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Becky Rosenthal has a confession to make. Without shame she romanticizes her grandmother's era. Perhaps she's a victim of Golden Age thinking, but she believes her grandma could teach us a few things about hosting a party, warming up a room, welcoming strangers, cooking for them and striking up a conversation. We could all benefit from sitting down around a great meal and simply enjoying our families and friends more often. Enter Vintage Mixer. She originally started Vintage Mixer to share lessons and recipes learned from Grandma Grace and to tell stories of world travel. The heart of Vintage Mixer is about a meal, a table and a conversation contrasted with calendars that fill as quickly as we allow. Sadly, hosting and hospitality rarely make it on our schedule anymore. It feels like an after-thought, like something we do if we can't figure out what else to do or, worse, we do it half-heartedly valuing nothing more than simply getting it over with. It's time to gather around a table again with a meaningful meal and get to know each other. Vintage Mixer provides recipes, atmosphere and the art valuing family, friends and strangers by making incredible food paired with good drink in a room that encourages guests to stay as long as they'd like and leave more refreshed than when they arrived. Becky does all of this in Salt Lake City, Utah where she lives with her husband and singer/songwriter Josh Rosenthal and their hopelessly needy Portuguese Waterdog, Henry. Becky and Josh are the owner/operators of Grace Food Group, responsible for Vintage Mixer, SLCfoodie and SLCmixers.

breakfast sandwiches

There are times in our life when we must eat more protein than usual; one of those times is when you’re pregnant. And since I happen to be pregnant I’ve been loading up on protein whenever possible. Spinach and eggs both contain a lot of protein, making for a perfect combo in this breakfast sandwich
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Vintage Mixer_Semi-Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup-1

Cooler weather and busy fall schedules call for a big batch of chicken noodle soup. Many of us don’t have time to make homemade chicken noodle soup but there are many ways to amp up an average can or two of chicken noodle soup.

First of all you must buy a quality can of chicken noodle soup. We prefer Campbell’s 100% natural Chicken Noodle Soup that has whole grain noodles. Once you’ve stocked your pantry with you soup of choice here are a few tips on how to boost your canned soup. …
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Honey Almond Cheesecake Picture

Farmer’s markets and local grocery stores have just begun to overflow with juicy, fresh fruits: strawberries, rhubarb, blueberries, raspberries, and you may even find some fresh currants. This is my favorite time of year – when all of the best produce is shared and enjoyed. I find myself adding fresh fruit to my cereal, salads, and desserts. I have a perfect dessert to top with all of that fresh fruit of the season: cheesecake!

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Homemade Granola for Yogurt Parfaits Picture

Springtime mornings call for subtly sweet and wonderfully simple breakfasts. Breakfasts that are made for an east-facing porch, or a cozy outdoor dining area, where you’re more interested in sitting and staring at the morning sky than worrying about a big, involved breakfast-making experience. I know, you have to wake up early enough to enjoy the summer morning if you’re in the hotter areas of the country, but it’s worth it when you’ve got the time. Rarely does the midweek give that time we need, but perhaps a Sunday morning might make itself available. A cup of coffee and a nice homemade granola something or other would do the trick.

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Picnic Perfect Healthy Pasta Salad Picture

The warming weather brings us into picnic and BBQ season once again! During this time of year, I am always searching for light, tasty recipes that are picnic-perfect. There’s a huge park just up the road from my house in downtown Salt Lake City. I dream of long lunches or evening dinners packed in our picnic backpack, maybe sneaking a little wine in for good measure. Long meals shared with loved ones under the bright blue sky make summers that much better. I love everything about a picnic.

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Simple Goodness: Whole Wheat Bread Picture

Homemade bread is delicious and comforting, but I often find myself putting off the task of baking it. Even though basic bread recipes have wonderfully simple ingredient lists, I am easily intimidated by the finicky nature of rising dough and the hours of commitment required.

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cauliflower tostada

Today I’m mixing up two items – a new popular way of cooking cauliflower plus one of my mom’s favorite quick Mexican meals.

Cauliflower seems like all the rage these days. Lucky for me, my husband loves it, so we’ve been experimenting a lot. We’ve made cauliflower pizza crust using finely ground cauliflower, eggs, herbs, and cheese; we’ve made cauliflower couscous; we used cauliflower like a grain for salads and side dishes. For this recipe we cut the cauliflower into steak like pieces and toasted them in the oven with a few Mexican spices, and then we used them as the “tortilla” for a Mexican tostada.

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strawberry rhubarb frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is just an easy excuse for me to have a form of ice cream all summer long. I recently started making my own and could literally eat it for a light, guilt-free dessert every evening.

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Spring-Inspired Artichoke Pizza Picture

Artichokes are in season in most places around the country. For some this fact may be thrilling, yet for others it may be intimidating. Today we’re sharing a recipe for homemade pizza with artichokes and we’re also giving detailed instructions for how to prepare and cook fresh artichokes. So for those who are thrilled or intimidated, we hope to bring everyone together in the kitchen today!

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homemade chicken nugget

For some, the thought of making or eating chicken nuggets is one that brings back sweet memories of childhood, but others may be turned off because of the many nuggets out there that are highly processed, fried, and causing many of our children to be overweight. This recipe for chicken nuggets is all natural, using real ingredients, and makes for a meal that everyone in the family will enjoy.

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