Bathing & Grooming

That new baby scent is intoxicating, but smelling like spit-up is not so fun. Below, you will find articles full of information, tips, and suggestions, so that bathing and grooming your little one will be a breeze for you.

Teething & Teeth Care - Baby
Your Newborn Bathing Questions Answered

Newborn babies are a lot of things: precious, beautiful, amazing, and … stinky? Before ...
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4 Tips for Cutting Your Newborn’s Fingernails

Newborn babies are perfect. Tiny ears, tiny noses, tiny wrists, and itty-bitty fingers ...
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4 Tips for Caring for Your Baby Boy’s Diaper Area

When I became the mother of a son, I was pretty terrified. After having two daughters, I ...
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4 Tips for Caring for Your Baby Girl’s Diaper Area

When I took my youngest daughter for her check-up as a baby, I thought I had this ...
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How to Care for Your Uncircumcised Baby Boy

More and more parents are choosing not to circumcise their newborn sons, but they ...
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Motherhood from the Trenches: Diaper Blowouts

As a mom of three, I have had my fair share of poop explosions. They always ...
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