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  1. Profile photo of Amanda Amanda says:

    I am 29 weeks and 5 days with my first child and it’s a boy:) I can’t wait for Luke Gregory Ryan petty

  2. Profile photo of raik raik says:

    Einleiten oder nicht wir sind srhr unentschlossen hilfe was sollen wir machen wir wohnen in Deutschland

  3. Profile photo of Monica Monica says:

    Im 29weeks and 1day cant wait for my son its been ling time waiting im so happy

  4. Profile photo of Ruth Ann Ruth Ann says:

    I’m sixteen weeks anyone know when I should plan my baby shower for?

  5. Profile photo of Kaitlyn Kaitlyn says:

    Baby shower is in two weeks! Can’t wait!! Doing a dipes and wipes party instead of a full blown baby shower since I’m having another girl and saved all my first daughters things!

  6. Profile photo of Maryjane Maryjane says:

    This is a wonderful website loving community, great article’s about pregnancy definitely will be my go-to pregnacy site..

  7. Profile photo of christie christie says:

    i cant wait for my baby shower! 😀

  8. Profile photo of Latoya Latoya says:

    i just cancelled my baby shower because the list of attendees is getting longer and that just means a lot more work for me to do and nobody offered to help. I feel sad because i was looking forward to share this moment with every one.

  9. Profile photo of Krystal Krystal says:

    This is really awesome! Especially, how they offer it for free if you use it as a posting on facebook. Usually, most sites would still charge you even then!

  10. I agree I’m 23 weeks and 4 days and I’m up and down.. Pregnancy can be sucky but great at the same time

  11. This is so helpful and amazing. I love these tools that this website gives

  12. Profile photo of heather heather says:

    I’m 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant today and now in this month I feel like shit

  13. Profile photo of cassandra cassandra says:

    Ok I had a baby shower for my 3 old. I didn’t get any I needed and whit my son’s that’s a year now his baby shower no one came I just don’t know what to do I want to have gender baby shower just don’t know how to make people come or maybe doin something wrong … I’m 16 almost 17 week’s I want to have it soon if I do have one need all the help I can get at. This point

  14. Profile photo of Jessika Jessika says:

    I like getting new design ideas. i feel a little bit bad having a baby shower for our 3rd girl in a row but I guess any excuse for a party is a good one. My poor hubby. 3 girls besides me plus a female dog and a female snake. He’s so outnumbered,

    • Profile photo of Kelly Kelly says:

      Don’t feel bad! We are in the same boat except we have 4 girls already, I am 8 weeks pregnant now, and I am pretty sure it will be a girl too. Genetics and probability just seem to point in that direction. And our dog is a girl as well lol but my husband was raised by his mother and grandmother so he is definitely the right man to know how to raise little girls <3

  15. Profile photo of Alysia Alysia says:

    Didn’t have a baby shower for my daughter and have no clue really what to. Do. I’m 25 weeks with twin girls. Lol 3 girls in the house other than me. God help my husband when teen years come

  16. Profile photo of Jazmyne Jazmyne says:

    first pregnancy and its a boy

  17. Profile photo of Wendy Wendy says:

    First pregnancy and twins are on the way , two baby girls.

  18. Profile photo of Amy Amy says:

    First pregnancy, it’s a boy.. A VERY active little boy. 23 weeks and I feel like it’s nonstop with him moving… Not that I mind! 😉

  19. Profile photo of Holly Holly says:

    Do I pick out the shower invites for my shower or let my friends throwing the shower do all that?

  20. Profile photo of Holly Holly says:

    My little guy kicks pretty hard and I’m a few days from 20weeks. I literally doubled over in bed the other night. Unbelievable!

  21. Profile photo of Paige banks Paige banks says:

    This! Is my 6th Pregancy but the first to go Pass six months im Nervous and Scared all at the same time

  22. Profile photo of amy amy says:

    this is my first baby and im so excited to have her in my arms it scares me sometimes when I don’t feel her move I am 21 weeks and 5 days pregnant

  23. Profile photo of Yannette Yannette says:

    I still waiting to find out what i having if it a boy or a girl with I already have 8 year old boy

  24. Profile photo of Diana Diana says:

    I am having a lil girl this time. Its my 10th pregnancy. The last baby I had I had 4 my brother and
    His wife. They couldnt have anymore kids and wanted 1 so I had 1 for them. The same with this baby.
    My friend of a few yrs. Was not able 2 have anymore babys and really wanted 2 have another 1. Her last
    Little girl died suddenly for unknown reasons and since I can have babys I thought there is no reason
    I couldnt have 1 for her. I am very x-cited 4 her and so are my children. I do believe God does things 4 a
    Reason & brought me and her 2gether 4 a reason that is beyond my knowing. Good luck Jade ur going 2 be
    A great mom!