Baby Care Log

babyUse this log to document important information about your baby. This log is especially useful if another caregiver is taking care of your baby. When it is time for you to take over, you will know the last time your baby ate, napped and was changed. You will also know when any medications were administered, if applicable.

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  1. Avatar of sana sana says:

    i like this log i find it very helpful

  2. Avatar of DESIREE DESIREE says:

    I like this and finds it very convenient along with only communication for the entire family . Once you keep a baby care log, then the other family member can pick up from where you stop, if you have to take a nap or run an errand. We always use a baby care log and it comes in easily especially at nights as we take turns to take care of our baby.

  3. Avatar of Shawna Shawna says:

    I used a log for our first but I was young and didnt keep up with it. Now with our second they gave the initial one at hospital and I found an app to keep it up after and I love it. This way I know what is regular for my baby as every baby is different so looking stuff up online is pointless this way I know that if there is a change I can look back and see what is normal and if I should call the doctor for any bad noticeable change. Shes a month old now and I keep it like a journal. There are alot of free apps out there so its not like youre wasting any money or using up paper. :)

  4. Avatar of Schazaura Schazaura says:

    I’m a first time mom. Why would you want to keep track of how long your baby fed, and what was in his or her diaper? Fact is, why would you want to keep a log period? Just curious.

  5. Avatar of LIZ says:

    very good, my husband love spreadsheets and he is the one thats take care of this

  6. Avatar of Nicole Nicole says:

    This is a great resource. This log will help any caregiver to know whats going on with baby. I just delivered twins a few days ago and I would use this just for myself so I know when which one is eating and soiling diapers.

  7. Avatar of kim kim says:

    its seems easy at first bit it can get frustrating ecspecially if you half to do it on your own. it was easy until my first two started walking and getting into things and fighting with each other they are always tataling on each other mommy he or she did this

  8. Avatar of Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I am a first time mom with a three week old. I like this idea very much! I have been just writing down this info on notebook paper. Since I am breast feeding writing down each feeding helps me know when to offer a feeding next. I also record how long she feeds for and which breast she nurses from. Plus like others have said the doctor will be asking for this information and things tend to run together so writing it down is very beneficial for me.

  9. Avatar of Ciara Ciara says:

    this seems like it will be very useful. not due until march,but printing for safe keeping until then to remind me

  10. Avatar of Madison Madison says:

    This is really helpful!

  11. Avatar of rachel rachel says:

    this is a great chart

  12. Avatar of Flo Flo says:

    I’m a first time mom too, this seems like over kill. I don’t think it’s necessary because we won’t have our child taken care of by someone we cannot trust. You’ll know when to feed or change your baby and if the baby has to take medicine he/she will be on a schedule.. So I wouldn’t bother using this.

  13. Avatar of Angela Angela says:

    I like this, but is it really necessary? First time mom here! Be nice

    • Avatar of Sara McTigueEditor Sara McTigue says:

      When they first arrive and you are sleep deprived and overwhelmed and visiting the doctor every few days or weeks where they will ask you “How many bowel movements a day? How often does he urinate? How much is he eating?” something like this is a HUGE help. :) But it’s totally understandable to wonder! Congrats on becoming a first-time mom!

  14. Avatar of Timothy Timothy says:

    any other guys on here ?

  15. Avatar of Timothy Timothy says:

    I want more points

  16. Avatar of Timothy Timothy says:

    50 points for a comment,, I love it

  17. Avatar of jessica jessica says:

    loved this chart when i just had my baby

  18. Avatar of toya toya says:

    this chart is very helpful, because when you take your baby to his/her first doctor’s appointment they will ask you questions like these..

  19. Avatar of MaToya MaToya says:

    This is very helpful I did this with my first son. you’ll be surprise all the things you need to remember and i have a bad memory. Like their shots, medicines, sick days how they were feeling etc.

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