8 Tips for Slumber Party Survival

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    If you have a tween girl, chances are you are planning or still trying to recover from your daughter’s first slumber party. Some of my best memories of childhood are the slumber parties with my best girlfriends, and I want that for my daughter too…but truthfully I never thought about the work and lack of sleep that the parents went through! Yet, I admit that when my daughter asked me for a slumber party to celebrate her 10th birthday, well I wanted to say ‘no’ and offer some more quieter and shorter alternatives. To me it did seem like a lot of work and the thought of 10 screaming 10 year old girls honestly scared me!

    Now that the party is over though, boy am I glad my daughter convinced me that a slumber party was a great idea. Was it busy, and crazy and kind of loud? Well yes. Was it a bit of work? Of course. But honestly, it was pretty easy and super fun, and it was a night that my daughter will never forget.
    What I’m telling you is this – don’t fret about a slumber party. There is a way for you to survive it while your daughter enjoys it. All it takes are a few simple tips to make your tween’s slumber party a huge success!

    (Please note these tips are for young, tween girls in the 9-12 year old range – while some of these tips may work for younger girls, not all will and once they are teenagers I’m sure the rules have changed a bit as well).

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8 Tips for Slumber Party Survival

Tracy Morrison is a work-at-home mom to three daughters. After spending 15 years in the corporate marketing and sales world while traveling the world, she decided she was up to a bigger challenge and her children now fill her days with love, challenges, laughter and humility. Tracy started her personal blog Sellabit Mum in 2008 to document the lighter side of her parenting journey. She also works in the fashion industry and is a contribut ... More

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  1. Profile photo of Alison LeeAuthor Alison Lee says:

    Great tips, Tracy! I love the planning for the next day, clever.