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I was pregnant with my oldest son on September 11, 2001.

It’s one of those days that every American adult seems to have a story about. Most of us can easily recount what we were doing when we heard, how we found out, who we talked to first, who we lost.

It’s a piece of our history that is still difficult to talk about. But giving voice to the events and the emotions surrounding it is important, and sometimes, that voice will be heard by our children.

As a mother to a ...

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Super hero room DIY

The Dudes are obsessed with super heroes.

I know, totally cliche: little boys who like super heroes, big surprise.

But, whatever, they are fans of all things Marvel (and, to be fair, many things DC too) at the moment.

I think it's awesome because it's still such a boyish thing to love. And I fully support anything that keeps them young and childlike.

Plus I love coming downstairs to one (or all) of them clad in a super get up of some sort. It reminds me that, even ...

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dude mom life

It's hard to describe to moms without sons what raising a son is truly like.

It's different they all agree, because boys are just, um, different.

Plus, the whole never having been one is sort of a thing! I will never understand their I-have-to-touch-it-constantly-so-it-doesn't-fall-off-penis-obsession, and I don't think farts are THAT funny, or know why peeing outside is so fascinating, and mostly I hate roughhousing; I usually wind up hurt.

I asked some of my Dude Mom ...

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bucket list

I've never been a huge fan of the bucket list.

I mean, I’m all for dreaming and planning and setting goals, I just don’t like my due date to be the same as my expiration date. It seems morbid, and um, I don’t know, rushed somehow.

I decided, however, that I did want to take a moment to see what types of things my Dudes dream about when it comes to the rest of their lives.

Where do they seem themselves in 20 years? What do they want to be when they grow up? What sorts ...

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best gift ideas for boys

Surrounded by girl kids and not sure what to get your friend's soon-to-be 12-year-old for his birthday? Or maybe you're a baby-less lady who has a new nephew turning one, or eight, or holy-how-old-is-that-kid-and-why-is-he-so-hard-to-shop-for?!

Don't worry, Girl. I got you.

1. Cool Shirts. Face it. Baby kids don't especially care what they wear, but if you have a hip parent you want to give a kid gift to, there are a couple of kid shops I recommend. They're hardcore enough for ...

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social mom idols

As any awesome mom can tell you, active kids are happy kids. But, after weeks and weeks and weeks of summer your brain may be hitting a wall when it comes to creative-activity-your-kids-can-do-without-spending-hours-on-Pinterest.

Pinterest isn't your only awesome mom avenue. Besides, the chocolate chip cookie recipes are so distracting.

Here are some awesome moms online who help keep kids busy ... smiling!

Where Imagination Grows

Perfect for: Toddler-Preschool ...

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kid on table

Stitches, contusions, broken bones, cuts, bruises, and even ambulance rides--we've had it all in this house.

In fact, the guy at urgent care in charge of sewing up human parts knows my Dudes by name.

I guess Dudes are just rough like that.

Strangely, we can match the number of outdoor injuries to the number of those that have occurred inside.

I've thought it out and have come to the conclusion that a) my children have little to no respect for my house or my stuff ...

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kid ipad

I'm not old.

But, sometimes I feel like it.

Not because chasing after my kids exhausts me or because I don't get the lyrics to half of the songs on the radio, but because my kids live such different lives than I did at their age.

Everything is just so different.

I'd love it if they could go back in time to like, um, 1992, and deal with only having a few TV channels, a rotary phone, and cassette tapes.

They'd be so confused.

In fact, here are 5 things I ...

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social mom idols

Last year I became a special needs mom.

At that point in my life, when everything was spiraling out of control, I was serching frantically for information and support, online and in my community.

Blogs, written by moms who had been where I was (and still am many days), were a huge help.

Here are five special needs mom bloggers you should check out now.

Love That Max.

Honestly I discovered Love that Max well before I was navigating the special needs waters for my ...

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sick kids

I am a firm believer in the five-second rule.

Call me icky if you must, but if my Dudes drop a fruit snack on the ground, and it's not snatched up by the dog within five seconds, I consider it fair game to go back into their own bellies -- I find it less scary than anything my kids could pick up at the pediatrician's office.

There's an irony to the fact that the place you take children for their healthcare can be a serious germ factory. 

Here are five tips to follow when ...

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