9 year-old Gives Birth to a Baby in Mexico

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baby foot in handA 9-year-old girl, Dafne, from just outside of Guadalajara, Mexico has given birth to her own baby girl. The baby came into the world January 27th, weighing 5 pounds and 7ounces via C-section due to the mother’s size and age. Dafne was 8-years-old when she got pregnant by a, now, 17-year-old boy.

The authorities are searching for the father because they believe that the girl was raped or abused but the girl’s mother didn’t report the pregnancy to the police because she doesn’t think it’s a crime. Dafne claims that she and the father of her baby are involved in a relationship together. She loves him. They were a couple.

Oddly enough, the boy didn’t know that the girl was pregnant until she did, when she was 7 months pregnant because why would a 9-year-old have any understanding of what a pregnancy feels like? He asked her to move in with him. She said no. He left town. This shows you the level of maturity involved with these children who made this baby.

At 9-years-old, little girls should still be playing with dolls. My oldest daughter is almost 8 and how pregnancy happens is not something that has even been discussed. We’ve not even gotten around to discussing menstruation. She’s not near puberty. She’s still a child; who looks like a child, acts like a child and has the mentality of a child. Boys are not something that my daughter is interested in and sex is not even a blip on the radar.

My daughter knows that no one is supposed to touch her private parts. She knows that babies come from mommies and daddies, after they are married which is something you do after finishing grad school. She knows that girls have vaginas and boys have penises and those are our private parts.

What I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around is how this girl’s parents, her mother at least, condoned this relationship? Dafne is her little girl. How could she allow an almost grown man to violate her? The mother didn’t even think a crime had been committed. How can she not understand that this is not a consenting relationship because her child is too young to know the difference between loving a man and loving a stuffed animal? This is molestation pure and simple and I think her mother should be put in jail for letting it happen. She failed Dafne as a mother. She did not protect her from her predator.

I understand this is a country with different customs and things are different there. In fact, my father grew up about 2 hours east of Guadalajara. I spent my summers there as a child. I know this area well. It’s not the touristy area that most Americans know of Mexico. It is a very different mentality. My Grandmother got pregnant and married when she was 13. This was in the 1940’s but it wasn’t a crime. No cops were called. She went on to have 8 more children. This is what happened to poor girls; they became mothers. They left their father’s home and became mothers.

I am sad for Dafne and her child. She is too young to be a mother, which means her child will be cheated out of a decent upbringing. Dafne’s life is stalled. She will be this child’s mother forever and because of her belief that this is all okay and her parents allowing this to happen, this will happen again to her.

Dafne and her child have left the safety of the hospital. Before she left the hospital, she was counseled and given a subdermal implant to protect her from becoming pregnant again. The question is who is going to protect Dafne from being violated? Who is going to protect her child from being raised by a child?

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What do you think? 9 year-old Gives Birth to a Baby in Mexico

Deborah CruzAuthor

Deborah Cruz, @TruthfulMommy, is the creator of The TRUTH about Motherhood, an often humorous and brutally honest look at motherhood. She's a writer, a wife, and a work-at-home Mommy who's trying to do it all well. She live in the Midwest with her 2 little girls and her husband. She has a lot of degrees from a bunch of schools but mostly spends her days shuttling people under the age of 7, whi ... More

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  1. Avatar of jasmine jasmine says:

    It i was her age i wouldn’t have no skin R/S tho, if my daughter would did that @ that ages i would loss my mind probably,as for the boy i would been on action news for kill sum one else kid R/S tho, i can’t deal withl this topic it unbelievable that u let your child have sex @ this age as a mother, nd plus u know she have her period that young so u can’t lie nd said idk, sum ppl just not meant to be parents as u can see smh, this is so sad, on that note nomore kids for u R/S tho, god bless u little girl i wish u nun but the best it going be hard but only god can judge, so put u big girl underwear on, as to u mother she still loss in the sauce R/S tho, she really need to get her life, on that note im out peace!

