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  1. Catelynn was born on August 14,2012 at 3:07 PM. She was due on September 9,2012. But due to pre-eclampsia, I had to deliver early. I had my baby shower August 5,2012 and the next week I had her. Lucky I got my car seat to bring her home in and plenty of clothes at my shower. LOL

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    these are adorable <3 🙂

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    My little one came 2 weeks before my due date, She was born March 19th 2012. Its funny cause my b day is may 19 and daddy’s is September 19, were the 19 family lol

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    I already had my little son last Thuresday, am so happy and I thank God for being there with me!

  5. My first child came on my due date July 20th!! I am now the very proud mother to a Mr Julian James and I couldn’t be happier about it!!! He is absolutely gorgeous!

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    My baby came 9 days early instead of June 12 she came june 3..5 pd 13oz

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    it is excellent

  8. Profile photo of radejimenez radejimenez says:

    wow!!! these r great!!!

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    Love smilebox:)

  10. smilebox is a lot of fun!!!!

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    Great option because honestly, not a lot of people keep the announcement and it is a waste. They’ll keep a formal photo quicker. I like this 🙂

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    i havent post one yet

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    I haven’t even made pregancy announcements and i’m already 13 weeks!!

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    I made one and it’s amazing. Too bad I didn’t know about this sooner. I made it 7 months to late, but it’s still pretty cool.

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    This is neat, again another reason I wish I would have known about this site before having our baby

  16. trying it out, and i’m already addicted. i HAVE to get the paid version, lol.

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    I love this app. It is awesome for everything that goes on in your life. And the best thing in the world, it saves you Mulah!!!!!!!

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    awsome way to create your way

  19. I love smilebox! Made a fun gender announcement, for all that it was made as a birth announcement. 🙂