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Here comes the bride ... and her kids!

The world was shocked last Wednesday with the news that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the ultimate "till death do us part" couple, officially tied the knot after almost a decade and six children together. Those six kids had a big part in their mom and dad's big day, and they aren't the only kiddos who enjoyed the wedding spotlight with their parents.

Check out some of the cutest celebrity-kid bridesmaids and groomsmen in Hollywood.

It ...

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As your pregnancy starts to come to an end and your focus turns to labor, birth, and your baby, you probably have a lot of things on your mind. We tend to put a lot of focus on the pregnancy, but in the third trimester especially, talking about labor is important--because it's going to happen.

In my first pregnancy, labor was this abstract thing. I mean, I knew it was going to happen, but I didn't realize how much there was to know about it. I thought my body would just know what to do ...

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Each September, we all clamor for our three-day weekend that accompanies Labor Day. The holiday is meant to celebrate the American worker and provide some time off.

For parents, especially with young children at home, time off rarely exists. What does a "holiday" weekend in my house look like?

Friday, I worked a full day because I know I am going to need every speck of vacation time to cover my daughter’s holiday break from school in a few months. I spent the evening grocery ...

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After nine weeks of riding bikes, swimming, and collecting sea glass, I expected a rocky transition. I prepared myself for the tears. I coached myself to smile, even when the confidence that finally emerged during the summer months came to a crashing halt. I readied myself with responses and strategies to reduce the inevitable back-to-school stress. But nothing can really prepare you for that kind of overwhelming stress radiating from your once happy-go-lucky child's soul. No amount of ...

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I am one of those mothers who can't stand having the TV on during the day. 

With four kids in the house, I have enough noise going on, and I've found that having the TV on--besides providing extra temptation for my kids to sit and watch, slack-jawed, while I pretend not to notice--just adds more chaos to the day. Maybe it's the overstimulation for myself that I don't like, but either way, I (in general) prefer the TV off during the day. 

But I'm definitely not the norm--many ...

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The scariest words a parent can hear are, "We think surgery is the best option."

We have heard those words three times: once to close an opening in his abdominal cavity, again to insert his feeding tube into his stomach, and, finally - the worst one of all - for open heart surgery to close his two massive holes.

But, your child doesn't have to have heart surgery for you to be terrified. Even something a little less complicated, like a tonsillectomy, or having tubes put in their ...

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Travel strollers, infant strollers, umbrella strollers, double strollers -- there are so many strollers in my garage alone, I can barely keep them straight. (And my husband just loves tripping over them all of the time.)

I admit that I am a stroller devotee -- I like having my options open to make my life easier when I need a stroller to serve a specific purpose. Going for a jog? I need a heavy duty jogging stroller. Just making a quick trip to the mall? An umbrella is fine. Taking all ...

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dad carrying newborn

Ongoing research summarized by the Fatherhood Institute revealed that many factors related to his employer determine a father's ability to take paternity leave, especially in the United States. A survey done by the father network, City Fathers, showed that 44% of the 750 fathers they surveyed reported that their biggest challenge day in and day out was missing their child while at work. Nearly a third of them had taken no paternity leave or only took part of their entitled ...

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I have been breastfeeding my fourth child for 8 months now; and this past month I developed mastitis, twice. It was brutal and I am still trying to recover from the two weeks on antibiotics, and things left on my to-do list from doing nothing but nursing, sleeping, and resting. I have never had mastitis before, even while nursing my other children, and now having experienced it, I can say it was worse than I anticipated it being.

Breastfeeding is not easy - it takes a while to get the ...

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First day of school picture ideas

My first born son started kindergarten today-- hold me. The morning was bittersweet. He woke up with a huge smile on his face exclaiming, "I am going to school today!" Meanwhile, I was a bundle of nerves, wondering how he would manage in a classroom full of strangers. When we arrived at school, I walked him to the gym where we waited with his classmates, parents, and teachers. Then parents, students, and teachers walked to the kindergarten wing. After attendance was called and cubbies were ...

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