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The Dish on Germs

I'm a mom of three boys, so the never ending battle to keep my house clean is no joke. The bathrooms are forever needing a good wipe down, my kitchen floors are swept at least twice a day, and the windows typically have little handprints all over them. Like most moms I know I try my hardest to keep my house tidy and free from germs, but there are many days when I just can't keep up. On these days I am okay with letting the germs win. My boys attend daycare so their immune systems are pretty ...

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pregnant job hunting

When I was about seven-months pregnant with my third child, I got called for an interview for a job that I had applied for before I was even pregnant. 

Over the phone, the manager sounded very enthusiastic about meeting me, explained that I would be undergoing a "panel-style" interview, which basically meant that one manager from every department of the hospital area that I would be working for would be interviewing me (not nerve wracking at all), but not to worry too much because my ...

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Xander cleaning

As soon as my children are old enough to follow simple directions, I teach them about chores. This usually happens sometime in the second year of their life. At that point, I start a chore rock-jar system, where they are assigned one chore for each age. My 3-year-old is responsible for three weekly chores, and my 5-year-old five chores. When they complete a chore, they are awarded a rock that they place in their rock jar. When their jar is complete, they choose a reward, which could be a ...

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The summer season means kids are off from school, the humidity has us all going crazy, and the wedding season is in full swing. If you're not attending a few weddings this summer, chances are you've gotten wind of a few that will take place next summer.

Gone are the days where it always holds true that marriage comes first and then the baby carriage, and with that change many wedding gown designers are making their gorgeous dresses wearable by the pregnant crowd. You don't have to ...

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pregnant at work

Is it time for all working, pregnant women to rejoice? Or shall we pick up our pitchforks and begin marching in protest against the latest label given? What will our signs say?


“This is an enduring problem in America’s workplaces – we’re not where we need to be with regard to fair, equal treatment of pregnant workers. We’re just not.” - Chai Feldblum

Here is what’s going on. In an effort to bring ...

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We don't let anyone but family babysit our children—it's just our own personal preference. And as a military family, that's hard, because sometimes we are REALLY far away from our relatives.

So, when we realized our newborn son, Jackson, was going to be at the hospital for an extended stay, it was a no-brainer that we would be with him at all times. We knew the nurses wouldn't be able to drop everything and come running to soothe him at the slightest whimper, but we ...

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When kids confront feelings of anger and frustration, which is all in a day's work when it comes to the under-five crowd, they handle those feelings in a variety of ways. Some yell. Some go boneless and scream on the floor, no matter where in the world they are. Some collapse into a sobbing heap and struggle to get the words out. And some hit. Some hit siblings or other kids, and some hit their parents.

My kids are of the sobbing heap variety when it comes to coping with overwhelming ...

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Can I tell you a secret? I hated being pregnant in the summer. I love pregnancy and the feelings that come with it, but during those few hotter months of the year, I am so over growing a human. It didn't seem to matter that I was only in my first trimester during the summer and didn't experience the uncomfortable situations that can come with being near full term in the hottest heat of the year. It was bad enough for me without the giant belly and extra body weight.

If you're pregnant ...

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stay cool during summer.jpg

Let's chat about being pregnant in Florida--because I've done it twice.

Down here, we only have a small respite from the hot weather during December, January, and a small bit of February. My daughter was born in late February, so luckily, I was enjoying cooler months during my last trimester. The first time? I wasn't so lucky. My son was born at the end of November, and if you've visited Florida in September, you know that is quite possibly the worst month of the year. Add the heat and ...

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There were many ways I was expecting parenthood to change my life. I was warned of the lack of sleep I would experience and the zombie state I would live in for the first few years. I had an idea of how pregnancy was going to change my body, and was quite aware of how much more responsibility I would have. I welcomed those changes with open arms and looked forward to my new journey through parenthood. It was a long-time dream of mine to have a house full of children, and I was excited for ...

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