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Devan McGuinness is the founder of the online resource Unspoken Grief, which is dedicated to breaking the silence of perinatal grief for those directly and indirectly affected by miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death. Using her own experience of surviving 12 miscarriages, Devan has been actively supporting and encouraging others who are wading through the challenges associated with perinatal and neonatal loss. Winner of the 2012 Bloganthropy Award and named one of Babble's “25 bloggers who are changing the world," Devan's a regular contributor to The Huffington Post Canada, Disney's, and other places around the web. Check out Devan's lifestyle website byDevan, where you will find everything you need to have a happy, fulfilled, and busy life.


There is something so magical about the few weeks before you’re about to give birth — the anticipation about your new bundle, what labor will be like, and the getting on to the next phase of your life (i.e., raising a child). Just like any huge event, preparation before the big moment can go a long [&hellip
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Marriage is not easy and when you add in added responsibilities, change, and chaos – it can be even more challenging. Parenting is not easy either and getting used to life with a newborn can be hectic and add in an unhappy coupling, it just makes for a miserable postpartum period. There are many challenges [&hellip
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I can’t believe we’ve hit the holiday season already! I swear I just dug out the shorts and t-shirts out of the back of the closet for the kids, and here we are already needing sweaters and winter jackets. While it may seem like December is still a little while away (and we should wait [&hellip
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When you first find out you’re pregnant, there are probably a lot of things on your mind — when your due date is, how much your body is going to change, what you’re going to name your baby. There are a lot of exciting changes to happen over the next 9+ months. It’s important to [&hellip
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There are so many places to find baby-name inspiration, and classic books, characters, and fairy tales are great places to look. If you fell in love with a character from your favorite fairy tale movie or book at any age, look to that loved story to find the inspiration for your child-to-be’s name. Many people [&hellip
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The holidays are here with Thanksgiving just around the corner and the December celebrations quickly thereafter. It’s a fun time of year when we’re all making plans, checking our lists twice, getting together with family, and making traveling arrangements. If you’re going to be traveling any distance — short or long — with your toddler, [&hellip
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You’re walking through the department store and you spot them: the most adorable, tiny shoes you’ve ever seen and you can’t help but walk over to them, touch them, and place them in your cart. Baby shoes are one of those items I just can’t seem to pass up and they’re like kryptonite for new [&hellip
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Almost one year ago, my fourth child entered the world after a difficult conception and challenging pregnancy. He was – thankfully – healthy, and while it was my first c-section after three previous vaginal deliveries, it was my easiest recovery by far. I knew this birth was going to be a C-section, so I read [&hellip
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Congratulations on your pregnancy! It’s an exciting time full of a lot of changes ahead, but you’ll be amazing. Whether you’re single and pregnant by choice or circumstance, there is no reason you can’t love this journey and take the time to pamper yourself for the next 40 weeks. Pampering yourself during pregnancy is something [&hellip
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In the postpartum stage of parenthood, your days are filled with pleas of”Why is he still crying?”, diaper changes, doctor’s appointments, and a whole lot of missed sleep. It is no easy stage of parenting, as you’re getting your footing and learning about this new person, and all that stress and extra stuff can have [&hellip
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