6 Biggest Myths about Infertility


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    When my husband and I decided to finally go ahead with trying to conceive our 4th child after a year debate and weighing the pros and cons, I was sure it wouldn’t take too long. In the past, the longest it had taken us to achieve pregnancy was 4 months – with our real struggle in becoming parents was to stay pregnant. As the months went on and I wasn’t yet pregnant with our fourth child, I began to worry. Sure enough I was diagnosed with secondary infertility at age 31 after only 5 months of trying. And that started our 14 month battle with infertility.

    There are a lot of myths surrounding infertility – partly because we likely don’t think about it unless it becomes an issue in our own lives and also because such a personal issue is not always talked about.

    Here are 6 of the biggest common myths about infertility, along with the truths:

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6 Biggest Myths about Infertility

Devan McGuinness is the founder of the online resource Unspoken Grief, which is dedicated to breaking the silence of perinatal grief for those directly and indirectly affected by miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death. Using her own experience of surviving 12 miscarriages, Devan has been actively supporting and encouraging others who are wading through the challenges associated with perinatal and neonatal loss. Winner of the 2012 Bloganthropy Award ... More

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  1. Profile photo of Jeni Jeni says:

    I had a boy & girl 2.5 yrs apart with no problems at all. I wanted my next one to be 2.5 from my little girl. We never planned our kids but never prevented having children either. I knew that there was something wrong when my little girl turned 3 & we still werent pregnant. I went to my OB & found out my insulin was 35 & its only supposed to be 10. I would not get pregnant with my insulin being high. She prescribed 1000 mg per day of Metformin for 2 weeks, then 2000 per day for 2.5 months. I was getting sick just taking the 1000 mg per day so I stopped talking it. Went to our regular doctor, & she got to the bottom of things. I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which was keeping me from getting pregnant. She sent me on to and endocrinologist, & she put me of Metformin ER 500 mg per day. In 4 months we found out we were expecting our 3rd child!!! My current OB says that they dont understand why but Metformin makes women ovulate & will help with getting you pregnant. Im sure its not the answer for every case of infertility problems, but it helped me. Sometimes just talking to your doctor about different stories of other people or having an idea that maybe the doctor doesnt know about might help. Good luck everyone.