23 Kids Sexually Abused by Idaho Daycare Worker

joshua ritchieHow well do you know the employees at your child’s daycare? On August 21, childcare worker Joshua Ritchie was arrested and “charged with lewd conduct with a child”; and then he admitted to his crimes: sexually abusing 23 kids between the ages of 5 and 12.

The 23-year-old, who worked at Cornerstone Childcare in Nampa, Idaho, only confessed to investigators after he was caught, because a “5-year-old boy told his parents that Ritchie had sexually abused him.”

Not only did Ritchie work at that daycare, he also worked as a kitchen staff substitute for the Nampa School District and at the Idaho Arts Charter School! He had access to a lot of children; and Canyon County investigators are still fielding calls from numerous parents who are rightly worried and concerned, wondering if their own child may have had contact with Ritchie.

If there wasn’t enough negative media concerning daycares floating around already, now parents can add this additional worry to the list!

When parents decide to enroll their children into a daycare, they are expecting that daycare to care for their child as well as, if not better, than they would themselves. A lot of parents struggle when deciding which childcare method is best for their family. And with all of the questions and concerns one might already have, it seems that it is time – in this wonderful world in which we live – to really consider if the childcare method your family has chosen might be the kind of place where a child could be sexually abused.

Ritchie is currently being held on a $2.5 million bond. (He asked the judge for a bond reduction, but was denied.)


If you have a child in daycare, or know someone with a child in daycare, are you confident in the selected center? Do you feel your child is safe?


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23 Kids Sexually Abused by Idaho Daycare Worker

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  1. Profile photo of Leilah Leilah says:

    The cost of day care alone is enough to make me feel it is not worth it, but this just makes me feel that even if it would be financially beneficial to my family to put my two girls in day care I wouldn’t! My husband and I both had someone try to sexually abuse us as children and we REFUSE to allow that to happen to our babies!. I agree with MichellePattie’s comment. The jerks should have their pelvises mutilated!

  2. This is so sick and very sad!! There is no place in the world for child molesters!! They should be casterated then shot between the eyes cause NO kid should have to endure any kind of pain!! Also they can never be helped so get rid of them!!!!

  3. Profile photo of cece cece says:

    A huge 18 yr old was recently sentenced to 2 years in a juvenile detention facility for raping children in his mother’s Seattle area day care center. His mother had moved from Idaho when he was charged and possibly received a light sentence for the same offense in that state at her day care center. Unbelievable. He will be out. His mother will keep on taking care of children and will allow him to work with her later in life. Watch out for your children and carefully investigate people who will e around them in your absence.

  4. Things just keep getting worse and worse and more and more scary. I am almost sorry I am bringing a poor innocent baby into the world. I can only hope it can better, but I’m not counting on it.

  5. Profile photo of Aiden Aiden says:

    ah! im going back to work the 19th and i deff. want to wait to put aiden in daycare because of sick people like this! When my little brother and i were younger and went to daycare he was like 3-4 yrs.old and he just learned how to potty train he took a number 2 and used too much toilet paper and plugged the toilet. the daycare lady made him take the toilet paper out of the toilet bare handed.. i was just young but when my lil brother came up stairs at the daycare house i just knew somthing was wrong. i will never forget how scared he looked.

  6. Profile photo of first first says:

    that is so sick and sad!

  7. Profile photo of Grandpa-M Grandpa-M says:

    I believe that some people get these types of jobs, (teachers, day care workers, little league coaches…) just for the opertunities they present for pedifiles. It’s a sick world.

  8. Profile photo of Grandpa-M Grandpa-M says:

    I believe that some people get these types of jobs, (teachers, day care workers, little league coaches…) just for he opertunities the present for pedifiles. It’s a sick worls.

  9. Im sorry but it is OBVIOUS this guy has too many problems….He should be deemed a lost cause and executed. method of execution should be up to the parents of these innocent children who will foever be scarred and unable to trust anyone but themselves….half of them will probably end up with severe mental illness and maybe turn to suicide down the line. I think this guy should be held accountable for what MIGHT happen and they seriously need to just kill him now…

  10. Profile photo of Chyla Chyla says:

    The day care is in NO way at fault here. This guy is a sicko… but if he hadn’t ever committed a crime like this and BEEN CAUGHT, there is no way for them to know. It is very likely the daycare had NO clue what was going on. Most people who work in daycare absolutely love and genuinely care about the kiddos they work with. And NO, I don’t work in child care.

  11. Profile photo of KeishaBodies KeishaBodies says:

    Bail, no jail. These people need hard core jail time. Sick people!

  12. Profile photo of Chris Chris says:

    this guy is a idiot who needs to be castrated then have his tungue burned out i feel so sorry for those poor kids

  13. Profile photo of tiffy tiffy says:

    this is why im so reluctant to go back to work. my husband works over night and ive been offered jobs in my field of study but im so afraid to send them to daycare plus we are about to have another little girl. i dont know what to do. im so afraid of someone hurting my kids. its poor supervision and i would probably do something that would land me in jail if i found out someone hurt one of my babies

  14. Profile photo of LBM9410 LBM9410 says:

    This is why im a stay at home mom! WAY WAY WAY to many stories about daycares that just scare the hell out of me. I get all daycares arent like that but hell it seems like alot of them are and you never know so im no ttaking the chance of something happening to my son. Im just glad they caught this creep before he hurt any other little kids and scared them for life!!

  15. These poor kids! People can be so evil it just disgusts me!

  16. Profile photo of DannyandAlli DannyandAlli says:

    this is why my children will never be in daycare. no it’s not the daycare’s fault, but you just can’t trust anyone alone with your child. i would rather broke and happy and know that my children are safe, than have money but be worried about my children all the time.

  17. Profile photo of Adwd1229 Adwd1229 says:

    Some men can be very good child care providers.

  18. Profile photo of Luisa Luisa says:

    Parents nowadays need to be more inquisitive before they enroll their children in a daycare. There are too many sickos out there in this world. Parents should be on the alert with their kids to see if they change in some way when enrolled in a daycare or other schools. Are they fussy or scared or angry all the time now. Ask them questions and better yet talk to them in a way they can understand that they should tell if someone touches them inappropriately. Be watchful parents.

  19. Profile photo of Ale Ale says:

    Why would they even have a guy working as a babysitter ?

  20. Profile photo of vicki vicki says:

    It is so scary that you cannot even trust day care with your children any more. Very sad

  21. Profile photo of Christy Christy says:

    This is sad I was abused so I know what they are going throw. But now nobody else will get hurt!

  22. Profile photo of emi285 emi285 says:

    My son as in daycare when he was an infant. Other than that I keep them home. It’s not because of things like this (although I would worry) it’s just because I have been lucky enough to be a stay at home mother. It’s sad to me that things like this go on in the world :/

  23. Profile photo of KWRAY KWRAY says:

    I worked in a daycare and they didn’t hire men. It’s not sexist at all. Men make up the majority of sex offenders so it’s precautionary. When kids are involved you can’t be too cautious.

  24. Profile photo of Jeressia Jeressia says:

    This is very sad my heart goes out to the children and their
    parents …….then he has the nerves to ask for a reduction in his bond!!??!? Really!!!!!!!

  25. Profile photo of FeliChaz FeliChaz says:

    What a sick man!!! poor babies!