  2. Avatar of Tiffany Tiffany says:

    This just pushed all the wrong buttons. I hardly ever swear but this got me mad as hell. Poor excuse for a mother………….. I’m very upset

  3. Avatar of Alyssa Alyssa says:

    the fact that this little girl had a child is due to the lack of law enforcement in Mexico. Children are victims of sexual abuse, and these perpetrators are almost never punished for their very wrong doings. its sickening honestly that this little girl has to go threw something like this.

  4. Avatar of Haley Haley says:

    Personally, I didn’t even realize that a child that age could be pregnant. I thought you had to have a period. I feel like her child should be taken and put up for adoption so they will not be raised by a child at that age. Her mother should be locked up for life for letting something like that happen to her baby girl!

  5. Avatar of tamie tamie says:

    I fully agree that children both boys and girls should start being taught about there bodys and what is proper and where things should take place and the truth about sex at a level the child can understand for there age the more sex is keep as a secret or as tabo or a bad thing the more kids want to learn about it and they are so much better off learning it at home than on the school bus or play ground

  6. Avatar of Tahkaney Tahkaney says:

    I agree with Brittany. I knew understood a lot of things before Dafne’s age. I know I would have a problem with such an age gap between kids being “in a relationship” (let’s be real, even adults are still trying to figure out what it means to be in one) but I personally think it’s important to not shelter your kids from knowing about the consequences of certain actions and how serious those actions are. I personally don’t approve of keeping children in the dark about the reality of the world around them (which includes that not everyone is married and has a masters degree before having a family) when it comes to this stuff. My mom drilled me, did I particularly want to listen to her all the time, no, but I was prepared when my menstrual period came. If your daughter gets it early, I think the responsible thing to do is have those types of important conversations.

    At the end of the day, this is a sad story, but not everyone has a conventional life. I want to know how the mother didn’t realize Dafne was pregnant. I don’t approve of her mothering skills, but just because Dafne is young doesn’t mean her life is over and there’s no hope for her child as well. All we can do is pray because finger pointing gets nowhere.

  7. Avatar of Brittany Brittany says:

    I’m sorry but you can judge her parents you don’t even know if they knew. Some people also mature faster so you don’t know her mentality. You should say they baby needs to be protected for being raised by a child. I believe the baby should be with the mother no matter the age. Just because your child is not mature you shouldn’t judge other kids. I understood all of that at a younger age than Dafne. I just chose to not let anyone mess with me and also hadn’t started at that age. Cultures are different so get over it.

    • Avatar of mamaZ mamaZ says:

      This is upsetting, horrible, and heartbreaking!

      I have seen/known young girls becoming mothers at young age, youngest ever being 13!
      Although you may be right about everyone’s mental age/mentality is different, no 8 year old can fully mother a child and the example she has to follow is her mother.
      Your defense for the Dafne, I hear where you’re coming from; but the mother, she had to know after all shes obviously carried and birthed a child before. And although it might have been well after becoming pregnant, responsibility as a parent is to nurture and *protect*.

    • Avatar of mamaZ mamaZ says:

      are you a mommy?!?
      This is heartbreaking! Upsetting.

    • Avatar of Kim Kim says:

      Umm it says in the article that Dafnes mother didn’t report the pregnancy to the police because she didn’t think it was a crime… Hello!!! She was EIGHT, that is psychotic to think it’s okay no
      Matter the culture! Just because it’s a different culture doesn’t mean that rape/molestation is socially acceptable, that is offensive of you to even insinuate. Also, I don’t know what world
      You live in that 8year olds are sexually active. I didn’t even French kiss a Boy until I was a teenager. 8 is too young to be left alone with a 16-17 yr old boy too. How is that ok??? My parents would never allow me to be around a boy that wasn’t family alone. And you’re getting on the writer for judging… But you’re judging her..and saying her child is immature because she’s not a sexually active child?!?! I am seriously flabbergasted at what your “norms” are. The end!

