My Baby – Week 12

Tummy time is becoming more and more fun every week! Your baby could be laughing out loud by week 12, and may even be able to hold some of his weight in his legs if you were to pull him up to a supported standing position. Don’t let him get too far ahead of himself, however. He still needs adequate head and neck support.

Are you tired of diapers yet?

Not only are you probably changing diapers morning, noon, and night, you may also be battling with diaper rash.

If your little one is experiencing diaper rash, don’t panic! It’s a common form of skin irritation that most babies experience at some point in their diaper-wearing career.

Signs and Symptoms of Diaper Rash

  • Red, puffy, or tender skin in the “diaper zone,” or buttocks, thighs, or genitals
  • Noticeable discomfort, i.e. crying, when the diaper area is being cleaned

Causes of Diaper Rash

  • If you are breastfeeding, the introduction of a new food to your diet!
  • Extended exposure to a wet diaper
  • The introduction of a new cleaning product, like new wipes or soap
  • Chafing! Tight fitting diapers and clothes can irritate your infant’s sensitive skin.
  • Once your baby is older, at least four to six months, a diaper rash may be the result of the introduction of new foods, especially solid foods to your baby’s diet.

What to do?

The best way to combat diaper rash is to keep your baby’s “diaper zone” as dry and clean as possible. Be sure to change diapers often, and even let your little one hang out sans diaper for part of the day, if possible. If it doesn’t seem to be clearing up after a couple of days, you should probably consult your baby’s pediatrician. They may suggest a topical cream with hydrocortisone, or even an antifungal cream.



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My Baby – Week 12

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  1. Profile photo of jessica jessica says:

    My little girl is loving tummy time, She can sleep for hours on it. Only had one bad rash on her.

  2. Profile photo of Anber Anber says:

    My baby does not enjoy tummy time either

  3. My baby girl hasn’t had diaper rash yet. Yay. Tummy time is always fun as well but her favorite is when she rolls over to her tummy herself. She loves rolling over and being on her tummy 🙂 #gettingtobigtoquick#

  4. Profile photo of Shelby Shelby says:

    So does mine. She fusses. She only tolerated it as a newborn. I think if you make sure that she fed and diaper changed before hand, and do it more frequent, she might get use to it.

  5. Profile photo of Monkiii300 Monkiii300 says:

    My babyy has never ha diaper rashh yett ;P

  6. Profile photo of Jeanetta Jeanetta says:

    My daughter hasn’t had a diaper rash yet…and she hates tummy time, she lays on her stomach and screams…

  7. Profile photo of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    My baby hates tummy time too. She liked it as a newborn though.

  8. Profile photo of kelly kelly says:

    when you changing the diaper for your baby ,,put vaseline (petroleum)for him its never being rash

  9. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    is it just me, my baby seems to hate tummy time

  10. Profile photo of Deserae Deserae says:

    Haven’t had too many so far. Thank God.

  11. Profile photo of ChrisS ChrisS says:

    Good tip for the cause of diaper rash. I got the feeling it has something to do with the food I eat.

  12. Profile photo of tammy tammy says:

    I agree with you@ Love that cream

  13. Only had a bad diaper rash once so far thank heaven. I used that Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and it’s a miracle cream for real!! No problem since.

  14. Profile photo of Shaleena Shaleena says:

    Very happy my son hasn’t had a diaper rash. He only does tummy for maybe five minutes at a time which is ok with me. But the funny thing is my son had been laughing and smiling in his sleep since he was about two weeks old but he just started smiling at me while awake maybe 3 weeks ago. So now i’m waiting for him to laugh at me while being and since I know how it sounds I wonder what will make him burst into laughter!

  15. Profile photo of mariloida mariloida says:

    no diaper rash for my amar or like my whole family calls him cable…been giggling since like 3 weeks ago is already tryin to crawl too bad his belly is to heavy to get off the ground hes soooo funny

  16. Profile photo of Catherine Catherine says:

    Unfortunately the only suggestion we got was to get over it! Mine HATES tummy time. She just turns her head to the side as if to say "why pick up my head when I can just turn it!" I guess she works smarter not harder! In any event, it does get better the more often you do it, so just keep at it a little every day!

    • Profile photo of Kim Kim says:

      My daughter does the same thing during tummy time. (Turns her head after about two min) However, she smiles a lot but no laughing. I’m dying to hear her giggle and to find out what it will be that will make her giggle:) and no diaper rash as of yet only a raw bottom right after birth from pooping and wiping so much:(

  17. Profile photo of Donnye Donnye says:

    my DS had diaper rash in the beginning, we changed wipes right away from huggies to kirkland brand and havent had to deal with a rash since

  18. Profile photo of Arielle Arielle says:

    My son hasn’t had diaper rash yet, but he hates tummy time! I don’t know what to do to make it more fun for him. Any suggestions?

  19. Profile photo of Kylie Kylie says:

    Havnt had diaper rash yet so happy for that. My little pumpkin loves her tummy time she actually already holds her head up pretty good now. And she giggled for her first time last week and has done it a couple of times was able to get it on video was the cutest thing.

  20. Profile photo of Ayannah Ayannah says:

    no diaper rash yet,but he refuses to sleep during the day and if he does its for 10mins the most

  21. Profile photo of mommysgirl mommysgirl says:

    very happy we havent had to deal with diaper rash yet. my baby girl loves her tummy time thankfully 🙂

  22. Profile photo of Kes'Mama Kes'Mama says:

    i wanna get cloth diapers but im confused on what ones to get and how many to start off with this is my first baby

  23. Profile photo of Edward Edward says:

    My wife and I was shopping in Wal-Mart today and all of a sudden our son just bursts out laughing for no reason at all but by the time I got the camera on my phone to record he stopped lol

  24. Profile photo of Jasmine Jasmine says:

    We are using cloth diapers and she hasn’t gotten diaper rash yet. rumor has it they help prevent diaper rash, so lets hope this is true.

  25. Profile photo of jesica jesica says:

    Im kind of glad my youngest hasn’t gotten any diaper rash yet… However he has laughed out loud for the first time today!! We all burst out laughing after hearing his first little chuckle