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Katie Hurley, LCSW is a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and writer in Los Angeles, CA. She earned her BA in Psychology and Women's Studies from Boston College and her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania. She divides her time between her family, her private practice and her writing. Passionate about helping parents enjoy the ride, she provides parent education and simple strategies to take the guesswork out of difficult parenting situations. You can find her at Practical Parenting and allParenting. She lives in the South Bay area of Los Angeles with her rock & roll husband and her two children, Riley and Liam. She believes in lattes, family time and the power of play.


It seems like the very minute the holiday season comes to a close, the world focuses on resolutions. Perhaps the need to set lofty expectations for self-improvement is directly proportional to cookies eaten during the holiday season, or maybe the long days of winter leave us wanting something better. Whatever the reason, resolutions to begin [&hellip
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The holiday season is full of reasons to smile. The lights are bright and cheery. Candy is everywhere. Kids sing happy tunes and craft adorable projects at school. Yes, the world feels just a little bit brighter during the holiday season. But if you take a closer look, the world also seems a little bit [&hellip
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A teary-eyed mom of an 8-year-old girl sat in my office, wringing her hands. It was a long year full of unforeseen obstacles. She tried to remain positive throughout the ups and downs. She tried to wear a brave face in front of her daughter. She tried to smile, laugh, and remain playful. But as [&hellip
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http://www.everydayfamily.com/slideshow/how-to-keep-th…in-childhood-3/ ‎

From endless activities to music with warnings to fashion fit for teens (if that), some families are fast tracking childhood. Childhood moves pretty quickly, but when little girls are dressing like much older girls, children are lacking playtime, and parents are exposing children to music meant for adults, it’s hard for kids to be kids. [&hellip
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We read a lot in this house. We read together so much that large piles of books seem to appear just about everywhere — even on the kitchen table. In a perfect world, we would put each book back on the shelf before choosing a new one, but we’re not perfect around here. At times, [&hellip
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I love running, but probably not for the reasons you might think. Yes, I love feeling strong and healthy and I believe it’s important to show self-care to my children. Yes, a good run sets the stage for a good day. But the biggest draw for me is that when I’m running, it’s only thing [&hellip
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I get a lot of requests for help from parents of 2 to 3-year-old children. Whether the request comes in email or phone call form, it always starts the same way: “My toddler was the best sleeper ever, so mellow, and so easy … but now everything is a nightmare!” Sound familiar? You’re not alone, weary [&hellip
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November is officially upon us, and you know what the means — the season of gratitude begins now! It is the time of year when we attempt to slow down and express our gratitude as much as possible. Classrooms focus on American history, and kindergartens and preschools craft turkeys and thankful leaves to decorate their [&hellip
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When my son was a toddler, he decided that all of his tags had to go. Tags were itchy and bothersome, and he had no time for itchy and bothersome. But even when I cut the tags out of shirts, he would come to me, pointing to the tiny little bit of tag left behind, [&hellip
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Every once in a while, something erupts on social media, and the so-called “mommy wars” become a thing again. Whether it’s a celebrity mom dishing out unwanted advice or a fight over the best way to do this or that, people jump in with comments and opinions, until it quiets down again, and then everyone [&hellip
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