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Young boy with pregnant mom

This time last year, I was convinced that I was done having children. My oldest was 3 1/2 and had just started preschool. My baby was turning 1. Life was beginning to get back to some version of manageability. 

Somewhere along the way, we changed our minds. We realized that we still had room in our hearts (though less room in our home!), and we decided that if we were meant to have another child, then so be it. 

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Kitchen Declutter- Main

Most of us have too much stuff as evidenced by drawers that won't close, pantries filled with ingredients that we'll never use, and platters and cups that we've received as gifts or picked up at events that we never use. All of this stuff makes it hard for us to find exactly what we need when we are looking for it, and clutter in the kitchen just makes us feel that much more unorganized. So here's a seven-day plan to declutter your kitchen and find the right "home" for all of those items you ...

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When I found out I was pregnant with my son people sent me all sorts of notes and pins and quotes. Little boys love their mama, they said. Boys are like noise with dirt on top, they warned. A moment of silence for your bathrooms, they joked. And “they” – my friends, more seasoned mamas, more experienced pinners – were all right. My son is all of these things. He’s sweet and kind and loving and noisy and unabashed and a brand of silly that brings me lift every single day. As his ...

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The thought of breastfeeding my upcoming fourth baby (19 weeks to go!) has left me with crazy amounts of anxiety.

As in, it's all I can think about it.

And instead of thinking about how great it's been to breastfeed my other children, or what a wonderful bonding experience it will be, I can only think of one thing: how much I am dreading it. But I've come up with an interesting solution that I think might just solve my problem:

Unilateral breastfeeding. 

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Bacon Mac n Cheese

When talking comfort food, there is nothing like a great big bowl of Mac N' Cheese. But what if we brought it up a notch and added BACON?! Crazy? I think not. Because who can deny everything is better with bacon? “Not I," says this food writer. That’s why this recipe for Bacon Mac N' Cheese will be a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10!

I’ve talked about soup being comfort food for one’s soul, but I will be honest, a good Mac N' Cheese recipe is a very close second. When the right ...

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I live in a place where we have four very distinct seasons. Winter is cold as cold can be, with snow so deep that you can't walk without boots. Spring brings warmer air and a lot of rain. Summer is so hot that you don't want to be without air conditioning, and autumn brings cooler, dry weather when it shows up. I have things I love about each season, and there are things I could do without—it's what you get when you live where I do. For the most part, you take each season here as they come, ...

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If you dare to mention your quest to find the ultimate work/family balance to your working mom friends, they will probably giggle in return.  Balance?  What’s that?

Being a working mom can lead to feelings of guilt and stress.  Divided attention between work and family can make it difficult to simply be in one place

.One of the most frequently asked questions in parenting, involves some version of the following: “How can I balance everything?”  Trying to juggle being a mom ...

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energy surge

You know how you hear all about that lovely energy burst that's supposed to come in the second trimester?

When you're done with puking and finally start to feel human again?

Well, sometimes, that never happens.

I spent my entire first trimester of this pregnancy waiting for the beloved second-trimester energy surge to kick in. I dreamed of feeling like a normal human being again, of being able to keep my eyes open past 8 o'clock, of feeling like exercising again, of ...

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Have you heard anything about these 3D printers? They're absolutely crazy! They literally can print any 3D thing that you could ever think of. Some people are using these to make dishes, cutlery, guns (which some of you may or may not approve of), Legos, guitars, camera lenses, and scientists are even looking into creating a 3D-printed heart.

Christian, a high-school student from Texas, decided to take advantage of  this developing technology and use it for something other than a ...

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To-Do List

Have you ever found yourself doing something (or afraid to do something) more because you’re worried about what other people will think than because of what your intuition is telling you to do? 

How much time do you spend to make sure “everybody” isn’t judging you versus the time you spend doing the things that make you truly happy? This isn’t just about the big stuff—this is the stuff we do every day.

I talked to Theresa Sullivan, a professional coach and the ...

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