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Amanda is a social media manager for a health care organization by day, a blogger and freelance writer by night, and a celebrity news junkie all the time! She's also mom to an amazing 2 year-old boy and wife to a great guy who indulges all her celebrity gossip (and sometimes tries to scoop her!) Amanda loves coffee, fashion, nail polish, cats, and Tim Gunn (not always in that order.) For more celebrity gossip, fashion, beauty and DIY, visit Amanda's blog, It's Blogworthy.

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7 things you need to know

One of my favorite things about newborn babies is the cute, teeny clothes we can dress them in. We had piles of puppy dog sleepers and dinosaur onesies for my sonband ladybugs, ruffles, and kitties for my daughter. Retailers know we moms like to dress our babies up in the cutest of cute; that’s why [&hellip
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5 thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas

Thanksgiving is so close, I can almost smell the turkey now … and the mashed potatoes, and the gravy, and the green bean casserole. (Hey, a pregnant girl has to eat!) Of course, the best thing about Thanksgiving is the time you spend with your family and friends, celebrating the joys of life and the blessings of the year.

If this year’s blessing happens to be a bun in the proverbial oven, Thanksgiving can also be a great time to announce your pregnancy to the world: you’re already counting your blessings, your family is gathered together, and you can top off your announcement with a celebratory slice of pumpkin pie for good measure (while your family toasts the happy news with a glass of wine – sorry, ladies, you’ll have to wait until next Thanksgiving for that). …
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plastic surgery nightmares

When your bread and butter is your face, it’s easy to get sucked into the black hole of plastic surgery. While many celebrities opt for a subtle nip, tuck, or enlargement to help them keep up with the Kardashians (literally and figuratively), there are some who go completely overboard, transforming well-loved faces into utter nightmares. [&hellip
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pregnancy cravings pickles and ice cream

The trite stereotype of a pregnant lady standing in her kitchen at midnight, scraping ice cream out of a carton with a pickle may not be too far from the truth for some women. Pregnancy cravings run the gamut from normal and healthy (watermelon for me with my son) to the unusual and … not-so-healthy [&hellip
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celebrity parenting fails

There’s no rule book for parenting — no guidelines or user’s manual for how to parent a child. We’re all doing the best we can, but sometimes, fails happen — even when you’re part of the rich and famous crowd! Here are 6 times when celebrity parenting made us cringe. Prince William’s Seat Belt Snafu [&hellip
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7 mind blowing facts

It’s time for real talk: You all have known at least one person who announced her pregnancy and you immediately did the conception arithmetic in your head. Recently, newlywed Jill Duggar, of the 19 Kids and Counting Duggars, announced she was pregnant with her first baby — just 90 days after her wedding. The Internet [&hellip
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7 celebrity penned kids books

Celebrities have many roles, both literally and figuratively. The ability to change their personality for jobs also has an added benefit: an active imagination and creative energy that lends itself perfectly to children’s literature. From pre-teen horror stories to extensions of 100-year-old classics, here are 7 kids books that were written by some of your [&hellip
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breastfeeding a newborn

The only thing you really need to breastfeed your baby is, well, your breasts. When you breastfeed exclusively (not counting pumping the occasional bottle), you don’t need anything extra. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things that are great to have on hand while you’re nursing your baby, especially during the first few weeks when your baby will be nursing constantly (or at least it feels like it!).
Here are a few of my favorite must-have accessories to have on hand while you’re giving your baby a healthy start
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Skin is the largest organ in the human body and accounts for about 15% of your body weight. Your skin holds more than 11 miles of blood vessels and has more than 30 million skin cells. Your skin is an amazing organ. Except during pregnancy. There are many beautiful things about pregnancy. Unfortunately, your skin [&hellip
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baby holds single finger

Can we just get a high-five-woot-woot-you-go-girl for the single mamas? Many juggle working, caring for little ones, AND taking time for themselves, and that’s no easy feat. In fact, in my opinion, it’s a Herculean task done daily. Now celebrity single moms? I want to tone down the cheering section for them just a tad, [&hellip
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