  8. Avatar of Destiny Destiny says:

    I feel so bad for her(Dafne). Her whole life has been compromised by the one women who is suppose to protect her in life.

  9. Avatar of nene nene says:

    Sooo saddd…

  10. Avatar of Melissa Melissa says:

    You know the mom probably went through an early abuse as well. She was probably told that it was fine, and that nothing was wrong with it as a child. It’s outrageous that it happened, and i really feel for those 2 little girls, but sometimes kids can’t just live with their parents, sometimes they have to survive them instead. I hope those two little girls can get out of their and overcome this awfulness. I’m just glad she refused to move in with that boy.

  11. Avatar of Theresa Theresa says:

    This is unreal, how can any mother let this happen. My daughter is 3 and I would have a major cow if this happened to her. The cops wouldn’t have to worry about arrested the guy because they would be putting me in jail instead for killing him.

  12. Avatar of Caitlyn Caitlyn says:

    My 9 year old is in 2nd grade!!!! I cannot believe a child of that age having a baby a child that can hardly read and write and one that still cannot even write cursive or multiply very well or divide or know anything about history or much about writing even a proper paper. That is terribly sad. I do know a girl who had a child at around 13 and her parents took the child as their own. The daughter went on with her life and her daughter thinks that she is her sister. That is also strange to me but they are trying to make things work without giving up a life.

  13. Avatar of m71727 m71727 says:

    I think that this story is truly sad but I guess I don’t really understand the culture either maybe the boy will come back or maybe the mother will help the girl raise her child. To me it is just sad that she lost her childhood at such a young age. Like you said she should still be playing with dolls and having fun not taking care of a baby how can we expect her to raise her baby when she is still someone’s little girl poor girls god guide them and protect them from the evils in this world!

  14. Although I agree with the 9 years old being too young to give birth for the obvious medical reasons I don’t think that putting a belief in a child’s mind that people get married before they have children. I have friends who can never get married because of various reasons and yet have strong powerful relationships with their significant other and children.

    I am now pregnant with my first child and am not married and I’m still an undergrad, my fiance just graduated high school, we have a strong relationship and are ready to become parents, we have both raised children when we were children, me taking care of an infant, 2 toddlers and an adolescent at the age of 13 while still maintaining my grades.
    although this pregnancy is not planned we are taking it on head first because we were brought up with the knowledge and experience through our parents failings.
    You have the right to raise your child the way you want as we all do but try to keep one minded view points out of a story about a young girl who was violated and birthed a child because of the noneducational viewpoints of her mother.

    • Avatar of plautz8 plautz8 says:

      We have told our children growing up that they should wait until marriage before having children and to wait for marriage before having sex. Our entire relation of brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles has raised their children the same way for generations. Millions of Americans do. The research shows that a married couple is the most stable environment for children. That is why we have marriage in the US besides the religious reasons. I have lived together in a relationship when I was young without marriage and I was free to leave at any time and I did without having any children.. But when I made the commitment of marriage there was no way I was going to split. We became Christians and I see no reason not to teach our children what God expects of them. I also see no reason for the writer of this article not to express her beliefs either. We live in a society with the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. It seems you were offended by that one sentence in the entire article and focused on that because you are not married. If you and your partner are happy and content then you shouldn’t feel threatened by the writer’s statement about having children after marriage.. She should be able to express her views just like you expressed yours in your response. I also do not understand your statement about friends who can never be married. There is nothing preventing anyone from marrying the person they love/live with unless they are too close such as brother or sister or maybe in trouble with the law .Otherwise, most reasons for not marrying are usually excuses. It doesn’t cost much for a marriage license at the local courthouse to solidify the bond between you and your partner. That choice is up to you. But please don’t try to stifle the beliefs that others hold dear.

