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When you're in the very early weeks of pregnancy, chances are your countdown has already begun. You check the calendar to see when you can expect your baby's heartbeat to be present, when you can expect the nausea to begin, and when you hit that 12-week mark--the beginning of the second trimester.

The second trimester is a totally different ballgame than what the first trimester of pregnancy is like. You've got some symptoms coming while other ones are become a thing of the past, and ...

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halloween costume DIY last minute

Halloween will be hitting the streets in T-minus eight days.

Are you ready?

Probably not, because, ugh, Halloween, with the indecisiveness and the Mommy-I-wanna-be-all-of-the-things and the $40 price tag for a cape.

Here are some super easy DIY costume ideas for Dudes (or non-Dudes!) in case you're like me and you need them.

Nacho Libre. He is our hero. Plus, the cape is made from felt, the mask was dug out of our toy box, and the boots are for rainy days. The only ...

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halloween options girls boys

Currently, I'm living in Suzhou, China, and am working at an international kindergarten, teaching 2-year-olds how to speak English (despite not even being able to speak Mandarin), how to get along (the majority of these children are currently the only child in their family and will quite possibly remain so for the remainder of their days), how to interact with other children (a side effect of the previous point), and how to experience other cultures.

For example, even though China is ...

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terrible twos

You are walking through the grocery store, minding your own business and you walk down the cookie aisle to a very familiar scene: A 2-year old girl is losing her cool at her mom who is standing her ground as she wails that she really wants those cookies on the shelf. She doesn't seem to answer to any reason her mother is trying to give her (ex. that they have cookies at home, that she won't get her way screaming like this), but the girl is continuing her tantrum.

For any parent, this ...

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 

It's every parent's worst nightmare--a culprit that snatches babies away with no warning signs or symptoms--and a phenomenon that the medical world is still trying to understand completely. 

Most of us know the basics when it comes to SIDS, like the fact that it claims approximately 4,000 lives of babies in the United States every year, and we know to follow the guidelines for prevention, such as the #1 rule of always putting babies to sleep on ...

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15 Fun and Easy Ideas  for Classroom Halloween Parties

Halloween classroom parties are an absolute highlight of the school year for kids, no matter if they are in preschool or elementary school. But, if you are in charge of planning the event and pulling together the food, crafts, and activities, it can seem like a daunting task! So here are 15 fun and easy ideas courtesy of some very creative bloggers to help you plan a fantastic Halloween classroom party!

#1 Little Vampire Donuts

Brandy, from Gluesticks, came up with this ...

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7 celebrity penned kids books

Celebrities have many roles, both literally and figuratively. The ability to change their personality for jobs also has an added benefit: an active imagination and creative energy that lends itself perfectly to children's literature. From pre-teen horror stories to extensions of 100-year-old classics, here are 7 kids books that were written by some of your favorite and most beloved celebrities.

Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson never dreamed she would attempt to fill the shoes of ...

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There are some parts of parenting another human who is not quite grown up yet that can lead to confusing situations, and when we are talking about toddlers, there is a lot of confusing going on there.

I know that, as adults, we're supposed to conform to an unwritten set of rules, manners, and guidelines, and it's good that we do because so many things would go crazy if we didn't. However, not all age groups have this set of rules that they have to follow. In fact, some ages - like kids ...

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7 things you need to know

One of my favorite things about newborn babies is the cute, teeny clothes we can dress them in. We had piles of puppy dog sleepers and dinosaur onesies for my sonband ladybugs, ruffles, and kitties for my daughter. Retailers know we moms like to dress our babies up in the cutest of cute; that's why the infant clothes industry brings in $11 billion a year!

Newborn clothes are the cutest, but dressing them can be incredibly challenging. They are equally delicate and strong, and are ...

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to my teen

Fact: What parents think of their tweens and teens matters to them. This is common sense, right? But somewhere around the time that our kids trade in their little kid status for tween and teen-dom, we parents tend to lose sight of this. Our kids suddenly seem so different – emotional and sensitive and peer-focused; and parents love talking about these traits, probably because they’re new to us and we feel suddenly off-kilter in our parenting. But the truth is, tweens and teens are ...

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