My Mom is Awesome

We have an activity every single evening of the week.

Monday we have football practice. Tuesday we have tutoring and two football practices. Wednesday we have soccer. Thursday we have a repeat of Tuesday. And, Friday we have soccer again.

My life is insane.

And also, I am so over eating in my car. And frozen ...

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I love running, but probably not for the reasons you might think. Yes, I love feeling strong and healthy and I believe it’s important to show self-care to my children. Yes, a good run sets the stage for a good day. But the biggest draw for me is that when I’m running, it’s only thing I’m doing. I’m alone with my thoughts and I can’t do ...

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When you think of fall, you probably think cooler temps, earlier sunsets, changing leaves, Halloween, and pumpkins. I love the cooling off of fall, I'm good with getting The Dudes in bed earlier, I have offspring to rake my leaves, and Halloween is my favorite holiday. But, pumpkins? Shiver. ...

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Aside from all of the farts, of course. As much as I'm down with the DudeMom life, there are times when I wish my lovely lady lumps weren't the only ones in residence. Here are a few not too awesome elements of being the only girl in a house full of Dudes. ...

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Raising sons is mostly about fun and being OK with really bad smells, but it's also about helping these dirty-handed dudes grow into spectacular men. Trustworthy, hardworking, compassionate, intelligent men (who are also crazy good looking and funny, too) who can lead happy, independent lives. And if one of these men so desires, he can find a ...

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My father is an amazing man. It would take an entire month's worth of blogs to share all of his life stories and lessons with you, so just take my word for it: he is a man with a lot of knowledge and experience to share with the world. Of course, this truth was one that took me years to realize. I remember growing up thinking, "Jeez, he ...

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I don’t like play dates. Never, ever have they been my thing. Mostly, I don’t enjoy being around other kids. Or their parents. Or other kids and their parents. Or just other parents? ...

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For my middle son’s sixth birthday, he received a really cool shirt.

I remember it vividly because when he opened the wrapping paper, he said, in his louder-than-should-be-possible-kid-voice, “AWESOME! My first new shirt.”

All of the parents in the room turned their judgy eyes on me. I stammered about how he was ...

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It’s okay to cry.

Truer words have never been spoken and, as a mom of boys, one of my least favorite phrases has always been: boys don’t cry.

The statement is not only terribly unfair, but also grossly inaccurate.

Because, guess what; boys do cry. And they should be allowed to. Without being made to feel like ...

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Family photo season is quickly approaching.

As a professional photographer in my not-online-life here are some tips that I hope help you as you and your family make time to smile pretty for the camera.

Picking a Family Photographer

1. Set a budget. Remember how when you’re planning your wedding, it was so easy ...

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