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Amanda has been wowing the Internet since 2008 when she launched her pretty-much-useless guide for parents, parenting BY dummies. As it turns out, her parenting advice is not generally useful for more than a good laugh, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need! Amanda spends her offline time (which is embarrassingly limited) running a photography business, working as a social media director for a local magazine, writing freelance articles about stuff she loves, wrangling her 3 little Dudes, petting her Baby Dog Daughter, high-fiving her stuck-in-the-90s husband, and eating cupcakes in her garage to escape the crazy. You can Tweet with her online as @dumbparent, but don’t expect her to be serious. It’s virtually impossible.

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kid on table

Stitches, contusions, broken bones, cuts, bruises, and even ambulance rides–we’ve had it all in this house. In fact, the guy at urgent care in charge of sewing up human parts knows my Dudes by name. I guess Dudes are just rough like that. Strangely, we can match the number of outdoor injuries to the number [&hellip
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kid ipad

I’m not old. But, sometimes I feel like it. Not because chasing after my kids exhausts me or because I don’t get the lyrics to half of the songs on the radio, but because my kids live such different lives than I did at their age. Everything is just so different. I’d love it if [&hellip
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social mom idols

Last year I became a special needs mom. At that point in my life, when everything was spiraling out of control, I was serching frantically for information and support, online and in my community. Blogs, written by moms who had been where I was (and still am many days), were a huge help. Here are [&hellip
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sick kids

I am a firm believer in the five-second rule. Call me icky if you must, but if my Dudes drop a fruit snack on the ground, and it’s not snatched up by the dog within five seconds, I consider it fair game to go back into their own bellies — I find it less scary [&hellip
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summer bucket list

Some people like to make a summer bucket list. Personally, I think a bucket list is more powerful than anything you can enjoy in 10 weeks of summer, so I don’t do them. Or, I call them something else. Something with less of a must-do connotation and more of an if-we-feel-like-getting-out-of-our-jammies connotation. I don’t like [&hellip
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best blogs by dads

Dad’s day is right around the corner. Literally. It’s Sunday. You should be prepared already. Or a member of Amazon Prime so you can take advantage of their two-day shipping like me. Yes! Since you have your gift all in your shopping cart waiting for your paycheck to hit the bank Wednesday wrapped and ready [&hellip
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best father's day gifts

They act happy because they know you spent half of the week working on them with your kids, but those dad favor coupons you’ve been making for three straight years are not the hit you think they are. Dad doesn’t want the kids to wash his car, because he uses the chore he actually enjoys [&hellip
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lies people tell

I vaguely recall, in my hazy newborn mom days, someone (or everyone actually) telling me that it gets easier. They lied. It just gets different. Read on for the proof. Newborn morning: Wake up after only 58 minutes of actual sleep with baby draped across your chest clutching a used wipe in your fist. Baby [&hellip
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Stuff Dude Moms Say.

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

kids kayaking

DudeMom says: No, it’s fine to say penis. You just can’t shout, PENIS. Especially not when we’re at Panera. During the dinner rush. While we dine with your grandparents. DudeMom says: It’s not a mask. It’s a cup.  NOOOOO, not for drinking. For, like, protecting your junk. DudeMom says: Never get up from the couch [&hellip
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Today is my birthday! I’m 29. Again. I know, I should be embracing the fact that I’m aging—that I’m still alive to age. And I appreciate that fact, for sure.  But I’m not down with being old.  Age is about how you feel, right? And, I feel 19 29. Except for on those days when [&hellip
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