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We are a family driven website – in every sense – featuring a growing community of people who share in the everyday experience of parenting. We strive to be an online home for experts and parents who have advice and information to share, as well as those who are seeking guidance and support as they move through their family’s journey, from pre-conception to preschool and beyond. EverydayFamily.com is an established resource, a place to find expert advice and informative articles. It is also an online home to over 3 million members, where we invite all parents to get comfortable and share stories, thoughts, advice, and opinions with other families. Our community has grown consistently since our conception in 2006, expanding our offerings to include interactive tools, personalized content, and member rewards.

In case you are wondering how genuine we are about this family thing, let us reassure you – not only do we mean it; we live it – every day. EverydayFamily.com was initially created by a young father-to-be, as he and his wife were just beginning their own family. Years of hard work with talented developers, writers, and contributors saw EverydayFamily.com growing. Now the family business has expanded to include all three of his siblings, as well as extended family, and friends. We’ve established an incredible family atmosphere that we hope is apparent on the site. The family in EverydayFamily.com is real, and we’re honored that so many are choosing to join us.

Like any family, we know that our strength lies in sharing our knowledge, in building relationships, and in fostering constant growth and communication. To that end, we’ve built the site to help our members do just that. Member provided information allows us to customize the site to meet individual needs and interests, with interactive tools, member forums, and articles tailored to a multitude of ages and stages. Just starting to “try”? Our ovulation calendar can help track cycles. Expecting ? Weekly newsletters detail physical changes and share tips and advice. Parenting a tricky toddler? Our forums match parents with similar challenges and interests to offer a world of advice and support. More involvement leads to more rewards, as a points and badges system recognizes frequent contributors in appreciation for their service to the community.

Of course, the family we serve goes beyond the site, to the global family we all share. EverydayFamily.com supports families everywhere in cooperation with charitable organizations on local, national, and global levels. Lending support to growing families by providing accessible information, fostering community building, and engaging in philanthropic acts represent the core of company priorities at EverydayFamily.com.

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  1. Avatar of Nicole says:

    All the points, badges and missions I have gathered over the last few months have disappeared. Has this happened to anyone before?

  2. Will I know what organization’s are donated to?

  3. Avatar of clarissa clarissa says:

    This is such an awesome site i love it.

  4. What is the rewards deal all about? My profile says I have 14 rewards, what’s that?

  5. Avatar of marykendra marykendra says:

    trying to understand the point badge system…

  6. Avatar of Krystina Krystina says:

    what are the rewards points and how do you use them?

  7. Avatar of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

    To explain a bit about the points and badges, we wanted to find a way to recognize our community members for their contributions in helping EverydayFamily to grow as an online home for parents worldwide. We also wanted a way to continue our tradition of incorporating charitable giving into our daily lives. As a result, we’ve developed our points and badges system.

    With almost everything you do on the site, you can earn points. Points accumulate to earn badges. The badges you’ve earned are a representation to other members of your involvement in making this community great. But that’s not all. We reward our most active members with the opportunity for entry into special sweepstakes (we just wrapped one up, but will likely hold another very soon!). To keep the spirit of giving going, points earned by our entire community will frequently be totaled and will allow us to make various charitable donations based on member involvement. So, you’re not just doing great things by sharing and supporting other parents, you are making a difference for organizations that work to help children and families.

    To determine ways to earn points on the site, login and go to your My Everyday. Then, select the ‘What’s This?’ link next to the words ‘View All Badges’ in your avatar on the right-hand side of the screen. You will the see a popup explaining ways to earn points.

  8. Avatar of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

    You should have received an email from Canvas People. This may have been sent to your email’s Junk/SPAM folder, please be sure to check there. If you still have not received it, please contact our Member Services team at memberservices@everydayfamily.com. Thanks!

  9. Avatar of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

    Hi Crystal – There are a lot of rewards to being an EverydayFamily member! You are a part of a great community, you can receive special offers via email, as well as sign up for them here: http://www.everydayfamily.com/featured–offers/, and much more!

  10. Avatar of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

    Megan & Chloe – You should have received an email directly from Canvas People. This may have been sent to your email’s Junk/SPAM folder, please be sure to check there. If you still did not receive it, please contact our Member Services team at memberservices@everydayfamily.com. Thanks!

  11. Avatar of Chloe Chloe says:

    I can’t figure that out either!!!

  12. where is my free canvas!!!!!????!!!!

  13. Avatar of Kim ShannonEditor Kim Shannon says:

    Hi Crystal! If you select the ‘What’s This?’ link on your profile widget you will get a popup further explaining how the points work. Enjoy!

  14. Avatar of Crystal Crystal says:

    how do u find out about the rewords and what are the rewords

  15. Avatar of Crystal Crystal says:

    has anyone found out what the points are for

  16. Avatar of Egypt Egypt says:

    Woobie purple dog @ zazzle. Under woobie2

  17. Avatar of myoung0133 myoung0133 says:

    What are the points for?

  18. Avatar of Kaleopapa Kaleopapa says:

    I know the general points are just to show off that you’ve done a lot of reading and learned a lot, but what are the "Rewards Points" for?

  19. Avatar of jmlwilliams jmlwilliams says:

    I signed up because I was told I would get details on how to receive a free photo canvas in my inbox. I confirmed my account, but don’t have anything about a free canvas. How do I get one?

  20. Why do you get the points?

  21. Is this really gonna happen?

  22. Avatar of Tina Tina says:

    what is the points for?

  23. Avatar of reva reva says:

    What are the points for?

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