4 Perfect New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

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    2014 is … here—shockingly, ridiculously, and somewhat suddenly here. On many of our minds are the joys and Heart Wins from the last year, the fun and wonder of the holiday season that just ended, and the tip toe that we’re about to take into the New Year.

    There’s so much possibility and freshness packed into this turn of the calendar. I can feel it in the air. I bet you can, too.

    This morning, I sat in my gym’s yoga studio atop a new, green mat, inside a dim room—lit only by the soft glow of candles and a sky announcing the morning in a blaze of reds and oranges I thought were only claimed by my children’s crayon boxes.

    What we all want is to take care of ourselves in the unique, personal, best ways we know how.

    Our teacher asked us to sit, so we did, heads cocked to the side in wonder. Something new? our in-unison tilt asked.

    Then, she suggested we turn to our neighbors and share our New Year’s resolutions. Talk? we asked in the same collective, perplexed way.

    But she’s lovely and has yet to lead us astray, so we obliged. The room buzzed with mumblings of hopes and dreams of weight loss and miles to run and unplugging and focusing on what’s important.

    Each story was unique, but the thread that ran through them was intact. What we all want is to take care of ourselves in the unique, personal, best ways we know how. 

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    New Year’s resolutions have gotten a bad reputation, but taken in the right way, they’re a wonderful kick start and open door.

    Life Coach with LSS Harmony Sophie Skover, explains, “When making a New Year’s resolution, first think about what the end result will feel like. What thoughts or emotions does it evoke? If this makes you feel bad in any way, readjust this goal by asking yourself, ‘What do I love about this idea? What will the result bring me? What could it be that I am truly trying to create?’ Think deeply about what lies underneath these resolutions. When you get in touch with your true desires, you are closer to understanding what it is you are truly trying to create. The bottom line is that you want to feel empowered, energized, and positive about your New Year’s resolutions.”

    We moms engage in our own balancing acts of holding our family’s wants in one hand and our own in the other. Like you, I’ve tipped and toppled while trying to manage these more often than not, but what I have learned through the years are four resolutions that -when I make them my own – help me find my balance.

    So using Skover’s guidelines, here are four perfect New Year’s resolutions for every mom.

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4 Perfect New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

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  1. Profile photo of Cynthia Cox Cynthia Cox says:

    I believe in setting a resolution, I took the approach a little differently this year. I have decided to make it a goal and set potential due dates while along the way setting dates to see the progress. Having an accountability partner and if it is the whole family that can be involved that would be great.