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Just over one year ago, I was in the hospital holding my fourth full term baby, a tiny little boy who weighed just slightly over six pounds. After the struggles we had to get pregnant and the scary pregnancy itself, I can't even put into words how it felt to have him in my arms - safe.

I am shocked to say that just a few days ago, we celebrated his first birthday. One whole year has gone by with four kids, getting to know this new little person, and our family feels complete. It's been ...

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As the new year is just around the corner, you might be tempted to claim goals, to-dos, and wants. But we want you to take a breath -or two- and make time for those things that may not be "productive" but that make life a whole lot sweeter. Ten fabulous women share exactly what they'll be making time for in 2015. ...

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When people see me out and about in public with my four young kids, or when it comes up in casual conversation how many children I have and their ages (6, 4, 2, and four months), I will get one of two responses:

1) Wow! You know what causes that, right? [hearty chuckle]


2) Wow! You've got your hands full, don't you? 

There are all kinds of articles written in response to this oft-uttered phrase to parents. Heck, there are even actual blogs with the title because ...

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Holiday Gifts from Kitchen Collage

Homemade holiday gifts from your kitchen are a great way to stretch the holiday budget and give a gift from the heart. These 10 holiday gifts from your kitchen are simple to make, easy to prepare in bulk for gift gifting, and make great gifts for teachers, babysitters, coaches, and co-workers.

Butterscotch Sauce

Made from just five ingredients, on a stove top, in 20 minutes, this homemade butterscotch sauce is delicious!

Homemade Vanilla Extract

All it takes is ...

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Growing up, I never had anyone in the same class with my same name. Actually, my whole school experience, from grade school through college I never experienced the issue of being called by my first name and last initial. Devan is not only unusual, but more so for a female and with a unique spelling as well, I have never had to worry about being confused with someone else.

I love unique names - all my children have then and it's partly because of my own experience growing up as a Devan. ...

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christmas in the classroom hanukkah kwanzaa holidays

‘Tis the season ... that every parent from a non-Christmas celebrating family learns to dread. 

Everywhere you turn you are inundated with signs of Christmas. The stores/restaurants/doctor offices have endless displays of Christmas decorations and toys. The radios play Christmas music ad nauseum. Even in the schools the signs of Christmas are everywhere. 

Before you go calling me the Grinch, I love Christmas. It’s a joyous time of year, where despite the winter chill people ...

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5 Best Apps To Capture Baby's First Year Main

There are four pictures of me when I was a baby. I suspect it was the third-child syndrome, but it was also 1976 -- before the existence of smartphones, the Internet, Instagram, and a myriad of other photo and memory-capturing apps.

As mothers in this tech-riddled time, we really have no excuse to miss out on capturing all those lovely, big, and small moments of our baby's first year. However, we have another problem: How do we keep ...

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The holiday season is full of reasons to smile. The lights are bright and cheery. Candy is everywhere. Kids sing happy tunes and craft adorable projects at school. Yes, the world feels just a little bit brighter during the holiday season. But if you take a closer look, the world also seems a little bit more stressed.

Patience wears thin. Cars drive a little faster. Lines seem a little longer. To-do lists feel never ending, and commitments seem to pop up every weekend. The holiday ...

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From the moment I see those two tiny lines on a pregnancy test, I start a mental countdown in my head.

Nine months until baby. How many weeks until morning sickness ends? How many minutes until labor?

It's a journey that can seem to last forever and yet fly by in the blink of an eye. Here are the milestones that you need to know about along the way.

By the time you miss your period and take your pregnancy test, you are already considered four weeks pregnant, but your baby ...

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best gifts for fathers that dad might actually like

They act happy because they know you spent half of the week working on them with your kids, but those dad favor coupons you've been making for three straight years are not the hit you think they are.

Dad doesn't want the kids to wash his car, because he uses the chore he actually enjoys a little to get out of doing that never-ending list of stuff you have for him wants it done right the first time. And he doesn't need coupons for hugs and kisses, because he gets smothered in those ...

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