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Do you think it is easier or more difficult to have your children close in age?

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Avatar of Timothy

Timothy Discussing

Defiantly it is much easier. But I just had a 28 year gap between the last 2. So we will see ...RIGHT ?
Avatar of crystal

crystal Discussing

My first two boys are 20 months apart. And my newborn is 22 9/12 years younger then my oldest. They love it and so do i starting over with my third baby!
Avatar of jeny

jeny Discussing

More difficult... I have a boy who is turning 7 in Sept. And my daughter is turning 2 this saturday. Having them with a gap of 3 or more years gives u aadvantage in many ways... at ... More
Avatar of Amy

Amy Discussing

I have two answers for both personally I think it would be a lot easier if they are apart so you can have your oldest child help. I also think it's good to have them close of age b ... More
Avatar of Candice

Candice Discussing

mine are 7, 5, and im pregnant with number three due in August. the older one are so excited to be able to take part in careing for there new sister, so id say its better to have t ... More
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