Baby Activities – Week 14

Books and stories are great for fostering language development. You can make stories even more exciting by incorporating movement. You can act out motions yourself, like Goldilocks eating the porridge, or you can help your baby move along by gently pedaling her feet as Goldilocks runs away from the three bears.

A stimulating environment can help children adjust to changes as they grow older, and can help their senses develop more quickly, according to numerous studies. Watch your baby closely. If he begins to get over stimulated, take a break from playtime.

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Baby Activities – Week 14

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  1. Avatar of Stephanie Stephanie says:

    My son likes seeing dark colors

  2. Avatar of Amy Amy says:

    my son enjoys reading books

  3. Avatar of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    I thought it would be kind of weird reading to a baby, but it wasnt. She likes listening to me read.

  4. Avatar of Candy Candy says:

    My baby girl is 14 weeks and she just loves books ill sit and read to her and she babbles along like shes reading to i love it

  5. Avatar of Grace Grace says:

    my boy likes to feel the pages of baby books

  6. Avatar of EdenEdwards EdenEdwards says:

    i read to my son and talk to him about shapes and colors he like to hear me talk