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I have to admit that when it comes to feeding my baby, I really thought I only had two options:

1. Breastfeed her myself, whether that be through pumping or directly nursing,


2. Feed her formula, supplementary or in combination with breastfeeding.

Obviously, we've moved past the days of mothers feeling shame to choose ...

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Whatever your method, the act of labor hurts. A lot.

Your body’s method of shimmying the baby into position causes contractions that would make a grown man cry. And delivery, vaginal or otherwise, ain’t no walk in the park. Women are insanely tough, but regardless, that business HURTS. ...

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This simple activity is a great way to explore measurement with your preschooler. ...

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I admit that I've never ventured into the world of placenta eating, but I know of plenty of women who have. 

Leah Outten of The Grace Bond was a fellow disbeliever until she got hit hard with the "baby blues" about three weeks after her third child was born. "I thought it was gross," she wrote on her blog. But desperate for help ...

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This is the summer of social skills. I love that my son loves to compete. I believe there's a value in that kind of determination. I know that it will serve him well as he grows. But competing over every little thing? That's a different story.

He struggles to play any game without thinking in win versus loss. He doesn't have to win every ...

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When I was pregnant with my first child, I was given all kinds of information about breastfeeding. The majority of the advice was well-intentioned and went something like this: "It is the most natural thing in the world."

But for me, it wasn't. It took me a long time to get it right, and even when I finally did, I occasionally had mixed ...

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Sun safety is definitely a reoccurring theme during the summer months, especially now that we're in the height of the summer. We're constantly reminded that sunburns, cancer, and heat stroke are very real threats to your children's health and safety. Unfortunately, it's the malicious sunburns that are the ones doing the reminding. 

I'm ...

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When you first become a parent, no one tells you just how hazardous the job can be. You likely will not be aware of this part of parenting until at least toddlerhood. Then, once your child is mobile, be prepared for anything. Most parents worry about their child getting injured, yet we never really think about the fact that we can become ...

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If there were a test that could tell you if you had cancer while you were pregnant, would you get it?

Well, according to the Journal of Oncology, testing that is routinely done on pregnant women in order to screen for problems related to their babies may actually be helpful in identifying certain types of cancer for mothers, ...

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At least twice a year, we all need to tackle the kids' closets in order to help them transition from cold-weather clothes to warm-weather clothes (or back again), to see what still fits and what doesn't, and to just get it reorganized!

Here are some tips on how to clean out your kids' closets, how to store outgrown clothes for younger ...

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