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For a long time, I have struggled with trying to decide if my "mommy blog" is harmful or helpful in my role as a mother. 

On one hand, my blog has been an incredible gift; it has led me to make connections that have allowed me to work from home, it has helped me find inspiring women that I aspire to be like when I "grow up," and it has helped me have some amazing opportunities for my family. (Free diapers, anyone?)

But on the other hand, there are a lot of unanswered questions ...

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Crawling is one of those milestones in a baby's life that opens up a completely new world for them. First time parents may hope their baby starts moving - like it's a sign of super smarts in their child - but I felt a little differently.

Parents who have older children know that once that baby starts moving on his own, it also opens a whole new world of troubles. Your baby is all about exploring and gets into everything! You have to watch what is on the floor, any hazards that may be ...

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One of the most important things I’ve learned in my decade or so of mothering is that the best advice comes from the mom next door. She’s the one who’s been there, who gets it, and who isn’t afraid to tell you how it is. I asked ten veteran moms to share their best, hard-earned advice. You’re going to love what they have to say and I bet you so weren’t expecting #8! ...

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 We've all heard of the middle-child syndrome, right? You know, the one where the kid who was unfortunate enough to be born right in the middle of the sibling lineup has the most difficult life out of anyone in the family?

Well, "Second-Baby Syndrome" is somewhat similar to that, and it's disconcerting enough for one mom that she decided to put her ideas down and express her worry about how the babies that are second in line get the short end of the stick (and sometimes not even a ...

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You could say I have a (healthy) obsession with baby names, because even though the chances of us having another child are super slim, I still love thinking about the perfect names.

If you're planning to expand your family, are in the process of it, or are like me and just love names, there are a lot of considerations to be made when choosing the perfect name. For me, I don't care much for names that can be shortened--nicknames aren't my thing. Not everyone is me, though, and some of ...

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organize grocery list

Grocery shopping is a necessary chore that every family needs to do. But if you take the time to get yourself organized before you head out to the store, you'll save yourself time on this weekly errand and you'll save money too because you will only buy exactly what you need! In this post I am going to share with you my favorite tips on how to organize grocery shopping- as well as a free printable grocery list that you can download!

Tip #1: Use An Organized Shopping List

I print ...

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royally inspired names

Get royally excited -- there's another little prince or princess on the way!

Early last week, Prince William and Princess Catherine announced they are expecting their second baby. The new royal baby, who will join 18-month old Prince George, will be fourth in line for the throne (knocking poor Prince Harry to fifth!)

Princess Kate is believed to be about three months along. The announcement came as a necessity of sorts; Princess Kate is experiencing the same acute morning ...

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My daughter wants nothing to do with sleepovers. She likes her routine. She likes her bed. And she likes the overflowing pile of stuffed animals that line the foot of her bed. Truth be told, she likes predictability. In her own room, with her own stuff, with her brother in the next room, and with parents down the hall, she feels safe. She's just not ready to venture out of that comfort zone just yet, and I support her 100%.

A lot of her friends, however, are into sleepovers. ...

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Babies are hard work. I have four children, and you would think I would be used to how much work kids under 1 year old are, but here I sit with my 8-month-old and am still surprised. Yes, he wants my attention at all times of the day. If he gets sick or doesn't feel totally 100%, he will scream unless he's held--it's to be expected sometimes when you have a baby, but what does that mean for your older kids?

I have heard so many times over the past few months from my kids just how bored ...

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When we had our second daughter baptized, it was the picture-perfect ceremony I had been envisioning. The white dress, the serene baby, the smiling family members looking fondly on.

Until we all posed for the big family photo and the second before the shutter snapped, my daughter picked that moment to completely fill her diaper with the loudest explosion ever. The entire family burst out in laughter as the camera captured the moment in digital perfection forever.

Not exactly the ...

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