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Amanda has been wowing the Internet since 2008 when she launched her pretty-much-useless guide for parents, parenting BY dummies. As it turns out, her parenting advice is not generally useful for more than a good laugh, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need! Amanda spends her offline time (which is embarrassingly limited) running a photography business, working as a social media director for a local magazine, writing freelance articles about stuff she loves, wrangling her 3 little Dudes, petting her Baby Dog Daughter, high-fiving her stuck-in-the-90s husband, and eating cupcakes in her garage to escape the crazy. You can Tweet with her online as @dumbparent, but don’t expect her to be serious. It’s virtually impossible.

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parenting rules

No TV until you finish your homework. If you don’t eat your dinner, you will go to bed hungry. Look before you cross the street. Wipe your feet on the doormat. CLOSE THE FRONT DOOR! Moms are full of rules. There isn’t any single right way to mother, but there is certainly a host of [&hellip
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good moms

Mother judging is a thing. Fact to business, we all do it. We all think we do the best for our kids, and we don’t want anyone telling us their way is better. Personally, I’m a to-each-her-own type of mama. I take care of mine, you take care of yours, and as long as yours [&hellip
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mom confessions

People are always telling us moms how to do things. Everyone has an opinion on how to parent and what makes you a good mom, and no one is shy about sharing it. Everything from what you feed your children to how much time you spend with them is scrutinized and commented on, and sadly, [&hellip
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best baby gear

My baby raising days are over. Long over. Never to be seen again. But, earlier this year, we had a new baby enter the family: my nephew Miles. And now, baby things, baby things, baby things, baby things. Have a new baby coming into your family soon? Check out these new-mom-must-haves we hear moms say [&hellip
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I have three sons, two of which were born via planned cesarean section following the near-death, traumatic birth experience I endured with my first son. Something about my pelvis not being equipped to squeeze out big heads. Or something. They never really could explain why he got stuck in the birth canal and had to [&hellip
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spring style

It’s time to refresh your spring style ladies! Know what that means?! Open your closet, start having a panic attack at the sight of the mess, and then quickly throw everything away. Kidding. But, sometimes I admit, I feel like doing just that, especially when the seasons are in the middle of changing, and nothing [&hellip
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spring activities for kids

Spring break starts Thursday. SPRING BREAK STARTS THURSDAY! So far, I’ve got an appointment with my chiropractor and a conference call scheduled for that day. Thank goodness I have a post to write to inspire me to do better! For those of you who need some mostly unplugged, way fun spring break (or any break) [&hellip
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curly hair care

Oh my gosh the curls! I love his hair! Where did he get that hair?! Can I touch it?! OK, slow your roll, Miss Lady. He’s a human, not a puppy. He doesn’t want to be petted. But I get it. The hair is big, and interesting, and eye-catching, and cool. It’s fun to look [&hellip
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spring cleaning tips

Spring is here! Well, nearly. Positive thinking should push it into existence — that’s what I’m hoping, anyway. Because spring means less freezy mornings (hooray!), and new flowery wardrobes (cute!), and longer days (finally!), and allergies (sniffle), and muddy paws (gross), and cleaning (booooo, boo for cleaning). And, if you’re anything like me, there are [&hellip
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best jeans for women

When it comes to fashion and style, there is one thing every single human mother needs in her wardrobe. Nope, I’m not talking about capris, or cross-body bags, or sensible and arguably entirely unattractive footwear. No one needs those things. The one thing every mother, no, scratch that, every woman needs in her life is [&hellip
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