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There are so many baby names to choose from, and it can be a daunting task when you think about how much your child's name can affect their lives. Will they be made fun of because you didn't realize a clever rhyme? Is there another meaning behind their name that will plague them? Will they love their name forever or resent you for your choice?

Maybe I am the only one who considers all those questions before ultimately coming to the name choice for my child, but I have a feeling I'm ...

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preschool ABC apps

My oldest son starts kindergarten in just four weeks! Hold me. I honestly can't even believe my baby will be off to school. When the summer started there were many things I wanted to teach him before school started. Now time is running out. Instead of filling our schedule up every hour during the last few weekends I made the decision to slow down, so there have been many days when we just relax at home. Sometimes relaxing at home doesn't mean the type of relaxing that most would picture. It ...

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Do a pregnant mother’s basic rights and wishes about her body and unborn child have restrictions?

tri∙al of la∙bor
: the attempt to have a vaginal birth after cesarean delivery

Apparently they do.

Jennifer Goodall wanted to attempt a vaginal birth, even though she’d previously had three cesareans.

And why shouldn’t she? Many mothers desire VBACs (vaginal births after cesareans); and many women have VBACs successfully. But evidently, the ...

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My daughter wrote her name beautifully long before the other kids in her preschool class. From the moment I placed a crayon in her hand, she fell in love with scribbling, drawing, and, eventually, writing. Like mother, like daughter.

My son, on the other hand, had little use for things like crayons and oversized markers. He scribbled, he drew some version of a circle at about an age appropriate time, and he painted constantly. But gripping a crayon, pencil, or marker was hard, so ...

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4 maternity looks for summer

If you have trouble styling your clothing when you're not pregnant, you'll have even more trouble when you're pregnant. And if that's an issue, forget about wearing anything but jersey shorts and a tank top when you're out of the confines of air conditioning.

We're here to help when you need to rock your maternity style--and still stay cool--with these four great maternity looks that are perfect for the hot summer months. You can stay cool and look chic--even in the summer!

Pink and ...

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5 Free or Frugal Ways to Make the Most of Your E-Reader

According to the Pew Research Center, in January 2014, 50% of Americans over the age of 16 have either a tablet or an eReader, which literally puts the world of books right at their fingertips. One of the best parts of having access to an eBook is the instant gratification factor: you hear about a good book, and, PRESTO! you can be downloading and reading that book less than a minute later! And while eBooks are quite often less expensive than their paper-printed counterparts, a person with a ...

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Raising children is not easy, and anyone who says it is or makes it look as so, is lying or has a lot of help. At the end of the week, I am beyond exhausted from the days prior of no sleep at night, homeschool with my three older kids, life's chaos of four children, a husband, and a cat. It's amazing -- it has so many benefits and has bettered my life in ways I can't express, but it can take a toll on me.

It's easy, when I look at all the hats I put on during the week, to see why I am ...

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The mess, the chaos, the tantrums, the cuddles. All of these tell the story--and sometimes a single day of motherhood. Fifteen women share moments of time that define motherhood. Can motherhood be captured in one picture? I think so, but see for yourself and find out which two photos inspired this entire series.

Elaine writes about being a mother of three and the miscellany that comes with it and shares her photography of perfectly captured moments on her personal blog, The Miss ...

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I've never been what you could call a small pregnant woman. 

But when I started to look like I was about to deliver a baby at any second while still in my second trimester, I thought perhaps something may be up. 

And as it turns out, that "something" was my amniotic fluid. It was way, way up. 

At 29 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with polyhydramnios, and for a woman who has had three pregnancies with nary a complication in sight, I admit I was a bit ...

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Remember back in the day when parents were able to beat the crap out of their kids if they misbehaved? You know, how children were often sent out to pick out the switch from the field that would be turned on their tender rumps? Or how Dad was able to pull his belt off so fast and turn a bare backside from a pasty white to a cherry red in just a few swats?

Yeah, it doesn't really work like that anymore.

I guess you could do what the mother of the guy formerly known as my best ...

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