The ABC’s of Circumcision

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If a little boy is in your future, chances are you will hear the question, “Will you have him circumcised?” In addition to understanding both the pros and cons of this procedure, you will want to consider your family’s personal preferences, as well as any cultural or religious views regarding this.


Confused already? Here is some information to help you sort through all of the above.

As a result of a circumcision, the foreskin (the skin that covers the penis – also called the prepuce) is removed. This is most often done within the first or second day of a baby’s birth. An anesthetic can be used to numb the area, and generally the procedure is completed within 5 to 10 minutes. Health risks are relatively low, especially when performed on a newborn. Risk factors increase to babies older than two months of age, as well as to grown men. The most common complications include bleeding and/or infection in this area.


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The ABC’s of Circumcision

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  1. Grace, please read this article. Then, order an info pack from Saving Our Sons and go over it with your husband. Protect your son, mama.

  2. baby’s feel pain during circumcision. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics says that if a child is circumcised, analgesia should be used because it is very painful. There have been studies about circumcision pain that were halted because it was concluded very early on that babies suffer tremendously from circumcision. Do your homework mama. You don’t want to end up regretting this.

  3. your friend is not the only man with a foreskin in the world. You are basing your sons future sexual experiences on this *one* persons issues with his diet and hygiene. (that’s what causes yeast imbalance, NOT having a foreskin.) Ask your friend if he would rather go get a circumcision, or change some hygiene/diet to try to resolve the yeast issue.

    Your son’s opinion about his own penis is the only one that matters. Just leave it up to him. In the meantime, get fully informed about circumcision.

  4. Profile photo of JennaNorvell JennaNorvell says:

    There is no point. Your husband probably isn’t aware of the function of the foreskin, since he doesn’t have one.

  5. Profile photo of JennaNorvell JennaNorvell says:

    Circumcision does NOT lower the risk of infection. The biggest risk of infection to an intact child is an uninformed doctor or caregiver that doesn’t know the foreskin is attached, and is NOT to be forcefully retracted.

  6. your son will be in the minority if you have him circumcised and when he is sexually active, his peers will be accustomed to both intact and circumcised partners.

  7. Here’s the thing: you won’t be the one benefiting from your son’s foreskin . . . he and his future sex partner will. check out the difference between intact and circumcised and maybe you’ll understand why foreskin is important for a man’s health and a woman’s sexual pleasure.

  8. you should have let your son make the final decision, it is HIS penis, afterall. You don’t see a problem with getting it done for the same reason that most do not see a problem with getting it done. You have not been educated about the function of the foreskin/purpose of the prepuce.

  9. This is what is missing from this article:

    Proven Complications and Risks of Circumcision: At least one out of every 500 circumcisions in the US results in a serious surgical accident. bleeding, infection, BXO, UTI’s, meatal ulceration, meatal stenosis, Urethral Fistula, iatrogenic hypospadias and epispadias, lymphedema, complications from anesthesia, vomiting, apnea, rupture of internal organs, blood clots, heart damage, leg cyanosis, buried penis, adhesions, excessive skin loss/denudation of the penile shaft, chordee, cysts, skin tags and bridges, pitting of the glans, plastibell complications, excessive scarring and keloid formation, impotence, amputation of the glans, partial or total penile amputation, necrosis, necrotizing fascitis, death. (from “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Circumcision by Dr. Paul Fleiss.)

  10. Profile photo of AshleyHukill AshleyHukill says:

    The reason medicaid isn’t covering it is because it is a voluntary , elective and unnecessary procedure.

  11. Profile photo of AshleyHukill AshleyHukill says:

    The health risk’s are relativity low? Why is it this article show only fact that have all been dis-proven? I’d also like to know why all the REAL risks of the "routine" procedure are not listed. Like infection of the surgery site, the skin fusing to the head of the penis or fusing to the ring, hemorrhage, shock, death. Yes, death is a very possible side effect..Or how about the mention that they very rarely use any anesthetic at all to cut the foreskin off your beautiful baby boy. Meaning that with all the 20,000 nerves/nerve endings in his foreskin he will feel all that intense pain! How would you feel if they were to say preform a c-section (or any major surgery) with out any anesthetic at all and you had to feel every bit of it? Not fun huh? Also think about this. You have your little baby boy cut, then you put a diaper that they are going to pee and poop in. so you are actually promoting the chance that he will become infected. Again you wouldn’t pee on your incision. You sure as heck wouldn’t smear poo on it. Why do that to your already perfect baby?

