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Bacon Mac n Cheese

When talking comfort food, there is nothing like a great big bowl of Mac N' Cheese. But what if we brought it up a notch and added BACON?! Crazy? I think not. Because who can deny everything is better with bacon? “Not I," says this food writer. That’s why this recipe for Bacon Mac N' Cheese will be a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10!

I’ve talked about soup being comfort food for one’s soul, but I will be honest, a good Mac N' Cheese recipe is a very close second. When the right ...

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I live in a place where we have four very distinct seasons. Winter is cold as cold can be, with snow so deep that you can't walk without boots. Spring brings warmer air and a lot of rain. Summer is so hot that you don't want to be without air conditioning, and autumn brings cooler, dry weather when it shows up. I have things I love about each season, and there are things I could do without—it's what you get when you live where I do. For the most part, you take each season here as they come, ...

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If you dare to mention your quest to find the ultimate work/family balance to your working mom friends, they will probably giggle in return.  Balance?  What’s that?

Being a working mom can lead to feelings of guilt and stress.  Divided attention between work and family can make it difficult to simply be in one place

.One of the most frequently asked questions in parenting, involves some version of the following: “How can I balance everything?”  Trying to juggle being a mom ...

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energy surge

You know how you hear all about that lovely energy burst that's supposed to come in the second trimester?

When you're done with puking and finally start to feel human again?

Well, sometimes, that never happens.

I spent my entire first trimester of this pregnancy waiting for the beloved second-trimester energy surge to kick in. I dreamed of feeling like a normal human being again, of being able to keep my eyes open past 8 o'clock, of feeling like exercising again, of ...

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Have you heard anything about these 3D printers? They're absolutely crazy! They literally can print any 3D thing that you could ever think of. Some people are using these to make dishes, cutlery, guns (which some of you may or may not approve of), Legos, guitars, camera lenses, and scientists are even looking into creating a 3D-printed heart.

Christian, a high-school student from Texas, decided to take advantage of  this developing technology and use it for something other than a ...

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To-Do List

Have you ever found yourself doing something (or afraid to do something) more because you’re worried about what other people will think than because of what your intuition is telling you to do? 

How much time do you spend to make sure “everybody” isn’t judging you versus the time you spend doing the things that make you truly happy? This isn’t just about the big stuff—this is the stuff we do every day.

I talked to Theresa Sullivan, a professional coach and the ...

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There are picture books scattered across my living room floor, left over from my daughter’s read-a-thon this morning. There is a basket of clean clothes on the love seat, asking to be folded, and receiving the silent treatment from me. The dishwasher's “clean” light is on, as it has been for the last two days.

Yet, here I am, lounging in my chair, barely able to keep my eyes open. No one would believe I was 37 weeks pregnant with my son, based on my actions, and the look of ...

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transition from breast to cow milk

As Ryker approaches a year, I have started to think about all the milestones that occur around then. Ready or not (I'm so not!), his first birthday will be here soon. One of the milestones is the transition from breast milk to cow's milk for daycare. Much like with my first two sons, I plan to stop pumping around his first birthday and exclusively breastfeed on the weekends and evenings. Neither one of my first two boys had a difficult time with the switch, but every baby is ...

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When I was pregnant with my son, I finally experienced that fun little thing that I had often heard about but never felt: sciatic nerve pain.

And my solution?

Paying my first-ever visit to the chiropractor's office.

Frankly, I was scared of going to the chiropractor. I had associated the idea of a chiropractor as some sort of witch doctor, that once I had fallen under the spell, I wouldn't be able to get away from. Because isn't there some sort of rule ...

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You’re having a baby. You are absolutely certain/pretty sure/kind of thinking you want to breastfeed. That’s great! One of the great benefits of breastfeeding is that you can do it without making a single purchase. Plenty of women across the world and far back through history have successfully nursed their babies without any extra gadgets or goodies.

With that being said – breastfeeding saves tons of money that would be spent on formula, right? So ...

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