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Sara McTigue, CLC

Sara McTigue is a secret agent, cupcake chef, award winning author, photographer, and PTA mom. At least, that is how things look in her mind. When she isn’t testing the bounds of her imagination, she is a mom to three amazing and hilariously funny children, wife to a charming and handsome man, and thoroughly addicted to reading. With a BS in English Education and an MA in English Literature, words – and their ability to shape our lives and thoughts – are an everyday fascination. After several years teaching high schoolers how to think critically, write clearly, and text message during class discreetly, she was lucky enough to conceive her daughter Annabella. Suddenly there was only one student in her classroom, and she was more of a drooler than a talker. Sara parlayed her skills into work at home opportunities; creating curriculum, copy editing, and writing between marathon Dr. Seuss readings and middle of the night wakings. It was like taking an adventure in pajamas, with the chance to work in diverse industries from tourism to medical marketing. Sara has never been particularly good at math, and somehow trying to add one more child to the family resulted in three children when the doctor announced that those two blobs on the screen were, in fact, two babies. (Those two blobs grew beautifully into Lorelei and Sawyer, who are much less blob-like now.) She relates to Julie Andrews singing “I must have done something good” every day when she wakes. The universe seems to have aligned, and daily work and daily life are entangled in all the best ways. When she isn’t reading, writing, or parenting she likes to get tipsy with friends, watch shows that make her sleep with a nightlight, and photograph life so she won’t forget a second.

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Looking to sources from astrology and the farmer’s almanac to scientific research, here are some of the characteristics attributed to May babies. In the Northern hemisphere, May is embodied by spring. The name is believed to be derived from Maia, a goddess of fertility. It is also a welcome recognition for moms everywhere, when Mother’s [&hellip
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15 perfect bedtime songs

Of course you can stick with the standards — “Twinkle, Twinkle” and “Hush, Little Baby” still work just fine — but sometimes it’s nice to try something a little different. Heck, the secret to calming my oldest daughter’s colicky screams was repeated refrains of the Oscar Mayer songs (My baloney has a first name … [&hellip
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Toilet paper hanging in the bathroom

At some point during pregnancy, it starts to really sink in that the baby will have to come out somehow. And that it’s probably going to hurt. And if you’re like many pregnant women, this may spark some concern. Especially since you may already be aching with every movement, feeling like the baby might fall [&hellip
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April showers bring … baby showers? If your new arrival is expected in April, you may be wondering what you can expect. Looking to sources from astrology and the farmer’s almanac to scientific research, here are some of the characteristics attributed to April babies. Although the month may start off with April Fool’s Day and [&hellip
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If you’ve ever found yourself watching The Breakfast Club or The NeverEnding Story just-one-more-time, you’re sure to find some great ideas for baby names inspired by those and other 80s favorites in this list. See if your favorite film, character, or actor made the list! Ferris: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a personal favorite, in [&hellip
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is your family ready to do Disney?

Living in Florida has its issues. The intense heat, the reputation our state has for attracting less-than-intelligent criminals, the palmetto bugs (who are we kidding with that name – they’re giant, flying cockroaches). But there is one thing about living in Florida that I can’t ever imagine giving up: our proximity to the most magical [&hellip
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As spring marches in, we celebrate growth and new life. Of course, the most exciting new life of all is the one you’re expecting, right? But as your baby grows, what can you expect in the future? Looking to sources from astrology and the farmer’s almanac to scientific research, here are some of the characteristics [&hellip
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disney and death why it is important to me

Disney once again claimed honors at the Oscars, continuing a tradition of creating classics. In less than a month, we’ll also see a live-action Cinderella grace the screen. Disney movies have cemented their place as a staple of childhood, but not without criticisms. Along with the discussion about little girls identifying with the princesses of [&hellip
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kids shopping superstore

Dance like you mean it, wherever you are. Grocery store? Car? Doctor’s office? Any setting is the perfect time for shaking it and doing your very-best-but-still-not-very-good rendition of the Single Ladies routine. When strangers begin looking at you strangely, point
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All About My February Baby

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

February baby main image

There’s nothing quite so exciting as the love you feel when you finally meet your very own baby! And what kind of love will you find with your February baby? Looking to sources from astrology and the farmer’s almanac to scientific research, here are some of the characteristics attributed to February babies. There are quite [&hellip
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