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Heather Montgomery is a freelance writer with a background in Elementary Education and an almost embarrassing need to read celebrity gossip. As a work-at-home mom to three children, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She was married in 2003 and currently resides in Florida.

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mother daugther

As a mom, thinking about your teen being sexually active can be a very scary thing. While your teen probably thinks sex feels good, is fun, or that it may make someone love them, you are most likely thinking of all the potential consequences of a sexually-active teen
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Busy Philipps

Most first time moms are uber-diligent and overprotective of their first child. Holding, feeding, changing, and caring for the general needs of a newborn is something that a first time mother doesn’t always like to hand over to anyone else. However, I think that if you ask most second time moms — while they still [&hellip
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Josh Duhamel and Fergie

The danger of raising an entitled child is something that every parent has to consider. Indulging your child in his every want, need, and desire can often lead to an ungrateful, spoiled child who is ill-equipped to deal with the real world.  I think that the possibility of raising an entitled child however, is even [&hellip
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Image via PRPhotos

There are a lot of changes in store for pop star Kelly Clarkson this fall. The Season 1 American Idol contestant will wed her fiancé Brandon Blackstock this fall and with that marriage, she will gain two stepchildren. Clarkson reportedly lives with her fiancé and his 6 and 12-year-old children currently and said recently in [&hellip
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Sasha Alexander

Any parent with more than one child knows that siblings know how to get under each other’s skin. I know in my house — with three kids so close in age — refereeing sibling squabbles are a large part of my everyday duties.

Things are no different for Rizzoli & Isles star Sasha Alexander. She has two children, Lucia Sofia, 7, and Leonardo Fortunato, 2½, who are well experienced in sibling squabbles, and apparently Lucia can make her brother cry on a dime. …
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 Bethenny Frankel is having a pretty tough year. In December of 2012, the reality star announced that she and her husband Jason Hoppy were getting a divorce. Though, at the time, Bethenny hoped that the divorce would be amicable, the situation has quickly deteriorated into one of the more hostile and bizarre divorces in Hollywood. [&hellip
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Usher Raymond

In a horrifying accident, Usher’s 5-year-old son nearly drowned while swimming in the family pool. According to reports, Usher’s son Usher Raymond V was swimming in the family pool while being supervised by his aunt. He spotted a toy near the bottom and dived down to retrieve it. Unfortunately, the drain cover was missing and [&hellip
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Julie Bowen

For some parents, parenting is all about making the kids happy. However, in some households, life doesn’t revolve around happy kids, only well-behaved and cared for kids. Often making kids happy and making sure they are safe and healthy does not equal the same thing.

For Julie Bowen, making kids happy is not her goal at all. She says, “[I’ve learned] that being your kids’ best friend is not always the best parenting choice. …
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Christina Applegate

There is no question that as we age things that we used to be able to do — like surviving on little sleep — are not as easy nor do they hold much appeal. While some brood about the lack of energy when it comes to doing everyday things and are wistful for their younger years; Applegate sees her age and general tiredness as a sign that more children may not be in the cards for her and husband Martyn LeNoble.
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Gisele Bundchen

After posting a seemingly sweet picture of her and her daughter while on holiday in Costa Rica, model Gisele Bundchen might have been surprised by the reaction of her followers. Instead of hundreds of comments about how cute her daughter Vivian is, the comments turned into criticisms. Both her Instagram and blog comments filled with [&hellip
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