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Sleep Basics

There are many opinions surrounding sleeping recommendations for babies. To help you navigate through all of the noise, below you will find information, advice, and tips, from experts, pediatricians, and other mothers like you, to help you decide what is best for your baby, and your family.

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three siblings

Do Your Young Children Share a Room? 5 Spectacular Tips for Success!

Whether you need your children to share a room for lack of space, or you want to promote sibling bonding, getting your kids to share a room with ...
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newborn sleeping

Should You Allow Your Baby or Young Child to Sleep with You?

When it comes to parenting, it can be difficult to determine what’s best for your child – especially with regards to those areas on which ...
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Swaddling: The Baby Sleep Secret

Swaddling: Done too loosely, it won’t be calming. Done too tightly, it could interfere mobility and development. Learn the key to correct ...
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sleeping baby

How to Get Your Baby to SLEEP!

When it comes to ensuring quality sleep for your baby, there’s no shortage of opinions. For example, a quick Google search yields more than ...
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sleeping baby

Sleeping Like a Baby

Whoever came up with the phrase “sleeping like a baby,” obviously didn’t have one. Maybe you’re one of the “lucky ones,” but most of ...
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sleeping baby

Sleeping Safe and Sound

There aren't many things as beautiful and precious as the sight and sound of a sleeping baby. Unfortunately, even when your baby is fast ...
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Ok… I don’t know if anyone else has dealt with this but I’m having a really hard time. My oldest daughter,19, is pregnant and due about 5 weeks before I am. I’ve not been ...
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