department of Public Safety incident report, "[Danielle] yelled at her ...

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So, being a male and being part of a relatively Scouting-heavy family, I have been on many a camping trip—camping trips that had tents, food, fires, sleeping bags, and water. Oh yeah, and they usually only lasted about  18 hours total.

Little Larina Chikitova, who is just 3 years old, found herself out in what was described as "bear- and wolf-infested woods of the frigid Sakha region," which region just so happens to be the coldest region in Siberia, which just so happens to be ...

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Did Walmart make a nonsensical move when it recently allowed an employee to withhold baby photos from a mother in central Newfoundland, declaring the photos “inappropriate”?

When it comes to capturing those treasured moments, are there definite rules that all parents must follow?

Walmart’s decision has sparked some serious hullabaloo across the nation, and parents are arguing over their photo-taking rights.  

According to this article, “Robin Walsh, a mother of two ...

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Sproutling baby monitor

Getting newborns and little people to go to sleep is a nightmare. And for some new parents, there's an added anxiety of not knowing what's going on inside your baby's crib. 

Enter the baby monitor. 

Baby monitors aren't anything, new. They've actually been around since 1937, the first one being called a "Radio Nurse." So yes, parental anxiety in reference to the goings on in cribs is older than a lot of our parents. 

That anxiety has carried itself into the lives of ...

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