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Facebook is one of those things: you hate it, even though you love it, even though, really, you kinda hate it.

If you don’t have a Facebook page, people are always telling you to get one, and if you do, people are always telling you all the reasons you shouldn’t.

Personally, Facebook is my jam. It's a network I enjoy connecting with people on, and one I need to run my business effectively. But I love it hard, and I hate it ...

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car rider line text

Kindergarten registration for the next school year is already underway in many communities.

Schools have to prepare well in advance to welcome the new little bodies into the building, almost as much as the parents who are going to be saying their teary-eyed goodbyes come next fall.

Moms have a lot of prep work to do.

You have to buy school supplies and school clothing. You have to fill out a ton of paperwork and make sure your child has all of their shots. But you ...

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social mom idols

Lots of bloggers have niches, or categories, they fit into nicely.

There are crafting bloggers and food bloggers, mama bloggers and daddy bloggers, fashion bloggers, tech bloggers, and even bloggers who talk about nothing but blogging.

Me? I’m what you’d call a lifestyle blogger, which boiled down means I don't have a niche to call my own.

I blog about my life. And being awesome. Which is basically code for awkward, but trying ...

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sahm life

I knew I wanted to be a mom from the moment I adopted my first Cabbage Patch Kid. (Her name was Eunice, then I changed it to Tabitha. I still have her).

After spending just a few months with DudeDad (calm down, we were actually together for three years before we did the whole starting-a-life-together-officially thing), I knew he was the guy I’d like to go half on a baby with. Just later—like after we had a house and a savings and a bunch of other stuff we didn’t have crammed ...

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team sports kids

For some of us, the day we strap on our kid’s first pair of shin guards and pull those super long socks up to his thighs to send him out onto the soccer field is like the day he took his first steps, or said his first word, or first used his pincer grasp to pick up a Cheerio. 

First sport = developmental milestone.

You just knew from the moment he (or she) came tumbling into your world that he was born to make you a sideline mom. Also, soccer ball cupcakes are so your ...

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instagram for kids text

You love Instagram.

Posting pics of your little one. Following that chick with the cuddle monster, sleeping baby, and puppy. Seeing what Jay and Bey are up to. (OK, maybe that last one is just me.)

It’s fun, right?

Well, guess what? Before long, your kids will be on their way to tweendom, and they will discover Instagram (along with all of their friends) and think it is pretty fun, too.

For me, it didn’t happen until my son reached middle school. But for ...

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social mom idols

It’s 2014 (How is it already 2014? I remember the 90s!), and mamas are more social than ever before.

We’re on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. We’re Tumbling and Stumbling and pinning and blogging with the best of them. Name a platform, and I guarantee you that in-the-know, on-the-go moms are on it and rocking it.

In an effort to introduce you to as many of these amazingly talented, mad funny, crazy well-dressed mamas out there, I am bringing you a new monthly ...

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things nanny wishes you knew

In an effort to be more gainfully employed once my children went back to school, I took a job as a nanny.

It wasn’t my first go round the nanny pen; I spent time as one in college too.

And I've found, even after adding motherhood to my resume, not much has changed about the job, aside from the pay.  When I was a nanny in the 90s, I was lucky to bring home $20 for the day; now that’s what people are making in an hour, at least!

Other ...

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I don’t like play dates. Never, ever have they been my thing. Mostly, I don’t enjoy being around other kids. Or their parents. Or other kids and their parents. Or just other parents? ...

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valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, if you’re anything like me, you plan to spend it on your couch, surrounded by kids, in your fleecy pants.

Totally cool.

As commercial as V-Day has come to be, I like to encourage families to not necessarily focus on that element, but to also not ignore it entirely.  It’s the perfect opportunity to remember that you have to teach your children about love; how to give it and how to appreciate it when you receive ...

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