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breast pump

This article is being written for two reasons: 1) to warn you that Alyssa Milano means nothing but business when it comes to breastfeeding and anything that lactates and 2) to fill you in on some TSA regulations concerning breastmilk and pumping while flying.

Let us begin.

Just as a quick run through with what happened, Milano was traveling without her little ones, but with a breast pump on her person. During the flight, Milano got some pumping done, not without tweeting about ...

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Ever wonder what compliments mean the most to the women in your life? I want to go straight to the source and asked 11 women just that. And their answers? Are perfection. ...

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To come to my house for a playdate is to enter into a world of imaginary play. I'm not a plan-the-play kind of mom. I generally like to let the kids figure out what to play on their own. I find that the kids know what they want to do, and they also know when to switch gears.

For example, even though my daughter and her best friend love to play school upstairs, they almost always retreat to the backyard after about an hour. They know when they need to get some fresh air and swing for a ...

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It's no secret that I may or may not be the world's worst pregnant person.

Instead of feeling beautiful, I feel miserable.

Instead of parading around with just a perfect little baby bump, I roll around town with swollen everything.

Instead of sticking to my vows to exercise for all 15 months (you know that's how long pregnancy really feels like), around seven months I just.can't.move.

But in looking back after four pregnancies and at what could possibly be my last ...

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15 perfect bedtime songs

Of course you can stick with the standards -- "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "Hush, Little Baby" still work just fine -- but sometimes it's nice to try something a little different. Heck, the secret to calming my oldest daughter's colicky screams was repeated refrains of the Oscar Mayer songs (My baloney has a first name ... AND Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener ...).

Sometimes you need to mix it up. So next time you're singing your little one to sleep or trying to calm those fussy ...

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As a military family, we are on a pretty tight budget, just like most earth-inhabiting families are. We do big gifts for birthdays and Christmas, though they are of course not the biggest of the big ...

     but what parent doesn't dream of going all out?

For my daughter's third birthday, we bought her an outside playhouse. It was very similar to the one I had as a child, and was reasonably priced. But, when I was looking online to decide which one to purchase, I was floored ...

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mini corn dog muffins

Summer is just around the corner and backyards will have grills fired up, ready to cook steak, chicken, burgers and hot dogs. Another tasty treat enjoyed during the summer months are the ever favorite corn dogs. Who doesn’t love the portable crisp cornbread shell that gives way to a sweet, soft center encasing a juicy hot dog?

My son loves them and to make sure he could enjoy his favorite summer snack all year long, I came up with a perfect recipe; Mini Corn Dog Muffins! This ...

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Sure, it seems everyone has one these days, but if you don't have a blog to document your pregnancy--you need one, now.

Everyone I know has a Facebook account and there are some people who love to share all the details of their life; and when it comes to pregnancy, it can be hard to keep the news to ourselves. Some people like to share all the details and document everything that happens during their pregnancy, but Facebook isn't the place to do that.

Why? Because it's not going ...

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sleepless tips

The first year of your child's life is certainly a roller coaster of emotions. Excitement. Exhilaration. Love. Frustration. Fatigue. Exhaustion. Here are ten tips from moms in the trenches, for surviving that first year of sleepless nights.


Coffee and lots of it.

Take naps, but avoid napping in the early evening so you do not have a difficult time falling asleep at night.

Rotate who gets up for feedings alternate so you both get a few hours of sleep ...

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I have three sons, two of which were born via planned cesarean section following the near-death, traumatic birth experience I endured with my first son.

Something about my pelvis not being equipped to squeeze out big heads. Or something. They never really could explain why he got stuck in the birth canal and had to be, in the eloquent words of my doctor, "ripped out," causing my uterus to rupture and require 40 external stitches and over 50 internal ones to repair the damage.

But ...

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