      • I feel threatened in no way and was NOT trying to stifle anyone’s belief.
        Certain people can lose health insurance/income if they were to get married, this is strongly the case with my friend who is Autistic and schizophrenic, she is in a loving relationship and can not work due to her conditions. Her income would be discontinued along with her health insurance if she was to get married.
        You seem to want to stifle my beliefs by putting argument towards everything I stated, which i do not understand such hypocrisy. I CHOSE not to get married, since I do not see why a piece of paper or a recognition to our government should be the only reason why you stay with someone. As you state before you were married you were free to leave at anytime. In marriage you are free to leave at anytime also, unless you have religious beliefs against this.
        I find no desire to leave my relationship, before having a child and now being pregnant still have no desire. I have a stable, loyal, loving relationship without needing to have the paperwork to prove it.
        If you read what I wrote at all you would see that I stated I was not saying anyone was wrong or right for raising their children a certain way.
        The “research” you are talking about is False. It has been proven time and time again through, Statistics, and Psychological study that children raised by a single parent, same sex parent, or multiple parents are JUST as safe and stable as children raised by two parent house holds.

      • Avatar of Jessica Jessica says:

        She wasn’t trying to stifle their beliefs. As about marriage, me and my fiance aren’t married, yet having a child has brought us even closer together. We plan on getting married but not because we have a baby, but because we want to do it for ourselves.

  15. Avatar of TaKeisha TaKeisha says:

    Things of this nature is common in countries such as Mexico.

    • Avatar of elizabeth elizabeth says:

      come on not only in México, this happen all over the world, I am Mexican and I didn’t had a baby until now that I am 29
      see at that age its so easy to believe every thing a boy says, and maybe she was told that he loved her, but its sad to know that, she may not count with the baby father

  16. Avatar of Mary Anne Mary Anne says:

    In most poor countries, most families live in 1 room. Cooking, washing, eating etc plus sleeping and parents having sex all happen under the 1 roof with every member present. Children learn about life and its expectations from an early age. They all know their place in the home and outside it. Lack of education, especially for girls, leaves them disempowered. Their way of life will depend on their father or husband, and will have to endure it all, good and bad. Then there are those hopeless cases one hears about of girls being sold by older family members to pay off debts. I thank God every day that I was born a Western woman.

  17. Avatar of Jennifer Jennifer says:

    What is the world coming too?? That is crazy i do not understand how a mother could not want to report her nine year old daughter being pregnant. How could she see nothing wrong with a nine year old having sex let alone getting pregnant. I don’t care what culture of what country it is in, THAT IS JUST PLAIN WRONG. Children SHOULD NOT be having children.

  18. Avatar of Melanie Melanie says:

    We have to remember This happened in a different area of the world. These things happen in many countries. What Americans think is child abuse is just a fact of growing up in other places. Anyone who thinks a child of this age 8, is capable of raising a child here would be wrong by our standards. But this child has probably been helping take care of her siblings from a young age. She probably knows how to do what needs to be done as for as feeding, diapering, and caring for a small child. I was part of a family with 7 children. As each new child was introduced to the older children, my parents would tell one of the older children that we was responsible for helping take care of the littlest one. We knew how to diaper our dolls and feed them a bottle. It didn’t take much to change that doll for our sibling. We are a close knit family which may be in part because of how we were raised. Not too many years ago, children were expected to help out in most parts of family life. I and my sisters could cook a complete dinner by the time we were 10 years old. Would you have your 10 year old cook for you. When my parents were detained past dinner time, we were expected to be sure the family at home had something to eat. My mother never had to ask anyone to stay with us full time just because she was going to be away from the house for a while. She would have a neighbor check on us a couple times a day but not to stay.
    one another note, if you have not started talking to your daughter about the boys, girls and sex by this age you need to get on the ball. I am raising 3 girls (nieces) who are all cousins. the two younger ones are sisters. The first one started her period at 9 years and 5 months, the second at 13 years 2 months. The youngest is 9 and already developing breast so she will start sooner than her older sister. I have another niece who started at 11 years old. Children, especially girls, are developing at younger ages than ever before. I also know of a whole class of 6th graders who decided at a friends birthday party to all get naked and have sex with each other. The parent had run to the store to get some ice cream and was taking longer than expected. She got home and walked into the by then well started party of nude children. The explanation given by the children was that they wanted to find out what sex was about. Children see sexual type things on television, hear about it from friends and siblings and in advertising. Please take the time to sit down and talk to your child long before you would think you need to. Better to be early than too late. You might just be surprised by what they think they already know. You can give your child the level of explanation you think they can handle while being open to helping them understand the myths they will encounter from others. Good luck! I am the 60 year old mother of 3, grandmother of 6,and great grandmother of 1 with 2 more due before June.

