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5 celebrity family vacation spots

Summer is here, and many of our EverydayFamily members are taking their annual trips to the beach, theme park, or campground. And wouldn't you know it? Celebrities are doing the same thing. The only difference is that their vacations are a bit more exotic than your average family. Here are some of our favorite celebrity families and their exotic vacation spots.

Maybe you'll run into them there?

Los Cabos, Mexico

This gorgeous seaside city on the tip of the Baja peninsula is ...

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Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy -- from the obvious, like your growing belly, and to the not so obvious, like the changes your feet go through. We're expected to gain weight in pregnancy, have our midsection grow, and even deal with nausea and fatigue, but when it comes to your feet ... they have some growing pains of their own.

I had a hard time with my feet when I was pregnant. I don't know if it was the extra weight, the extra fluid your body produces, or a ...

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Researchers are saying you’re more likely to divorce your spouse if you have a daughter first, versus a son. I’m thinking this has to be bunk information.

Couples who frequently argue are more likely to have a firstborn daughter, rather than a son!

… But I have one child, a daughter. And two years after her birth, I got divorced.

Is there truth in this theory? Scientists initially recognized the single fact “that marriages that produce firstborn daughters are also ...

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Have you been thinking about camping with your kids? What are you waiting for? Camping can be an affordable and fun way to hit the road as a family.

Heading out with young kids doesn't have to be a big undertaking. Here are a few tips to make your family camp out a success:

1. Know your kids and their limits.

Sleep: If your kids are like mine, they turn into walking train wrecks when they are overtired. Being outside all day, hiking, and sleeping in a tent wear them out in ...

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You might say that my daughter has her own special way of keeping her things organized. It’s not that her room is a complete mess. You can always see the floor and you’re not likely to trip over anything (or step on a Lego) in the dark. It’s just that her method of organization seems to lack reason. No matter how many toy bins I purchase, they all seem to overflow with stuff. I scan the bins of stuff and wonder how she manages to find anything, but she always seems to know exactly ...

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preg consultant

I'm pretty sure that every new mother feels like she could use a hand when it comes to navigating the incredibly vast world of pregnancy and parenting. 

Heck, I'm about to give birth to my fourth child, and I feel like I could use a hand again. Do I remember how to hold a baby? Should I breastfeed? What if the baby never sleeps again? How on earth can I do this?

So while we may all feel like we could use our own personal pregnancy assistant, I'm not sure many of us would ...

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Sometimes, in the blink of an eye, life changes. As the United Cerebral Palsy organization articulates so well, “when an infant or young child is diagnosed with a disability, the family’s lives are changed forever. Confronting and living with the challenges brought about by disability requires families to draw upon the strengths within themselves that they often did not think existed. Parents and families have to adjust to a life different than they imagined.” This sentiment is ...

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everydayfamily recipes

EverydayFamily has a delicious little secret.

It actually might not be a secret to you, but it was to several friends and family members that I talked to, which made me wonder how many others aren't privy to this expansive recipe collection. So today, I am going to show you where to find it in two easy steps. Ready to follow along?

Step one: Hover over the Lifestyle tab.

Step two: You'll see a dropdown with many awesome sections, but stay with me—just click Recipes for ...

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There's a reason why nurses are in such high demand these days: there simply aren't enough of them. Which is precisely why my husband and I knew we could never leave our newborn son in the NICU alone; one of us always needed to be there with him. 

That's not to say they don't take care of him when something is wrong. If his vitals are dropping, they are immediately alerted and will rush to his side, but what if he's just fussy or scared or lonely and his crying isn't enough to set off ...

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The Dish on Germs

I'm a mom of three boys, so the never ending battle to keep my house clean is no joke. The bathrooms are forever needing a good wipe down, my kitchen floors are swept at least twice a day, and the windows typically have little handprints all over them. Like most moms I know I try my hardest to keep my house tidy and free from germs, but there are many days when I just can't keep up. On these days I am okay with letting the germs win. My boys attend daycare so their immune systems are pretty ...

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