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Photo of nine month baby crying, isolated

Many parents stretch beyond the norm to provide their children with unique, personal monikers. Some parents do this by using atypical spelling, while others devise names that are imaginative and, up to that time, undiscovered.

Fun Fact: Sophia and Noah were the top baby names for 2013!

Every now and then, I’ll hear a newfangled baby name and wonder, why didn’t I think of that one? It’s brilliant! But more often than not, I think the parents are undeniably ...

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bucket list

I've never been a huge fan of the bucket list.

I mean, I’m all for dreaming and planning and setting goals, I just don’t like my due date to be the same as my expiration date. It seems morbid, and um, I don’t know, rushed somehow.

I decided, however, that I did want to take a moment to see what types of things my Dudes dream about when it comes to the rest of their lives.

Where do they seem themselves in 20 years? What do they want to be when they grow up? What sorts ...

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When those two blue lines popped up on your pregnancy test, were you surprised or did you already have an idea you were pregnant? For many women, pregnancy comes as a surprise, even if they've been trying to conceive. But for other women who have undergone surgeries or infertility, pregnancy can come as a very happy shock. Here are four mamas who were pleasantly surprised to find out about their pregnancies after going through medical issues.

"I was 39 years old and having trouble ...

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We all know that we should be setting aside money each month to save for our children's future college education--but how much money? And what type of college savings account is best for my family? And since money isn't exactly an unlimited resource, what should take priority in the family budget--retirement savings for the parents or college savings for the kids?

Let's dig into some of these questions about when should I start saving for my child's college education and get answers ...

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the hardest time in my marriage

Imagine this situation:  There are two people who are sleep deprived in a way they've never experienced and both are physically aching from not being able to recharge. They're faced with a new responsibility that is bigger than they've ever known and have been given no instructions on how to move forward. One of the two people has been through the hardest workout of their life and has chemicals flowing through their body, while the other is left wondering how they can help the situation. ...

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As I totter into my third trimester of a twin pregnancy, increasingly, I am making snacks and meals for my kids that involve just a few, healthy ingredients that are easy to make. These Broccoli Parmesan Bites are perfect as a snack or as an accompaniment to a main meal. The plus? They have yummy vegetables that the kids won't mind eating!


2 cups of fresh steamed broccoli (you can also use frozen broccoli, then steam), ...

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When my doctor told me that my baby was still in the breech position when I was 35 weeks along, I was devastated. Not only did I have an unusually large baby, but I also had a high level of amniotic fluid (a condition called polyhydramnios), which meant one thing:

It was very unlikely that my baby would turn head down.

After three vaginal births and the result of those births--my three young children at home--I was terrified to face a c-section, so I got to work, researching ways ...

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These 10 Pictures Show Exactly Why Summer Is So All Caps AWESOME-main

Sandy hands, ice cream dribbles, water splashes. These are the things that summer is made of. As the school year comes dangerously close to starting, let’s take a look at what makes summer so all caps AWESOME. ...

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Let me start this post out with one simple question: Why did you get your child a cell phone? Was it because you wanted your child to have a symbol of status that would help them squeeze into the clique of coolness? Was it because you enjoyed shelling money to pay for minutes that would never be used because your kid would only text and mess around on Facebook? Or was it because you wanted to be able to stay in contact with your child just in case he or she got stuck or he or she needed ...

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When I was a child, I remember turning to my mom at the grocery store and asking her a question about the wind. I think I was about 4 years old at the time, and I had asked her if the reason the trees blow (in the wind) is that they're all laughing at a funny joke. I had heard my mom tell this story to me as I got older, and when I had kids of my own, they started asking fun, inquisitive questions of their own.

My kids ask questions all the time, and to me, it's really interesting to ...

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