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Amanda has been wowing the Internet since 2008 when she launched her pretty-much-useless guide for parents, parenting BY dummies. As it turns out, her parenting advice is not generally useful for more than a good laugh, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need! Amanda spends her offline time (which is embarrassingly limited) running a photography business, working as a social media director for a local magazine, writing freelance articles about stuff she loves, wrangling her 3 little Dudes, petting her Baby Dog Daughter, high-fiving her stuck-in-the-90s husband, and eating cupcakes in her garage to escape the crazy. You can Tweet with her online as @dumbparent, but don’t expect her to be serious. It’s virtually impossible.

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At my house, summer is only a few days in. Not even a week and already the shimmery glow of school being done has begun to fade into the dull and inky color of full on summer where I try to work around moments of acting really enthusiastic so my kids stop looking at me [&hellip
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father's day gifts ideas

Quick, give Ma Father’s Day ideas!

It’s in three days, and I need ideas. All of the ideas.

So I asked the kids. Mine. And everyone else’s I could find, too.

Here is what they recommend
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old school summer

I have so many summer memories from my youth. Going to my grandma’s house and taking “baths” with the water hose in the front yard. Making up skits for my parents with my little brother while my parents were at work. Hanging out with friends at the pool. Learning to use the card catalog at [&hellip
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Growing up, I remember countless times sitting on my bed, brooding over some minor altercation I’d gotten into with my parents, judging them for their inept parenting techniques. Nine-year-old me had an extensive list of things that made my parents rank well below average on their parenting performance scale and thus they were great role [&hellip
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sleeping baby

I’ve decided that the thing people say to you when you have a newborn, about not sleeping again for 18 years is entirely true. I’ll admit, it took me some time to come to this realization. When I was in the throes of dude-the-sun-is-down-you’re-not-an-owl-you’re-a-baby newborn hood I imagined this future life where my toddler was [&hellip
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parenting rules

No TV until you finish your homework. If you don’t eat your dinner, you will go to bed hungry. Look before you cross the street. Wipe your feet on the doormat. CLOSE THE FRONT DOOR! Moms are full of rules. There isn’t any single right way to mother, but there is certainly a host of [&hellip
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good moms

Mother judging is a thing. Fact to business, we all do it. We all think we do the best for our kids, and we don’t want anyone telling us their way is better. Personally, I’m a to-each-her-own type of mama. I take care of mine, you take care of yours, and as long as yours [&hellip
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mom confessions

People are always telling us moms how to do things. Everyone has an opinion on how to parent and what makes you a good mom, and no one is shy about sharing it. Everything from what you feed your children to how much time you spend with them is scrutinized and commented on, and sadly, [&hellip
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best baby gear

My baby raising days are over. Long over. Never to be seen again. But, earlier this year, we had a new baby enter the family: my nephew Miles. And now, baby things, baby things, baby things, baby things. Have a new baby coming into your family soon? Check out these new-mom-must-haves we hear moms say [&hellip
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I have three sons, two of which were born via planned cesarean section following the near-death, traumatic birth experience I endured with my first son. Something about my pelvis not being equipped to squeeze out big heads. Or something. They never really could explain why he got stuck in the birth canal and had to [&hellip
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