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I have loved reading for as long as I can remember -- which is as far back as 4-years old. I love how books can transplant you from your life temporarily, and into a new world, someone else's shoes, or will teach you something you didn't yet know.

When I had kids, I wanted to help foster their love for reading because it was a big memory of my childhood. Since it was important to me, I knew that I had to do what my mom did - always have books around. We had a huge bookcase from floor ...

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I'm about as pro-breastfeeding as they come. 

I mean, I haven't staged a professional "nurse-in" lately but I have helped many women breastfeed in my work as a labor and delivery nurse, some more successfully than others, and I have stuck it out through breastfeeding each of my four children, as challenging as it has been at times. 

I'm 100% cool with women who choose otherwise, or women who are unable to breastfeed, because let's face it, that's life, but I'm also 100% ...

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5 home repairs you can do yourself

I'll never forget my first month as a new homeowner ... in the span of just a few short weeks, I called a repairman out to fix my broken oven (turns out there was a reset button that I needed to push, following a power outage), my broken hot water heater (once again. turns out there was a reset button I needed to push after the power went out), and my broken air conditioner (this was truly broken -- ugh!). Newly married, new homeowner, and a busy career all collided to make me feel totally ...

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I can hardly believe it's already time for back-to-school thoughts! You know the ones. They start with: Are all of your backpacks, school forms, and lunch boxes ready? And end with: This is the year I'm going to have it all organized ... maybe!

I personally start every Monday morning with the first thought, and Friday with the second. Juggling everything is hard. But it's also important.

Nikki Wallace Wilson is a life coach for moms and she loves empowering women to find their ...

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baby movies - 9 parenting movies

Ever have one of those parenting days when you start to wonder if anyone else is struggling with becoming a parent as much as you are? Want a reminder that one day you'll look back on this day when your little one's diaper explosion + the dishwasher flood + the dog vomiting on the carpet + realizing none of your clothes fit will be something you can laugh about?

Check out these films for a reminder that the ups and downs of becoming a parent can make you cry - but they can also make ...

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As a work-at-home mother, there are only a few pockets of time in my day, where I can fully concentrate on my various freelance jobs of writing and coordinating book tours. My children are only 4 1/2 and 2 years old, and although they attend preschool for half days during the week, they are home a lot. How, then, does one squeeze in time when absolutely required?

Fortunately, my 2 year old still takes two-hour naps in the ...

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celebrity baby names

My son's name is Luke. When he starts school, I'm guessing there will be about 15 other little boys also named Luke; just like I can name at least five Amandas who are my close personal friends.

What I'm saying here, is that I'm a bit on the boring side when it comes to naming my kids. Maybe you enjoy a classic, timeless name for your child; maybe you'd rather your child's teacher stumble over her name in the roll call. If you are the latter, and expecting a new little one soon, take a ...

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mother holding baby while working

There are a variety of arguments that have flown around the Internet for years about working moms and stay-at-home moms. This article isn't written to address the pros and cons of working or not working. There's enough online for that.

However, for those moms who are in the workforce, there are a number of benefits that can be passed on to your kids. Here are four important ones to consider.

Role Modeling.

Parents are natural role models, and the type of work and a parent's ...

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sleeping newborn

Newborn babies do amazing things, every day; and parents have enjoyed their bragging rights and have shared their little ones’ triumphs for many years. However, it seems that new mom Onyi Chiedozie’s recent declaration has not only taken the lead for being extraordinary, it has halted others, forcing them into wondering if their babies are as amazing as they think.

Ammra weighed a healthy 6 pounds and 3 ounces when she was born.

What are Onyi’s bragging rights? Oh, it’s ...

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peaceful sleep for parents

Sleep deprivation is a common topic of conversation among parents. We think of it as a problem for new parents dealing with night feedings and explosive diapers at all hours, but the truth is that modern parenthood runs on sleep deprivation. It's true. Listen to a group of parents compare sleep habits and you'll find that we live in a culture that takes pride in getting by on little sleep. Sleep, it seems, is nothing but a detriment to our productivity.

I once found myself in the ...

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