5 Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve When You’re Pregnant

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    I can remember the last crazy New Year’s Eve I had. I was 25 (of course) and I hadn’t met my husband yet. Mexican food at 9 p.m., pink champagne at midnight, multiple bars, and the DD dropping the whole crew off around 4 a.m.

    It’s safe to say my life has changed dramatically in the past eight years. 

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    These days, our New Year’s Eve celebrations are much more laid back. When we rang in 2011, we had to take a nap first, setting the alarm for 10 till midnight and waking up our newborn to celebrate (and just why did we do that?) The last two were so memorable, I don’t even recall what we did, although I do believe it included pajamas and falling asleep soon after the ball dropped. 

    This year, I’m pregnant, so even if there were adult beverages to be imbibed — even if I wasn’t a 30-something married mom who would rather spend any given night in my pajamas than out at the swankiest party — a wild New Year’s Eve is not in the cards for me. That doesn’t mean pregnant ladies can’t have a rockin’ New Year’s Eve. Here are five fun ways to celebrate the new year without feeling left out (I can’t help you if you fall asleep in the middle of the party, though.)


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5 Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve When You’re Pregnant

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  1. Profile photo of Terra Terra says:

    We are just staying home with a few friends and family. I wore myself out for Christmas, I’ll not do the same for New Years!

  2. I love these suggestions. These are realy cute and fun to do

  3. Profile photo of Erin Erin says:

    I plan to be DD for hubby so he can enjoy.

  4. Profile photo of Timothy Timothy says:

    We will probably do the same thing we do EVERY year. STAY HOME ALONE…. But next year MEEKA RENAE will be here will us… Whoooo Hooooooo WE R SOOOOOO HAPPY…..