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Products for pregnant women are everywhere—from celebrity-sponsored maternity fashion to workout classes tailored to pregnancy. The maternity industry is on a roll, creating products for pregnant women and marketing them as "must haves." Maybe you've bought into the craze, but perhaps you haven't. Either way, you probably realize some of the products out there aren't really as "must have" as companies would like you to think.

Pregnancy products ...

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I wouldn't call my daughter disorganized. Her desk at school frequently wins the peer-appointed "neatest desk" award, which I think is actually a bottle of hand sanitizer or something like that. She loves it. She treats it like a huge honor every time she gets it. 

Sometimes organized chaos is actually far more organized than it is chaotic. It all depends on how you choose to look at it.

She doesn't lose things, she keeps her backpack neat and tidy, and she loves to help ...

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home gifts for spring

Spring is in the air which means it's time to dust off those pocketbooks and get ready for the sunny days.  Here are all of the things you need (okay, fine, no one needs a monogrammed wine stopper) to get in the mood for the season.

For Your Mama

Not sure what to buy your mama?  This list should get you started.

From top left:

These aren't your nurse's Crocs.  Check out their new styles that are cute and comfy for chasing grandkids in.

Mom like to get ...

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diaper_bag essentials

Even though I am pregnant with my fourth baby (or maybe especially because I am) I try really hard not to be one of those parents. 

You know the kind I'm talking about, right?

The know-it-all parent? The one who exchanges knowing looks with other "experienced" parents when you mention your TV time limits or how you never, ever let your kid have sugar? The one that basically says, "how cute that you are a first timer who has no idea what you're doing ..."?

I really ...

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Being a mom of girls has meant different things to me at every stage.

When I was pregnant, I imagined braiding hair and smoothing skirts, glittery clips and shiny ponytail holders, flip-flops and ballet flats, nail polish and lip gloss. All of these imaginings of my heart did, indeed, come true. 

A few turns of the calendar pages later, I hoped for whispered secrets and endless giggles, tied shoes and the passing of “I can do it myself.” (I’m still waiting for that ...

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Tips for DeCluttering Your Email Inbox

Clutter is not just the paperwork that comes into your home, but also the emails that come into your inbox. This post will show you how to create folders, unsubscribe from lists, and use a "deal with it once and move on" approach to email. The goal here is an empty inbox at the end of every day! You can do this! Here are our tips for decluttering your email box.

Think of April as "National Unsubscribe Month." (Yes, I am totally making that up!) Every single time you check your email, ...

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Breastfeeding my babies has been one of my favorite parts of motherhood. I've been blessed with breastfeeding success: 18 months with my son and two months (and counting) with my daughter. However, we all know breastfeeding isn't for everyone, and not every mother has a positive experience with it.

Celebrity moms seem to love breastfeeding for many reasons (although I suspect many do it for the "weight loss" associated with nursing your baby!). Check out some quotes from a few ...

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We all know the typical television plot line: You see a main character act out of character and she becomes more emotional than usual. She starts crying after watching a relatively tame commercial on TV or she starts yelling because the barista didn’t put the right amount of foam on her latte. The next thing we see – her standing in the washroom holding a pregnancy test with a surprise look in her eyes.

Yep, she’s pregnant and the key to knowing before that test showed the two ...

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Parental stress levels are on the rise. Although many people enter the world of parenting with preconceived notions about how wonderful and rewarding the experience will be, it doesn’t feel rewarding every single day. Some days are hard. 

Each stage of child development brings amazing new milestones, but each stage also brings new challenges. Just when you get that sleep thing under control, teething begins. Every. Single. Time.

And even though parenting is ...

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In a story I found to be a little more than shocking, it turns out that giving birth may not be the unpleasant, horrific sensation that I've been dreading doing again for the fourth time. 

Just kidding. 

It's still unpleasant. 

But surprisingly enough, giving birth 10 times may reduce your risk of cancer. 

I had a hard time believing this one when I read it, but the word is out: giving birth 10 or more times doesn't make a woman crazy, but it can make a ...

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