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leftover halloween candy

Halloween is capping off the week, and if you're still struggling to costume your kiddo (shame on you; although, I can't really talk), we've got you covered with some last-minute costume ideas.

Once that's squared away, though, it's time to think of what's to be done with all of that candy.

Sure, all of the yummy chunks will get in your belly, for safety purposes, of course, but after you parcel out a couple of handfuls for your kids, chances are you will have a bunch of the ...

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halloween costume DIY last minute

Halloween will be hitting the streets in T-minus eight days.

Are you ready?

Probably not, because, ugh, Halloween, with the indecisiveness and the Mommy-I-wanna-be-all-of-the-things and the $40 price tag for a cape.

Here are some super easy DIY costume ideas for Dudes (or non-Dudes!) in case you're like me and you need them.

Nacho Libre. He is our hero. Plus, the cape is made from felt, the mask was dug out of our toy box, and the boots are for rainy days. The only ...

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how to use pumpkin

When you think of fall, you probably think cooler temps, earlier sunsets, changing leaves, Halloween, and pumpkins.

I love the cooling off of fall, I'm good with getting The Dudes in bed earlier, I have offspring to rake my leaves, and Halloween is my favorite holiday.

But, pumpkins?


They're a mess to carve and I hate pumpkin pies, passionately. I swore off of pumpkin flavored things in the 8th grade and haven't looked back.

Until I got this pumpkin ...

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moms want sons to learn about being men

Raising sons is mostly about fun and being OK with really bad smells, but it's also about helping these dirty-handed dudes grow into spectacular men.

Trustworthy, hardworking, compassionate, intelligent men (who are also crazy good looking and funny, too) who can lead happy, independent lives. And if one of these men so desires, he can find a really wonderful (and by wonderful, I mean open to mother-in-law sleepovers) woman to marry and make lady babies with.

I asked some of my ...

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dudemomlife ef

Aside from all of the farts, of course.

As much as I'm down with the DudeMom life, there are times when I wish my lovely lady lumps weren't the only ones in residence.

Here are a few not too awesome elements of being the only girl in a house full of Dudes.

The only time they get excited about glitter is when a piece of it gets stuck in their eyes.

There's no one to celebrate a BOGO sale at the shoe store with.

Just once, it would be awesome if someone would ...

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When it comes to being the lady of the house, the only competition I have comes from the four-legged diva we adopted three years ago.

While most of my life as a DudeMom has been spent learning to navigate the grimy boy-infested waters, I've decided that being the lady of the house has its definite perks. Here are my top 10 reasons raising boys as the only chick in the house is sort of amazing ...

10 Things I Love About Being the Only Girl in the House

They call me the ...

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I was pregnant with my oldest son on September 11, 2001.

It’s one of those days that every American adult seems to have a story about. Most of us can easily recount what we were doing when we heard, how we found out, who we talked to first, who we lost.

It’s a piece of our history that is still difficult to talk about. But giving voice to the events and the emotions surrounding it is important, and sometimes, that voice will be heard by our children.

As a mother to a ...

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Super hero room DIY

The Dudes are obsessed with super heroes.

I know, totally cliche: little boys who like super heroes, big surprise.

But, whatever, they are fans of all things Marvel (and, to be fair, many things DC too) at the moment.

I think it's awesome because it's still such a boyish thing to love. And I fully support anything that keeps them young and childlike.

Plus I love coming downstairs to one (or all) of them clad in a super get up of some sort. It reminds me that, even ...

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dude mom life

It's hard to describe to moms without sons what raising a son is truly like.

It's different they all agree, because boys are just, um, different.

Plus, the whole never having been one is sort of a thing! I will never understand their I-have-to-touch-it-constantly-so-it-doesn't-fall-off-penis-obsession, and I don't think farts are THAT funny, or know why peeing outside is so fascinating, and mostly I hate roughhousing; I usually wind up hurt.

I asked some of my Dude Mom ...

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bucket list

I've never been a huge fan of the bucket list.

I mean, I’m all for dreaming and planning and setting goals, I just don’t like my due date to be the same as my expiration date. It seems morbid, and um, I don’t know, rushed somehow.

I decided, however, that I did want to take a moment to see what types of things my Dudes dream about when it comes to the rest of their lives.

Where do they seem themselves in 20 years? What do they want to be when they grow up? What sorts ...

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