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Naming your baby can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable decisions you have to make, but you know you want to get it just right. Having trouble? Try our Baby Name Finder to search for that perfect baby name. Do you need a little more inspiration? Check out our "Baby Names Inspirations" section. Looking for a cool name, a popular name or an unusual name? Well, we can help you with that too. Just click on one of our many baby name lists. We're sure there's one that is just right for you.

Baby Names Inspirations
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  1. Avatar of Brittney Brittney says:

    I am 26 weeks pregnant with a little girl. I’m going to name her Londyn. We wanted a place since she will have 2 real names as middle names.

  2. Avatar of Shambrel Shambrel says:

    I have a daughter name Samariyanah she 4 years old , and im 13 weeks pregnant and I hope its a girl because Ima name her Na’Zyriah Marie ,

  3. I love this name for a baby girl.. really hoping my hubby agrees to it :)

  4. Avatar of Sonia Sonia says:

    well theres some cute name …………some wierd ones to

  5. Avatar of Tiffany Tiffany says:

    I’m 9 weeks and not due til November. The morning sickness(last all day)is no fun at all. Is it to early to think about names?

  6. Avatar of Kristin Kristin says:

    I am 24 weeks and 6 days (6 months) pregnant and I still have morning sickness every morning from 5 or 6 in the morning till noon. Does anyone happen to know how long morning sickness can last? I saw a joke that said something about having morning sickness till the day you have your baby….and then some….I thought it was a joke in the beginning, but I’m starting to think its true now…lol

    • Avatar of nichole nichole says:

      morning sickness can last all thru your pregnancy. i just call it the sickness lol but my last one i had it until the day he was born and then this one now i am 16 weeks and its not as bad as in the beginning but i still get it! :) Zofran works alright to help. you have to have it prescribed if your morning sickness is really bad!

  7. Avatar of Brianna Brianna says:

    I’m 14 weeks and I have always wanted a boy but now have no idea what to name him because neither me or the father can agree. But I have a girl’s name chosen already, that we both agree on, ilaya Egypt Renee. Rene (with an accent over the last e) is my father’s middle name and Renee is mine. Ilaya I came up with somehow and Egypt… well I just like it as a name. I want something unique like that for a boy’s name too.

  8. Avatar of Clara Clara says:

    I’m picking Jason. :)

  9. Avatar of Kailey Kailey says:

    Naming my daughter Tesla, like the scientist Nikola Tesla…

  10. Avatar of nisha nisha says:

    i picked a name that noone has its unique and special

  11. Avatar of srishty srishty says:

    I want a unique name for my baby boy and girl having a spiritual meaning as name affects the nature and character of baby

  12. Avatar of srishty srishty says:

    I want a name for my unborn baby having a beautiful meaning

  13. Avatar of Amy Amy says:

    If we have a girl we want to name her Layla. But I’m having a hard time coming up with a middle name. I don’t want anything too common like Ann or Marie. I was thinking Layla Emery.. any thoughts or suggestions?

  14. Avatar of Codi Codi says:

    I have a daughter named Jordan lee, a daughter named Jarynn Lynn, a daughter named Jaycei Rhae and a son named Greyson Dean…..

  15. Avatar of Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I’ll be 17 weeks tomorrow with my 1st boy, I have 3 girls already. We had decided in the very beginning that his name would be Andrew Ryker but I loved the name Ryker so much that we changed our minds. Our little one will be Ryler Scott. Ryker is an alternative Richard, grampa’s name. Scott is daddy’s only brothers name.

  16. Avatar of Madina Madina says:

    Can anyone tell me their opinion please?
    I’m 15 weeks and don’t know who I’m having yet. But I always liked the name Bagheera/Bagira (Bah-Gee–rah) Is it more like a pet name?

    • Avatar of Morgan Morgan says:

      I absolutely love that name. very creative and unique, I think the name is adorable :)

    • Avatar of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

      Hi Madina – While I think the name is pretty you might run into some trouble with people stumbling to pronounce it. If that doesn’t bother you, then I say go for it!

      • I always think about what kids in school will make out of the names I scroll through. I think that is a very unique pretty name! Both my daughters are spelled differently but its what I wanted to let them stand out, sure everyone always calls the oldest the wrong way but she knows how to correct them and usually she ends up with a new nick name…lol… well good luck and hope wish you the best of luck and if that’s what you want to name your little pride and joy then you go for it girl!!!

  17. Avatar of Erica Erica says:

    I’m 33 weeks pregnant and for my daughter I chose the name Shaelin Ann :) It’s unique and no one has it !!!

  18. Avatar of jasmine jasmine says:

    well I’m 16 weeks i find out at the end of the month what we are having hoping for a girl we have 3 boys already, but i love the name Jayla Rae! :-)

  19. Avatar of Franshaska Franshaska says:

    I don’t use common names u hear all the time I have a lil girl named harleigh and a lil girl named kinleigh and im havin another lil girl and have no clue wat to name her

    • Avatar of Tiffany Tiffany says:

      Ahraleigh (Are•le•ya)or pronounce it as (Ah•ray•lee) that is also my 5 year old name. I spell hers like Ahrale. That you keep “Leigh” in her name.

  20. Avatar of Chasity Chasity says:

    I love the name Lillian Grace

  21. Avatar of Tania Tania says:

    I love the name Isabelle Victoria

  22. Avatar of Christina Christina says:

    We have 3 children currently and our fourth is due May 15th, 2014. We are team green, because we have one son twelve named Dakota Coleman and he wants a brother and two daughters, nine year old Megan Laurie and seven year old Helaina Lorraine-who both want sisters. We have the names picked out and decided on Greek names for both genders. If its a boy it will be Tyberious Granger Weiss or Ty for short. and if its a girl it will be ilithyia Merrilly Weiss or Lithyia or Lily for short. Tyberious means God of the North and Granger means rolling green hills. ilithyia means Goddess of Childbearing and Merrilly means Happy or Overjoyed. Can’t wait for the Big Day! We just got stationed as a Marine family in Okinawa, Japan-just arrived here on March 6th, 2014-from Texas!-so Nervous!

    • Avatar of ronda ronda says:

      My best friends son just stationed in Okinawa Japan also in the marines!! Also on the name.Tyberious, i like it my grandsons name is Jackson Tobias

  23. Avatar of sara sara says:

    Im naming my daughter sidriánna rose

  24. Avatar of Jennifer Jennifer says:

    For a girl we have decided on Zoey Ann Calixto which means Life, Gracious Merciful, Most beautiful. For a boy we have chosen Michael Anthony Ryan which means who is like god, of unknown meaning, descendant of the king

  25. Avatar of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    Oh, my daughter’s first name means Shield, Scholar here. But when we searched and came up Ciel means heavenly.

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