1st Trimester of Pregnancy

1st Trimester

Pregnancy brings about many changes, both physical and hormonal. Each week below describes how your baby is developing and how your body is adapting to support the new life that is growing inside you. Use our weekly guide to help you navigate along the pathway to motherhood, and to find out how the miracle of life is unfolding inside you. In addition, you'll find articles that relate specifically to this exciting - yet sometimes confusing - time in your pregnancy.

14 Amazing Exercises for Your 1st Trimester

During your first trimester of pregnancy, your body experiences many changes. While some of these changes are exhilarating, others can stifle ...
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What to Do When You’re Single and Pregnant

Expecting a baby is, usually, a very exciting time for a family; but, if you’re single and pregnant, it can be the polar opposite of exciting ...
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Monitoring Weight Gain During Pregnancy

You’ve heard the jokes about pregnant women “eating for two,” and now that you’re the one who’s pregnant, you may be wondering just ...
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Not All Prenatal Vitamins Are Created Equal

The CDC recommends that EVERY woman of childbearing age take a prenatal vitamin to reduce her risk of becoming pregnant and delivering a baby ...
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Accomplishments and Announcements: The End of Your First Trimester

You’re quickly approaching the end of the first trimester. If you’ve been suffering from morning sickness and exhaustion, you may ...
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Pregnancy Medical Tests … Should You Test?

Some people want to know everything. Some are more comfortable with just the basics. You will find that as you go through your pregnancy, your ...
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My husband and I agreed to start trying in October of 2013. Well it is now February of 2014 and so far no luck. I had been getting really stressed and upset that it wasn’t happening, but it ...
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