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Post-Pregnancy Health

Taking care of a newborn can be an all-consuming task. With erratic sleep schedules, constant feedings, and more diaper changes than you can count, it can feel like you don't have a moment to spare for yourself. However, it remains as important now as it was during your pregnancy to maintain your own health. Your new addition needs you to be feeling your best.

4 Ways to Ease Postpartum Uterine Contractions

Postpartum uterine contractions occur in the days after your child is born and range in pain levels from menstrual cramps to labor contractions. ...
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4 Degrees of Perineal Tears (Plus 4 Things You’ll Need!)

Perineal, or vaginal tears, occur during a vaginal childbirth. Childbirth, if you think about it, is a pretty traumatizing ordeal for your peri ...
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5 Scents That Heal

By Sharon Liao for Sniffle Solutions The secret to better sleep, more energy and fewer cold symptoms may be right beneath your nose: A growing ...
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5 Ways New Moms Can Get Sleep

By Maureen Healy for Baby + You Everyone warns you, but there’s no way to know what sleep deprivation truly feels like until you have your ...
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Feeling Tired After Birth? Get Relief!

By Kristyn Kusek Lewis for Baby + You “No doubt about it, being a mom is exhausting,” says Martha Davis, author of The Relaxation and Stress ...
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Reclaim Your Body After Baby!

By Deirdre Uria for Baby + You After giving birth, if you’re not changing diapers or establishing a feeding schedule, you’re washing onesies ...
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I am wondering what everyone’s opinions are about Dad’s responsibilities when it comes to baby care. I am a stay-at-home mom and we agreed that since I could stay at home with my baby, ...
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