  19. Avatar of Brenda Brenda says:

    I know it’s messed up of the mother but remember we all live in different places you can’t compare it’s just the way the people think there I know because I’m Mexican and my grandmas father sold her to a man around 10 years old and had my father around 14 it’s just how it is can’t do nothing about it

  20. Avatar of Kayla Kayla says:

    Oh. My. Gosh….

  21. Avatar of Samantha Samantha says:

    I can’t even believe this stuff. Really, getting pregnant at 8 years old? I was playing Barbies and worried about what I want to eat. SMH

  22. Avatar of Marlene Marlene says:

    I think who ever wrote this should keep there opinion tp them selves and should not compair to there daughter

  23. Avatar of Astrid Astrid says:

    I agree that this situation is ridiculous. From the mother’s point of view though, you must understand that in many cultures, a girl is considered a woman when she begins menstruating. It does not matter how many years she has been on this earth. Older men are also considered something of a blessing because it is viewed that they would be able to better care for the female. That being said, this is 2013 and to still have this mentality in an area that is not completely isolated is a bit of a stretch. How the mother of the little girl did not notice the signs of obvious pregnancy until the girl was 7 months pregnant is beyond me. And in those cultures that believe in my previous statement, it is custom that the man and woman marry or at least co-exist as she is no longer a little girl, but a woman–his woman. But, this whole thing is just sad and off kilter. The nine year old might surprise you on her parenting, (I have known some very mature little girls and boys) but, more than likely the majority of you are correct and this will be a hard life for all of them. In this day in age, the baby will grow up embarrassed probably. Self-conscious and insecure. But. the opposite is just as likely. I’ve seen so many surprising things in this short life that I have lived that I never say anything is for certain. But, just because someone feels something strongly does not make it correct. On either side. Life is not black and white. We live in shades of grey. A 9 year old having sex is very hard to swallow and should probably not be allowed. But this is a tricky issue. In all other species, menstruation signifies maturity and readiness to breed. Many species wait 1 year after the first cycle, but many others do not. We are thinkers and feelers and we have morals and religion and that really changes how we view things. It is never alright to destroy innocence. But we really don’t know if that little girl knows the difference between loving a human being or a stuffed toy. We are not there and definately not in her mind. There is much wrong with this story, but we must also remember that we do not have all of the pieces. Perhaps she chose not to live with the father because she knew he was not mature enough to handle the situation and she needed an adult that could. We don’t know. In the end, we feel how we feel and we judge how we judge. In this case, the majority of you may be correct, but there are too many pieces missing and I’ve seen too much to just judge in horrification too quickly.

  24. Avatar of MARIA MARIA says:

    so scary ,, omg it scars me just to know that no one was there for here she was not given the correct attention or she has seen so much between her parents that when she started with that boy it wasn’t nothing wrong to her … I hope and pray for the best life will continue and soon shell know how to chose a correct path for her self and child ,,, I hope that some one can help her with advise

  25. Avatar of Marisela Marisela says:

    She may be young, but things happen for a reason, and I just wish them a healthy, strong, and great life together. As a mom that she is now, she will know what it feels like to be a mom which is a wonderful thing, but no body can change what happen all we can do is wish them the best.

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