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It's time for real talk: You all have known at least one person who announced her pregnancy and you immediately did the conception arithmetic in your head. Recently, newlywed Jill Duggar, of the 19 Kids and Counting Duggars, announced she was pregnant with her first baby -- just 90 days after her wedding. The Internet grasped their pearls. After all, she was 93-days pregnant. Did that mean a little extra-marital activity on the eve of her wedding?

The truth is not nearly as ...

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Third time's the charm. Or is it? We understand that sometimes a marriage is just not meant to be, but these celebrities are making a sport of getting married. Check out these 10 celebrities who have been married three or more times. Some might surprise you.

Kate Winslet

Kate married assistant director, Jim Threapleton, in 1998. The marriage only lasted three years; however, it gave Kate her daughter, Mia. In 2003, she married director Sam Mendes. The marriage ended in 2010. The ...

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daylight savings

With the fall upon us, daylight slips away from us even earlier. As much as I enjoy the fall season, I despise the time change. The extra hour of morning light does not help make me feel less annoyed when I drive home from work in the dark. A recent survey showed that on average it takes a person 3.5 days to adjust to the time change.

No matter how prepared I feel for the time change, it still disrupts my kids' sleeping schedule. As a mom of three, a full night of uninterrupted sleep ...

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Wondering what really happens behind closed doors of the labor and delivery unit?

Oh, sure. You know that a pregnant mama comes in and a baby comes out, and perhaps your childbirth education classes gave you some insight into what to expect during your labor and delivery, but who isn't curious about that behind-the-scenes action that happens every day at a hospital? Satisfy your curiosity about a birth center with some inside secrets from a former labor and delivery ...

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pregnancy tes

When you wait until you are 33 years old to try to have your first baby (and spent the better part of your 20s and 30s in full-on birth-control mode), you really have no idea how fertile you might be. When my husband and I first decided it was time to "start trying," I was all about mapping out my cycle, using an ovulation tester to understand my "most fertile days," and then, ahem, doing what it takes to ensure our likelihood of successful conception. And within two months, we saw that ...

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So, let's talk about mealtime and toddlers. It can be a really frustrating part of parenting to combine the fierce independence a toddler craves and a parent's desire to get their kid to just try that piece of broccoli.

It's a struggle I know all too well, and I know other parents of toddlers that can relate. Mealtime and getting our kids set up to eat in a healthy way is not always simple, especially because they just seem to want to eat the same thing. (And it's probably macaroni and ...

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how well do you know your celebrity baby names?

How well do you know your celebrity baby names? Try to guess the names of the adorable tykes that belong to each of these celeb couples, and see how many you know!

First up, Rebecca Romijn (Stamos) and husband Jerry O'Connell are proud parents to ...

Twins! Daughters Dolly Rebecca Rose O'Connell and Charlie Tamara Tulip O'Connell

Interesting choice of names! I guess they'll have to call toy dollies something different in their home to eliminate confusion ... Each name is ...

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Pregnancy is scary not only because, well, all the changes our own bodies go through, but because the process seems so magical and complicated. So many pieces have to come together just right for all the correct things to line up and bring a healthy baby into the world.

We worry about how pregnancy and parenthood are going to change our goals, our lifestyle, and our relationships. While the women tend to carry so much more of those initial changes during pregnancy, they're not the only ...

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Halloween is just around the corner and if you're anything like me, you still have to figure out your costume. Some may panic at the very last minute scramble to find the perfect alter ego for the night of trick-or-treating or your fun Halloween party, but don't fear!

If you're pregnant this Halloween, there are some really fun costumes that you can put on to accentuate or hide your growing belly. You can use the roundness as an add-on to the costume or you can be clever and hide it so ...

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Every once in a while, something erupts on social media, and the so-called "mommy wars" become a thing again. Whether it's a celebrity mom dishing out unwanted advice or a fight over the best way to do this or that, people jump in with comments and opinions, until it quiets down again, and then everyone seems to simply move on to the next thing.

But that cliche seems to linger out there, ready to pounce when the next big issue rolls around. Why is it that the media jumps at the chance ...

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