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Amanda is a social media manager for a health care organization by day, a blogger and freelance writer by night, and a celebrity news junkie all the time! She's also mom to an amazing 2 year-old boy and wife to a great guy who indulges all her celebrity gossip (and sometimes tries to scoop her!) Amanda loves coffee, fashion, nail polish, cats, and Tim Gunn (not always in that order.) For more celebrity gossip, fashion, beauty and DIY, visit Amanda's blog, It's Blogworthy.

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Breastfeeding my babies has been one of my favorite parts of motherhood. I’ve been blessed with breastfeeding success: 18 months with my son and two months (and counting) with my daughter. However, we all know breastfeeding isn’t for everyone, and not every mother has a positive experience with it. Celebrity moms seem to love breastfeeding [&hellip
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It’s true what they say about modesty during pregnancy — it flies right out the window from the get-go. Tests, shots, and constantly dropping your pants in a sterile office are all hallmarks of the typical American pregnancy. Today we’re talking about some of the pregnancy realities that get a bad rap, from forcing pregnant [&hellip
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I was blessed with two really great pregnancies. Both times, I sailed through 40 weeks with some aches and pains, leg cramps, snoring, and other not-so-fun aspects. But all in all, I enjoyed carrying my babies; however, lots of people aren’t as lucky. It’s pretty common for women to feel out of sorts during their [&hellip
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Did you guys know that after you have a baby, you will probably leave the hospital looking pregnant? This seems like such a simple question with a simple answer for moms who have given birth, but for me, this fact was a shock to me the first time around. When Princess Kate Middleton gave birth [&hellip
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Welcome to another round of celebrity bumps and babies on this week’s EverydayFamily Celebrity Roundup! It’s baby number six for the ever-fertile Kevin Federline! Kevin and his wife, Victoria Prince, welcomed their second child—a daughter! The proud daddy announced the birth of his little lady via his Instagram account by posting a photo of an [&hellip
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“Your daughter is here!” Is there any more beautiful moment for a new mother than holding your newborn for the first time? I will never forget the moment my doctor placed my new baby on my chest so I could gaze at her gorgeous dimples and hold her tiny fingers. My doctor and the staff [&hellip
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Personalized baby sweaters and toddler negotiation – just two of the many things moms have to look forward to when raising  a child. Here are some of this week’s best celebrity stories! Christina Aguilera will be thinking pink!  The singer and The Voice judge announced she was expecting a girl with fiancé Matt Rutler during [&hellip
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When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I was first overjoyed, then a little nervous about how her brother would react. He was my first baby, and we have always had a really great connection. I kiss his boo-boos, snuggle with him when he’s sick, and I rocked him to sleep the [&hellip
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Ever wonder how those svelte celebrity moms seem to snap right back to their pre-baby shape almost immediately? If you thought it was because of a bevy of nannies, chefs and personal trainers, you … probably aren’t wrong. However, many of Hollywood’s hottest moms have shared some tips that are pretty practical.  Learn some secrets [&hellip
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The last few weeks of pregnancy are filled with checklists (OK, let’s face it — the entire pregnancy is that way for some women). Hospital bags, birth classes, registry items, stocking up on the essentials, and pre-planning meals are all top-of-mind for many women before delivery. After? For most ladies, it’s 100% baby brain. It’s [&hellip
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