  12. Profile photo of JanieOyakawa JanieOyakawa says:

    This should not be allowed to pass for an article, it is full of so many untruths and downright myths.
    If the foreskin was such a problem evolution would have taken care of it long ago. This is very painful procedure done on unconsenting babies – that is sick in and of itself. But the life long consequences of a man being cut are proven – please don’t spread lies of the "pros" of circumcision because there are NONE.

  13. Profile photo of JanieOyakawa JanieOyakawa says:

    they probably have the problems because "they are the cleanest people you know" over washing and using soap on the genitals CAUSE infections. Foreskin causing a female’s yeast infection?? impossible.

    I does not ‘help’ the human body to cut off parts that nature intended to be there – you are removing half of the penile skin on a infant – risks are adhesions, curvatuture, too much removed and later pubic hair being on the shaft during erections… and on and on and on…

    Being left uncut though – better sensation, better sex…

  14. Profile photo of WhitneyMoody WhitneyMoody says:

    Completely unnecessary procedure. My ex-husband was intact and he never had problems with UTIs, never gave me yeast infections, nothing. If you bathe properly (its not rocket science), those risks are reduced greatly. My current husband was circumcised as an infant and, while he has no issues with his penis, he is completely against the procedure as it is an unnecessary cosmetic procedure and a human rights violation. Those who think foreskin is "gross" (really, that’s a thing?) should probably go get their own prepuce removed. You might be sorely disappointed when you figure out the purpose that it served. The penis is meant to be an internal organ, and the foreskin actually is more likely to protect FROM infections, not cause them. The risk of UTIs with circumcised babies is based on improper care (like forced retraction), not a normal, intact penis.

  15. we will be getting our son circumcised. medicaid doesnt pay for it though, so we have to pay out of pocket. my best friend isnt circumcised & he says all the time he wishes his mom would ahve done it. his wife gets UTI’s & yeast infections very often. They are some of the cleanest people i know and they are very health conscious in all aspects. so ii think it is true that it helps to have it done

  16. Profile photo of Randall Randall says:

    I have been practicing medicine for 25 years and heard all the propaganda and misleading information about circumcision.There is ABSOLUTELY NO reason to circumcise a boy except for "cosmetic" appearance.
    Most Europeans are uncircumcised and the function of the erect penis is FAR superior in that it can slide within the looser skin much better.
    I wish I were uncircumcised and would never circ my child unless there was phimosis or an extremely long foreskin. I think our "maker" designed the penis the way it should be…to enhance performance and pleasure. The penis is a magnificent "organ"…LET IT BE !!

  17. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    We are having a girl, but if the baby was a boy he would be circumcised for sure and I have discussed it with my doctor in case the ultrasound was wrong.

  18. Profile photo of Brittney Brittney says:

    my son was circumcised, my SO and I discussed it and I let him make the final decision. It didn’t bother me either way. I don’t see a problem with getting it done or not…

  19. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    Is your husband snipped?

  20. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    I think foreskin is gross so my son will get snipped!

  21. Profile photo of Celeste Celeste says:

    My baby boy will be Circumcised for the simple fact that they Can not feel that area when they are born, it is not unhealthy or unsafe, it can help reduce UTIs even if it only by half that it still better odds than what he had before, And on top of that, my husband is Circumcised and we both agree that more women find an uncircumcised man more unattractive than one that is Circumcised. The extra skin makes some women uncomfortable and they don’t like it.

  22. Profile photo of brandy brandy says:

    already know my son will be circumsized when he arrives in august my first son was also my husband is not i think it is the best choice

  23. Profile photo of Sarah Sarah says:

    Well, seeing as how there isn’t a medical association on Earth that recommends it, the "study" that proves it cuts down on HIV/AIDS transmission in Africa was debunked and retracted, and even the American Cancer Society says it’s not worth the menial cut in rate of penile cancer, I’d say NO, your baby boy shouldn’t be circumcised. Sure, it cuts the risk of UTIs in the first 12 months of life by half – from 1/100 to 1/200. We aren’t talking a HUGE decrease, just half a percentage. Big deal.
    If it’s not your own penis, you have no more right to cut off part of it than I do to cut off my daughter’s clitoral hood (the same skin, affected by different hormones, also proven to cut risk of UTIs and yeast infections when done in a surgical environment).
    No one has the right to make this sacrifice for another person unless there is a clear medical necessity. My husband wanted to cut our son, I said no. It’s my duty to protect my children from unnecessary pain and cosmetic surgery. Whenever he goes through the pain of birth, maybe I’ll let him decide to cut of part of that infant’s body?? Probably not, but we’ll see.

  24. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    i don’t wish to have it done but my husband wants it done…. i just don’t see the point; i mean some countries (like some areas in africa) have the girls circumcised, and we didn’t circumcise our girls so why should we to our boy(that is i think its a boy, so if it is)?