A Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy – First Trimester

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When a pregnancy is announced, everyone wants to talk to the mom-to-be, and about the changes that lie ahead; but, what about dad? Guys tend to stumble through a pregnancy with whatever they can glean from skimming their partner’s books on the subject (and even then, usually just the captions to the pictures). However, there are a few things that men need to consider at the start of the road leading to the baby’s birth.

Many doctors explain that while the external changes are minor, a woman’s body is involved in a great deal of unseen work in the first trimester. She will frequently be very tired, even if she is sleeping well.

Martin Downs, author of An Expectant Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy, notes that while everyone is talking about the changes the mother’s body will go through, less is said about the changes your home will undergo. There will be a lot more “stuff” to fit into what was once your private castle: strollers, high-chairs, and of course the baby will need somewhere to sleep. If there needs to be any redecorating, guess who is responsible for doing it? “Pregnant women are cautioned to avoid paint fumes,” reminds Downs, “so of course all the painting they want done falls to you [the father].”

However, don’t get so hung up on the house that you forget that your partner is actually going through a lot. Many doctors explain that while the external changes are minor, a woman’s body is involved in a great deal of unseen work in the first trimester. She will frequently be very tired, even if she is sleeping well. It’s normal, and a good partner should make allowances for this by providing extra help where possible so she can rest.

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One of the more obvious early signs is morning sickness, and while every woman experiences something a little different, aversions to some foods is very common. It may mean you have to eat at different times, or even change the menu a little to ease her discomfort. Be flexible, and if you must have that steak, eat later when she is in bed or head to the grill down the road.

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A Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy – First Trimester

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  1. he is very anxious to find out what we are having only two more weeks until the ultrasound I can hardly wait myself…I know he is supper excited since we have both agreed that this is the last one before this factory gets shut down!!! ( mind you this is #4 besides my 3 step children) So its time to throw in the towel and retire on the baby making.

  2. Avatar of Crystal Crystal says:

    My Hubby to be is so happy

  3. Avatar of Eric Eric says:

    I am very excited to be a daddy 😀

  4. Avatar of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    Hubby is so excited this time, with the first he was a little more reserved.

  5. Avatar of Marilyn Marilyn says:

    My boyfriend is super excited! He texts me through out the day, wile he’s at work, asking how I’m feeling and if there’s anything special I want. He can’t wait til the babies big enough so he can feel s/he move. This is our second. Our first is almost 5.

  6. Avatar of Marilyn Marilyn says:

    My fiance is so excited :)

  7. Avatar of Hope Hope says:

    My partner is super excited now and is just an anxious as I am about meeting our little girl.

  8. Avatar of ErinF ErinF says:

    I’m very fortunate to have such a supportive husband. I don’t think the whole baby thing has quite sunk in yet for him, but as soon as I told him he started making plans for the house. Repairs are a way for him to be involved without getting overwhelmed.

  9. Avatar of Meenal Meenal says:

    My husband is supportive! He’s just like my Mom making me rest, fussing over what I should do and not, being with me for each and every doc’s appointment. Feel really good because of his involvement and support! :)

  10. Avatar of Julie Julie says:

    This is funny. My husband doesn’t like to hear about the "gross stuff" as he calls it, but he loves knowing that he’s a daddy and his baby girl is going to be here in a month.

  11. Avatar of jennifer jennifer says:

    My fiancee is a very involved daddy -to- be. he reads all he can get his hands on makes himself involved. there needs to be an app for dads just like all thwarting ones geared for the moms. its nice to see articles for the dads.

  12. Avatar of brandy brandy says:

    i try to put my husband in as much of the pregnancy as i possibly can