Baby Care Log

babyUse this log to document important information about your baby. This log is especially useful if another caregiver is taking care of your baby. When it is time for you to take over, you will know the last time your baby ate, napped and was changed. You will also know when any medications were administered, if applicable.

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Baby Care Log

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  1. this is really handy especially when the dr asks questions that u really dont the answer to cuz the whole day just passes by without paying attention to time….

  2. Profile photo of SomarasMommy SomarasMommy says:

    this is very helpful!!

  3. Profile photo of miss miss says:

    i love this site

  4. Profile photo of MLS MLS says:

    I wish I had this in stead of a notebook.

  5. Profile photo of brebre1313 brebre1313 says:

    this is awesome!!! i use it all the time

  6. I gave this feeding log to my cousing who had her baby three weeks ago and she loves it, specially because she is breastfeeding.

  7. Profile photo of victoria victoria says:


  8. Profile photo of Brandi Brandi says:

    this is great to have since I start back to work on Monday. My mother-in-law will definitely appreciate this schedule.

  9. Profile photo of dorisea dorisea says:

    this is just what i need to keep track

  10. Profile photo of krsy001 krsy001 says:

    i will use this with the new baby!!!!

  11. Profile photo of Pennynickle Pennynickle says:

    I really like this.

  12. Profile photo of Hipmom808 Hipmom808 says:

    Do you have a free app for the ipad?

  13. Profile photo of Mayri Mayri says:

    wish i ahd it on my newborn nights…

  14. Profile photo of AmzJac AmzJac says:

    very useful indeed

  15. Profile photo of laurisssa laurisssa says:

    This is nice, but if you have a smart phone I recommend using an app. It’s much easier. I use Baby Care.

  16. Profile photo of Colleen Colleen says:

    Great way to keep track of all the important things!!

  17. My wife and I love the baby care log

  18. Profile photo of Leah Penny Leah Penny says:

    I found that it helps to fill out a log like this at least for the first few weeks as your peditrician will ask you similar questions. It’s easier to pull out your log, then to try to remember with adequate sleep possibly being an issue. 🙂

  19. Profile photo of TwinsFTW TwinsFTW says:

    We used something similar at the hospital and a few weeks after we got home, but now we just go with the flow. We have a somewhat regular routine now.

  20. Profile photo of sara sara says:

    we started using a log like this when we were at the hospital, but not long after we got home we just sorta went with the flow. i dont recommend it for everyone, thats what worked for me and my partner.