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There were many ways I was expecting parenthood to change my life. I was warned of the lack of sleep I would experience and the zombie state I would live in for the first few years. I had an idea of how pregnancy was going to change my body, and was quite aware of how much more responsibility I would have. I welcomed those changes with open arms and looked forward to my new journey through parenthood. It was a long-time dream of mine to have a house full of children, and I was excited for ...

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Does Your Bathroom Smell Like

As a Mom, is there any job that you hate more than cleaning the kids' bathroom? The dried blobs of toothpaste that are near-permanently glued to not only the sides and bottom of the sink, but also to the counter top, the fronts of the cabinets and sometimes even the floor? And please don't even get me started on the potty situation. I've got two words for you ... FOUR BOYS. Enough said. I truly believe that the public restrooms in Grand Central Station are cleaner than my kids' bathroom. And ...

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Toddlers are usually ready to be independent at around the age of two, and clear signs of that are when they are able to leave your side for short periods of time and when their immense curiosity about their environment is apparent.

How do you go about teaching independence? To start, set your toddler up for self-help by giving them chairs they can get on and off on their own, providing them with small cloths or kitchen towels to ...

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Every mother I know, no matter how eloquent, savvy, or bold, pauses when asked this seemingly innocent question: "So what do you do?" We've trained ourselves to sniff out whether these words are coming from a point of solidarity or war. Our defenses go up, and while some women tend to take the next step, guns--or words--blazing, others retreat, keeping their thoughts to themselves.

In the last decade, I've been a work-outside-of-the-home mom (WOHM), a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), and a ...

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6 things different last baby

It's the question that almost everyone asks me on a daily basis, whether I'm out grocery shopping with my three other children or hitting up the library for free story time, my nine-month-pregnant belly on full display:

"So, is this your last baby?"

And although the question is a tad on the rude side, I get it. People are genuinely curious as to the family planning of other couples, probably because most of us struggle with knowing exactly when we are "done" having ...

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All you single peeps out there, listen up. I've come across a breakthrough in dating. I know—something that we all have been waiting for. But before I reveal the glory that is this new way to find your soul mate, let's review what some of the out-of-the-ordinary dating options are available to us single folk.

{ MORE: Dating as a Single Mother }

Have you ever heard of Tinder? Yeah, it sucks—it's based on 100% superficiality and common "likes" that you probably didn't even know ...

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celebrity parenting

Have you ever met a parenting challenge and said to yourself, "Gee, I wish I could get some parenting advice from a celebrity?"

I didn't think so.

Celebrities have been baring their souls in memoir form for decades -- probably to add "author" to their list of achievements -- and one of the favorite topics amongst the famous crowd is parenting. Because you know, celebrities can do anything better than we can, including raise kiddos.

Check out what some celebrities have to ...

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sick child

Wyatt Schmaltz is a charming three-year-old boy. Like many other boys, he likes to pretend he’s a policeman and enjoys placing his brothers in “jail.”  

There's a new sheriff in town …

Except, instead of running rampant through hallways and backyards as children often do, Wyatt is in a hospital bed at Indiana University Health’s Riley Hospital for Children.

According to this article, “Wyatt was diagnosed in April with the aggressive cancer, which has spread ...

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I was well on my way to young adulthood before I felt anything even remotely close to self-confidence.

Old friends will read that line and think, "No way, not her, she was always full of confidence. She always knew what she wanted, and she didn't let anything stand in her way." They saw the outer layer – the version of me that I chose to share with the world. Only the ones who truly knew me well will nod their heads in agreement. They are the ones who saw the inner layers at times. ...

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finances, calculator, and glasses

Who is responsible for the financial strategy in your home – and do you have one? Despite the increase in dual income households, many women still are not involved in their finances. When the unexpected happens, whether illness, divorce, or loss of a job, trying to track down necessary information can be overwhelming.

Starting a family is the perfect reason to reassess your goals and monetary health. Here are some tips to make sure you don't get caught off-guard.

Sit down and ...

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